0 Right to Reply Special (C4) 6—7pm. Now it's on all year round with quarterly specials for TV's Open Access programme. Subject ofthis special are the advertising ofsanitary products on television (banned at present) and the use of the C4 special discretion required triangles.

o The Gods at War (C4) 7—7.3()pm. New series from Scottish Television with Edinburgh University professor James Mackay. looks at the way ‘God' has been used to support and condone wars. A twelve-part series. this first programme sets the scene.

0 Parkinson One To One (Scottish) Ill—10.45pm. Billy Connolly is the guest this week in the just like old timesTV chat show.


o The Animals Roadshow (BBCI) 5.40—6. 15pm. Desmond Morris and Sarah Kennedy with the second programme in BBC Scotland's animals and their owners series.

0 Curling (C4) 4.20—5.30pm. First coverage from the World Curling Championship from Canada with Scotland among the teams taking part. Scottish Television have put together the coverage and by the by. ifthey only brought in an entertainments director to work on the presentation. curling could yet be the box‘s new snooker.

O Clem (C4) 9. Ill—10.35pm. Andy de la Tour stars in his own comedy drama as the browbeaten stand-up comic.


o Panorama (BBCl ) 930—10. 10pm. No wonder Tebbit complains. This documentary on the lessons to be learned from Chernobyl is produced by Soviet Central TV.

0 The Eleventh Hour: Homelessness (C4) 1().55—11.5()pm. See panel.


o Tutti Frutti (BBCl ) 9.30—1t).4()pm. Last in the series which has impressed but failed to get the ratings.

0 Lost Belongings (Scottish) 9—10pm. New six-part drama on the divisions in Northern Ireland society starring Catherine Brennan. Repeated Sat. Channel 4.


0 Film on Four: lnsignilicance (C4) 9—11pm. Nicholas Roeg's politcal satire made in 1985 and getting a fine performance from Tony Curtis.


o The Education Programme (BBC2) Sarah Kennedy breaking all the rules working with children and animals (see The Animal Roadshow above). 0 Arena (BBC2) 9.30pm. Talk is cheap. Gus Macdonald hosts an unmissable encounter with all the chat show hosts known to man.

0 Callaghan (C4) 8.15—9pm. Rough. tough but likeable Callaghan walks the city‘s mean streets. No. it isn't a new cop show. rather it‘s the ex-Prime Minister chatting about the old days with Brian Walden.


0 Challenge to Sport (C4) b.30pm. A new series which attempts to give an airing to sports seldom seen on television. The first programme features Archery. Netball and Motocross.


o Keating on Keating (C4) 8—8.3(me. Autobiographical film portrait ofthe

late controversial painter whose series on the techniques of the masters has just finished a repeat showing on Channel 4.


0 Film on Four: The Assam Garden (C4) 9—10.45pm. Deborah Kerr and Madhur Jaffrey star in this gentle tale of the lost India of the Empire. 0 Hall Lite (C4) 10.45pm. A polemic Australian documentary on the legacy of the H-bombing of the Marshall Islands by the Americans thirty years ago. Made by Dennis O’Rourke.

O Taggart (Scottish) 9—10pm. Return of Glasgow‘s favourite cop. See Feature.


Lent and Easter Music on Radio 3 over the next fortnight includes the following: Oratorio 3/5 - Luigi Rossi’s II Pecalor Pentito. Fri 3 Apr 7pm; Telemann‘s St Matthew Passion. Sat 4. 3pm; A Lenten Concert by the choir of New College. Oxford, directed by Edward Higginbottom. Sun 5, 3.55pm; Lenten Music from Italy with Cavalli‘s Reqleim and Jomelli‘s Miserere Wed 8. 11.05pm: Oratorio 4/5 Carissimi‘s Judicum Salomonis and Magdalena Lugens Fri 10, 7pm; the Estonian composer Arvo Part's St John’s Passion is on


A vhf

,‘agif'n. 4 . .4. «33»

The Eleventh Hour presents HOMELESS, Channel Four, Mon 6 April the new outsiders are the children at the baby boom, homeless and unemployed because at inadequate provision lor their arrival at adulthood. Filmed in Edinburgh and Livingston New Town by producer Christeen Winlord and director Brian Cumlish, this second Cormorant Films documentary intercuts personal histories with the views oi concerned prolessionals to show the dltliculties lacing homeless young people.

