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MARCH 31 - MAY 9

to nuclear war illegal?

Gordon and Sarah think it ie and theyaimtoproveitlnthehigheet courts in the world. Makeupyoutownmindaethey trail blaze through the offices or taoe-‘ leee bureaucrats and einlatet politiciane accompanied by Gordon's moped. a jangling Hip-Hop eoore and a eenee or moral outrage.

What is International Lain

Can it be enforced?

There's only one way to find

e Theatre Workshop

e 34 Hamilton m, Edinburgh

e Tuee 31 March - Sat 4 April e 8 pm

eTlckete t: 3.00 £2.00

e BOX OFFICE 031 226 5425

our continues until May 9, tor turther details phone Theatre Workshop; 225 7942


May 20-31, 1987

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0 High Places 7:84 Scotland continue their tour of a play by Ena Lamont Stewart that is all too relevant in this International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. Contrasting, naturalistic. compassionate portrayal of the people condemned to live in bad housing with caricatured pictures of the ones who make the decisions. the play develops from reality to comic fantasy as two young lads kidnap the housing officer and give him a taste of life in one of the condemned houses. Both writing and staging is patchy in places. but the play is humane. sympathetic and funny and its understated anger is entirely justified. For further details please contact 7:84 Scotland on 031 557 2442.

Marryat Hall, Dundee Thurs 2 Apr. 7.30pm (Tickets 0382 27735 or 0382 23141 ext 4288); Magnum Leisure Centre, Irvine Fri 3 and Sat 4 Apr. 7.30pm. (0294 78381): Churchill Theatre, Edinburgh Tue 7—Sat 1 1 Apr. 7.30pm. (Tickets: Usher Hall ()31 228 1155 or Canongate Music. ()31 557 3070); Pearce Institute. Govan Mon 13 Apr. 7.30pm. (041 445 1941); Community Central Hall, MaryhillTue 14 Apr. 7.30pm. (041 332 9115); Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow Wed 15 Apr.

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MAKING NOTES At the Playhouse. Edinburgh back balcony tickets only remain for The Pretenders on Sunday 17 May. Still a few tickets for Duran Duran on 28 and 29 April.

BYE BYE BUYHarvey and the Wallbangers are splitting up after six years together! Their nation-wide final tour includes Scottish dates at Queen’s Hall. Edinburgh 23 & 24 April (box office 668 2019) and The Tron Theatre, Glasgow (box office 552 4267/8) TWO LADIES worth booking lorare Alison Moyet on Fri 8 May, and Tina Turner 1, 2, and 3 June. both at the SECC, Glasgow. Tickets for Alison Moyet from usual record shop outlets and tickets for Tina Turner, available for lst and 2nd, by credit card on 031 226 2295 or by post from Tina Turner Box Office, PO Box 180, GPO, Edinburgh

FIRST PAST THE POST. Playing at the SECC 29/30 July, U2 are virtually sold out, so hurry! Booking is by post only from PO Box 77, Edinburgh (cheques payable to Regular Music Festivals Ltd.)

HIGHLAND SPRING Please note Echo and The Bunnymen are not now playing the SECC, but will be doing a smaller highland tour. Details to be announced.

Classical Music

ONE FINE DAY Nuria Espert who starred in her own company‘s production of Yerma in last year’s Edinburgh Festival to great acclaim, will direct Scottish Opera’s forthcoming Madame Butterfly. Espert was awarded 1986 London Standard Drama Award for Best Director of the Year for her production of Lorca’s The House of

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ill e her opera debut and will be

