0 Theatre is listed by city first, then by venue, running in alphabetical order, except tortouring shows which are listed by the name of the show. Please send details not later than 10 days belore publication date. Cabaret is listed separately.


0 CASTLEMILK COMMUNITY CENTRE Castlemilk Drive. 634 2233.

High Places Wed 15 Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50(£1.50). 7:84 Scotland in their touring production about housing. See Touring.

O CITIZENS Gorbals Street. 429 0022 Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Bar.

No performances until Maytest.

0 COMMUNITY CENTRAL HALL Maryhill Road. Maryhill. 332 9115. High Places Tues 14 Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50(£1.50). 7:84 Scotland in their touring production about housing. See Touring.

O CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Cumbernauld, 0236 732887. Box Office Mon—Fri 10am—6pm. Sat 10am—3pm. 6-8pm perfevgs. Bar/Cafe.

‘The roots of Theatre Alba are based in the cultural heritage ol Scotland,’ states Scottish-Polish, Catholic artistic director Charles Nowosielski. He established Theatre Alba live years ago and his first production was a matinee ol Edward Stiven’s ‘Tamlane‘, performed in Edinburgh‘s Bedlam Theatre to an audience at four. Since then he has had major successes with David Purves‘ ‘The Puddok an' the Princess‘ and ‘The Lass With the Muckle Mou’ by Alexander Reid.

The original core at actors remains, with Garry Stewart and Anne Lannan, and new members have been introduced including Robert Cameron from ‘Take the High Road‘ and Steve Owen. Audiences like the plays and the style of production, but Nowosielski believes it is the Scottishness that really attracts:

‘It is not nationalist, nor even particularly patriotic, but the core of it is Scottishness. We believe through the symbiology of folklore and balance, one can root out a line cultural heritage for Scotland.‘ Music plays a vital part in the experience. Nowosielski’s partner, Richard Cherns (a Russian-English Jew) isthe talented Musical Director of the company.

Theatre Alba, unlike many other small companies has retained its grant from the Scottish Arts Council, and has in tact received funding for a year, rather than the usual ‘project grant‘: a welcome vote at conlidence. The grant

will pay lor their next production


Passionate Embrace Fri 3 and Sat 4 Apr. 7.45pm. £2 (£1). Kilsyth Youth Theatre in a new play by Paula Macgee (whose In Nomine Patris Annexe Theatre Co have just staged)— a sometimes funny. sometimes sad look at a young girl embarkingon marriage.

Johnny and the Space Machine Tue 7—Thurs 9 Apr. 1.30pm. £1.75 (£1.50). Perth Puppets return to Cumbernauld with a show for the under-12s. ' Mugshot Fri 10 and Sat 11 Apr. 7.45pm. £3 (£1.50). Cumbcrnauld Theatre Co return to base with their touring production: a spoof Chandleresque thriller by Robert Robson. in which detective MacMarlowe sleuths around the streets of Glasgow. Slick and funny with a good jazz score for synthesizer. byJoe McGinley.

0 THE DALMARNOCK CENTRE Lily Street. 556 2923.

High Places Fri-17 Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50(£1.50). 7:84 Scotland in their touring production about housing. SeeTouring.

0 DRAMA CENTRE 126 Ingram Street.


Alexander Reid's ‘The Warld‘s Wonder‘, which opens at the Tron Theatre Glasgow on Tues 7 April belore its six-week tour round Scotland (See Listings).

Reid, writing in the fifties, was a popular playwright ol the so-called ‘Scottish Renaissance‘ and ‘The Warld‘s Wonder’ tells the comic love story olJeannie, a country lass, and Jock, a shepherd lad, who are thwarted lrom loving each other by an evil spell.

Nowosielski hopes to bring out the unlimited mysticality ol the fairy-tale background: ‘When you talk of ell-land it is the whole world of the imagination’. He relishes the theme, ‘there is always some evil torce in the way, but the struggles to achieve such happiness is what it‘s all about', and he is changing the already flamboyant ending, celebrating ‘the wonder of love‘ with the departure of the lovers in a boat—to a send-oil in a rocket.

Nowosielski is also Artistic Director of Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh, a

041 552 5827. No performances until Maylest. O GLASGOW UNI DRAMA STUDIO University Avenue. Three Short Plays Wed 8 Apr. 7.30pm. Donations to AIDS benefits. Clyde Unity Co in a triple bill including a new play by John Binnie/l Pla_vf0rAll)S. 0 HOSPITALITY INN Cambridge Street. ()41 332 3311. Cabaret with Gloria Gaynor Wed 8 and Thurs 9 Apr. 7.30pm for 8pm. A cabaret evening mainly designed with the clients ofthe ‘Fishing ’87’ Conference in mind but also open to the public. Tickets are £30 each. including 4—course meal. cabaret and dancing. Cabaret with Bob Monkhouse Fri 10 Apr. 7.30pm for 8pm. SOLD OUT. Cabaret with Bob ‘Opportunity Knocks‘ Monkhouse, sister trio ‘The Foxes’ and comedian George Duffus. Tickets as for previous two nights.