Subjects reveal how they live lrom dayto day, unable to plan lorthe luture. For those iorced to sleep rough, beds range trom benches to

UTSID I, "a #4:: ’4.


Mr. ‘0, '4.

graveyards, while those who gain accommodation are open to iinancial and sexual abuse. One boy gives a disturbing account at his gradual breakdown into prostitution. At the other end olthe scale, two abrasive landlords are illmed in the process at exploiting tenants.

The lilm urges sympathy lor the blameless, yet outcast, victims at Britain’s housing shortage, but it lalls to show the positive steps being taken by both the young themselves and the prolessionals, and would benetit irom deeper analysis at who is at lault and what solutions exist.

Part Three oi the series looks at homeless lamilies, 11pm Channel Four, Mon 13 April.

Mon 13, 7.50pm and Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion is broadcast on Thurs 16. 7.30pm.

Operas this week include Anna Bolena by Donizetti. from the 1986 Bregenz Festival production. sung in Italian by Yevgeny Nesterenko and _ Katia Riciarelli, Radio 3. Sun 5, 7pm and Le Postlllon de Loniumeau by Adam, R3. Thurs 9. 2.40pm.

Woman’s Hour comes from Glasgow on Fri 3 April and will be featuring David Divine, who. at 33 is the youngest director of social services in Britain and is currently working in the London borough of Brent. It is something towards which his own background has perhaps made him sympathetic, having been abandoned by his Scottish mother and black American father at the age of five, and brought up in an orphanage in Morayshire before going on to study at Edinburgh University. Also in the programme. John Thomson will be reporting on what Ayrshire is doing in the way of a new form of care for the under-fives, and Professor Sir Patrick Forrest talks to Margaret Collins about the work of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in free screening for breast cancer. According to Sir Patrick, it is a facility more women in Sweden than in Scotland take advantage of. Also Mrs Joan Woodward, a regular listener from St Andrews, looks at the Victorian ethos of being fat through advice that was given in newspapers at the time!

Saturday Night Theatre on 11 April is a production from the BBC Edinburgh studios. The Golden Man by prize-winning author Catherine Lucy Czerawaka is a supernatural thriller set on a farm in South-West Scotland. Francesca Morris, an actress, is convalescing after a serious illness, but is nearly driven to madness when the foolish and paranormal experiment of a friend unleashes extraordinary forces from three ancient standing stones. Patrick Rayner directs.

Radio 3‘s Theatre ofthe Absurd series continues with The American Dream, the third in a series of five plays, on Tues 7, 7.30pm. The series continues on Friday 10 with Barnstable at 10pm by James Saunders, first heard on the Third Programme in 1959. It is the tale ofa plant which fails to flourish despite much tender loving care. and stars Dinsdale Landen, Gwen Watford and Alison Steadman. Richard Wortley is the producer.

Graham Vick, currently director of production at Scottish Opera. is the subject of Monday night‘s portrait on Radio Scotland, 13 April. 6.30pm. Vick. who most recently directed Scottish Opera‘s successful Carmen and acclaimed productions for the English National Opera in London (including Madame Buttertly and The Rape oi Lucretia), has also had his fair share ofdisasters. He defends his production of Don Giovanni against the criticisms of Max Loppert, opera critic of the Financial Times. and discusses both his work at Scottish Opera and his

considerable work abroad. Graham Vick is due to leave Scottish Opera at the end of this season.

The List 3— 16 April 17