7.30pm. (041 634 2233); Househill Community Centre, Glasgow Thurs 16 Apr. 7.30pm. (041 8818083): The Dalmarnock C entre, Glasgow Fri 17 Apr. 7.30pm. (041 556 2923). Tour continues to Shaw Theatre. London. 0 It’s Not the End ol the World Theatre Workshop‘s new touring production. an adaptation by Jack Klaffand Bob Sinfield ofthe book Humanizing Hell by George Delf. The question the play asks is: are nuclear weapons illegal under International Law? Through lively comedy it follows the tale of Sarah and Gordon. who set out to prove their answer. Directed ny Bryan Elsley and with a strong cast lined up. the production has live music by Iain Johnstone. For further details please contact Theatre Workshop on 031 226 5425. Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh Until Sat 4 Apr. 8pm. See Edinburgh Listings; Henderson Theatre, Shorts Tues 7 Apr. 8pm. 0501 21816. Mews Theatre, Livingston Weds 8 Apr. 7.30pm. 0506 33634. Steps Theatre. Dundee Thurs 9 Apr. 7.30pm. 0382 23141 ext. 4318. Denny Civic Centre, Dumbarton Sat 11 Apr. 7.30pm. 0389 65538. Tour continues to Highlands and Islands returning to Glasgow later in April.

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the focus of Scottish Opera’s 25th birthday celebrations.

Booking is open now: Theatre Royal, Glasgow. 28 April. 2.6.8. 20 May & 2. 5 June. King‘s Edinburgh 24 & 27 June.


HEART OF GLASS Tennesse Williams‘ highly moving account of acute family tension The Glass Menagerie will be the last play in the Company‘s spring season at the Royal Lyceum. Edinburgh 24 April to 16 May.

HUGE THEMES and vital periods of history and legend are boldly tackled in the Traverse Theatre‘s Spring Season of new plays.

Abel Darebone and the Humble Company (7—31 May) by Peter Jukes is a political odyssey in which Cain‘s murdered brother returns in the Middle Ages to lead a band of dispossessed urchins. Playing with Flre(1 l—30June) by John Clifford (author of the highly successful Losing Venice tells the story of a female alchemist who makes a Faust-like pact with the Devil. Noah’s Wile (9—26 July) by Amy Hardie (author ofthe moving Precarious living) presents a challenge to the official version of the flood story on the part of Noah‘s


_ a Wife, and Man to Man (end July


0 Rebecca Walker Dance Stulos 14 Orwell Terrace. 337 0748.

Easter Week Workshops 5—11 Apr. Day and evening workshops in tap (Will Gaines). jazz (Chris Parry). ballet (Raymond Kaye). At the Will Gaines workshops. percussionists are welcome. Will's New York-style jazz tap will keep any drummer on his toes. Separate classes for professionals/teachers. beginners and children. Contact the Studios for further information.

o Learmonth Hotel Learmonth Terrace. 3370748 for information. An Evening of Jazz Sun 12 Apr. 7.30pm. Doors open 7pm. Will Gaines. the legendaryjazz hoofer from Detroit, will be accompanied by the Dave Newton Trio. 21 three-piece Edinburgh traditional jazz band.

The evening is sponsored by the Rebecca Walker Dance Studios and proceeds go to the Adaline Calder Memorial Dance Scholarship. Details from Studios.

'smvxyham?flfi$w‘%v'?w€d ' "' "VJ" ' . -’ I meter:


onwards) is a translation by Anthony Vivis of a play by German writer Manfred Karge. telling ofone woman‘s struggle to survive and maintain integrity in Germany ofthe Hitler years. For ticket details tel 031 266 2633. Subscription to all four plays entitles you to see one free!


RUSSIAN STEPPES We apologise for our incorrect listing for the Georgian State Dance Company at the King‘s Theatre. Edinburgh. 23 June. The company will be at the Usher Hall. Edinburgh (031 228 l 155). 23 June and at the Theatre Royal. Glasgow (041331 1234), 24 and 25 June.

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0 TO SHORTLY COME Captain Kirk and Coin StarTrek IV in the next issue of The List. out Star Date 17 Apr. and at Cannon Cinemas. Edinburgh and Glasgow from 17 Apr.

24 The List 3 16 April

Bernardo Alba. Madame Butterfly