NEGOCIANT'S, Lothian Street, Edinburgh. Vtva la dtllerencel Vtva Negoctant'sl New antl relreshtngly untgue, Negoctant's ollers Bra/than antl lndonestan tltshes along wrth classtc contmental lare, rnormng antl alternoon collees all m a calm South Amencan setttng. Bttt tl tt's art unpetuous eyenmg tn Stngapore you're alter, you are m the wrong place. (For that you have to go downstatrs to the cellar bar, where you'll also hntl ltve, up tempo tan and swmg Montlays to Saturdays.) And standtng at the har there are always one or two well knownregulars Camphell's7U/ andthelorrmtlahle Stella Artots, hoth on tap of course.


THE LIQUOR SHACK, Hope Street, Glasgow. The newly opened Ltguor Shack Is one ol those rare hars whtch tlely hemg ptgeonholed antl caters for an mcredthly wrde range of cltentele. The result Is an extra ortlmary relaxed har whtch under the elhctent management of Raymond Bell provrdes extremely good servrce. As an extra mcenttve The Ltguor Shack ts currently ollertng meals lor two wnh collee and a bottle ol wme lor only £8 ~ and what's more, thts remarkahle oller rs avatlahle all day up unttl 8pm. So If you're lookmg lor cornlort, convrv taltty antl a long, cool glass of Stella Artots, The Ltguor Shack has everythtng you'll ever need.

THE MEWS, Cadzow Street, Hamilton. Art Deco destgn, a sense of mttmacy, suhtle hghnng antl gentle musrc all gtve lost a hmt ol Casablanca. You may well leel ltke askmg the pramst to play II agam, Sam. But, there's more than a touch of romance hehmd the success of The Mews. Everythtng ahout thts new har restaurant suggests style. The ETIITETCTIVEB servrce, the enttcmg menu and the seductrve Stella at the har. Open from TUBU all day everyday wrth a late hcence from Thursday to Saturday. On Sunday try brunch at lunch or whtle away the evenmgs to the peaceful melodtes ol the soulful smger. Dr da tlt da dt da . . .