DIVA, Park Terrace, Glasgow. The style ts seducttve, the llavour conttnental, the place Dtva, A comhtnatton ol pastel shatles, cool rnarhle and ghstentng chrome gtve an rndehnahle atmosphere to tlns hrtnht new ltttht on Glasgow's har antl restaurant scene. Savour the gastronomtc delrnhts ol French classtcal antl nouvelle cutsme (wnh a tempung hst ol over lUU wrnesl m the thscreet tnttmacy ol the spht level restaurant. Or try the Island bar for a long cool glass of Stella Artots, antl choose from a menu ol Dtva hurtters, pales, salads and contrnental pattssertes. For anyone who's anyone, there's somethmn thvrne at Dtva.

HERBIE FROG'S, Main Street, Bellshill. For late mttht soul searchrng your ltrst stop must he tn Mam Street, Bellshtll. thh the emphasrs on rnootl, Proprtetor Matthew Clark has consttlered every detatl tn hrs quest lot a relaxed atmosphere. But relaxetl does not mean rtutet. Far, lar lrom rt. Wrth restdent DJ Tom Jackson at the helm how could rt he? From lUpm. Thursdays to Sundays the tlance lloor moves rn perlect rhythm wrth the soul sound. Tempttntt IS the only word to descrthe the cocktarl hst whrch ranges from Sours to Colatlas, Collrnses to Danutrrs antl hack attatn. Tantaltsmt] Is the word to

descrthe Stella Artots, standmtt heguthnnly at the har.

BAD ASS CLUB, Clyde Place, Glasgow. What was lormerly Glasgow's Central Statton ts last hecomtntt Glasgow's central ntghtspot. Its sell proclamauon as 'The World's Worst Bar' ts possrhly the year's most clever mtsnomer. Ultra modern lurntture and tntrtgutnt] vrdeo dtsplays provrde the perlect hacktlrop lor a smattertntt ol 'tasteless' artrlacts. An alternauve caharet, the Batl Ass Cluh ts estahltshmg nsell as the lorurn for local talent. But what's even worse Is that hetween 5pm. and 9pm. students pay hall pnce lor draught heer antl wrne. How better to tmhthe the delectahle Stella Artots? Let the had ttmes roll,