0 HOUSEHILL COMMUNITY CENTRE Priesthill, 881 0263/8083.

Mugshot Tue 7 Apr. 7.30pm. Robert Robson‘s spoof Chandleresque thriller, set in Glasgow. See Touring High Places Thurs 16 Apr. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). 7:84 Scotland in their touring production about housing. SeeTouring.

O KING’S Bath Street. Box Office Mon—Sat 12 noon—6pm. 4 bars. [D] [13] Phone Bookings. Ticket Centre, Candleriggs. Mon—Sat

job he took in July 1986, Theatre Alba being linancially unable to operate throughout the year. He would like Brunton Theatre to have a touring policy, ratherthan closing down alter an eight play season, and wants Theatre Alba to be based there. (At present it is only able to continue thanks to the support of Assembly Theatre, Edinburgh, who have provided several small companies with a permanent administrative base.) He is currently looking for sponsorship.

It is hard work being Artistic Director of two companies: Nowosielski considers the Brunton productions ‘Wailace‘, ‘Tamlane‘ and ‘The Shepherd Beguil’d‘ to have been ‘Alba-esque‘ and tears he will lose inspiration through over-production. Most dilticult olall is ‘your personal lite, for everything becomes unreal, everything is a play. . . A letter from the bank manager is only a prop.‘ (Hess Raison).

10.30am—6.30pm. 552 5961.

My Fair Lady Until Sat 4 Apr. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £3.50, £2.50.£1.50. Cones half price Mon—Fri. Paisley Musical and Operatic Society in the popular musical version of Shaw‘s Pygmalr'on.

Daisy Pulls It Off Mon 6—Sat 11 Apr. 7.30pm. £5, £4, £3. Sat mat 3pm; £4. £3. £2. Tue—Fri half price for conc categories. The 1983 SWET ‘Comedy of the Year‘ about life in Grangewood Girls‘ School.

The Rivals Mon 13 Sat 18 Apr. 7.30pm. Sat.mat. 3pm. £5,£4.£3. Gallery Productions Ltd in their touring production of Richard Brinsley Sheridan‘s classic comedy of manners. directed by Philip Grout.

0 MITCHELL Granville Street. 221 3198. Box office Mon-Sat. 12 noon—6pm. Bar. Cafe. [D] Tickets also available from Ticket Centre, Candleriggs. 552 5961. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm.

Stags and Hens Tue 9—Thurs 11 Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£2). Stacatto Theatre

Co in Willy Russell‘s comedy about

working-class attitudes and relationships. Grease Mon 13—Sat 18 Apr. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £3 (Mon and Sat mat); £3.50 (Tue-Sat evenings). The Apollo Players in the musical about the 50s. whose film version revealed parts of Olivia Newton-John that the Cliff Richard show never reached. 0 PIERCE INSTITUTE Govan Road. Govan. 445 1941.

High Places Mon 13 Apr. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50). 7:84 Scotland in their touring production about housing. See Touring.

O THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 331 1234. Box office Mon—Sat 10am—6pm (7.30pm on perfevgs). Bar. Buffet.

Kiss Me Kate Thurs 2 Apr—Sat 11 Apr. 7.15pm. Also at2. 15pm on Fri 3. Sat 4. Thurs 9 and Sat 11 Mar. £3—£12.50. Thurs and Fri mat two for price ofone: Sat mat halfprice: OAPS. Children. Students. UB40s. wheelchair users. £2 offevenings (except Fri and Sat): Stand-by rate £3 from 6pm for all conc categories except wheelchair users. The Royal Shakespeare Company‘s much-acclaimed production ofCole Porter‘s musical. See Feature. The Canterbury Tales Parts I and II Mon 13—Sat 18Apr(not Fri 17). Part

. 1: Mon 13 7. 15pm. Wed 15 7. 15pm.

Sat 182.15pm. Part 11: Tue 14

7. 15pm. Thurs 16 7. 15pm. Sat 18 7.15pm. £2—£6. Cones (except Sat eve): OAPs. children. UB40s. students. wheelchair users. half price: parties of 15 or more £1 off; standby rate for cone categories (except wheelchair users) £2 from 5pm. Special offers: 10% offtickets booked for both plays: Easter Saturday special £2 off. The New Vic Theatre (‘0 who toured to Edinburgh last year with their anarchic version of The Last oft/1e Mohr'ams. in a high energy adaptation ofChaucer‘s Canterbury Tales by Phil Woods and Michael Bogdanov. Part 1 includes The Pardoner‘s Tale. The Nun‘s Priest‘s Tale. the Franklyn‘s Tale. the

20 The List 3 16 April