all levels. Tel ()31 339 5374

Tyne Edited by Dr Peter (24 hrs). Interested teachers


women‘s arts. Spring Fling

O (ith s 3-5 South St Andrew . . Jones. 0 d f Street. 556 1020. 7pm—2am. See 0 Don’tTravel Alone Share mecung Wed 29 Apr" at bookselle; (crux: welcome. . .

Thurs. your fun/costs. Whatever 69'“ m the S‘mthS‘der' west 188N0946709065 g 0 Prtvate tuition tn French 0 Goombay BealCoasters. 3West RIChmOnd Streett )Or and Italian by native

your plans travel with like-minded people. Contact Odyssey. the Introduction Service for Travellers, 21 Cambridge

from the publishers. Intercept Limited. PO Box 2. Ponteland. Newcastle upon Tyne

NE20 9EB. Price £12.50

Edinburgh. All women welcome. Contact number:

031 556 7736.


Tollcross. 228 3252. 10pm—4am. £2. Sec Fri.

0 Hoochie Coochie Texas. Coasters. 3 West Tolleross. 228 3252. 10pm—4am. £2.50. Latin.

speakers. Grammar and conversation. All levels. Contact Sylvie or Teresa in Glasgow on 041 334 4049.

hard club funk. Makinga namc Road. Watcrbcach. H foritself. With occasional Cambridge C85 9N]. 0 Male 21 seeks . ‘Th ‘(EOSkaree). all-nighters. 0223 861079. employment. Intelligent. F 00 0" AIDS 0 Edinburgh male, 37,

detailing the real facts.‘ Social Work Today. ‘. . . essential book for all health workers.‘ Nursing Times.

‘. . .willprovide all health care workers with up to date factual information.‘

J. Institute of Health Education.

0 Kangaroo Club The Mission. Victoria Street. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Broad mix of funk. pop and rock.

0 Madisons The Playhouse. Greensidc Place. 557 3807. 10pm—3am. Free before 10.30pm. £3 after. Busiest night at Madisons. playing similar sort of music to Fridays.

0 Outer Limits Coasters. 3 West Tollcross. 228 3252. 10pm—4am. £3. See Fri. Plus Sat 7: Sadie Nine.

0 Top 0' the Walk 25 St James

0 Kashmir, Ladalth, Northern India 3 weeks July/August. Pathlinders. ()41 334 9419.


o Typing/ Secretarial An hour or so most weeks for person living/working in close proximity to Stafford Street. Usual rates paid. Maybe also book-keeping available.

Phone 031 558 1549.

imaginative. creative. literate. numerate. Potential in speedy and eager learning. Good with people. Tel. Steven on 031 228 6263. o Experienced publicist available Anything considered. Contact Donald on 031 332 1488.

0 FDA Male 25 seeks suitable employment - very willing employee. Qualifications include: R.J. Dip C&Cr

unemployed. considerate. intelligent. imaginative. Likes reading. walks. conversation. humour. Wishes similar lady 20—40 for companionship and possible long term relationship. Contact Box No 137

0 Tall southern gent. mid-thirties. unattached and new to Glasgow. seeking slimmish

Centre. 557 2631. Club 25 Disco. See Fri. [ND] 0 51/L Mission Control The

0 Wanted Volunteer with interest in Media to help local homelessness

Jewellery Design. Tel Brian on 041 942 6511 after 7pm. 0 Student seeks summer


0 One day Spoon and Bowl

long-haired lady with whom to spend leisure time. Please write! Box No 237.

\’cnuc.CztIton Road. , , - , ., ., employment. Ex erienced in Carving Course on the . ° °

10 3, £7 EX_C, mbalach, campaign. Expenscsand b, ' x 'p _ B d V . M h _ ISIIIere a VWaC'OUSt Alastair Camcmn‘ Qualified NNEB. June to Thompson..Phone 08355 stylish young lady out there? indprojeeted images. Sat 21: Edinburgh Council for the end sept' coma“ Magglc 350 {gr dams and IfSO~1hCFCiSEISiiigIC guy

lDJ (1 Dance Jazz). dance to jazz records.


o The Amphitheatre 31 Lothian Road. 229 7670. 10pm—3am. £2.50.11a1fprice before 11pm. Disco Night. Thrill to the best

Single Homeless. 28 North Bridge. Tel: (131 225 4143.


0 Single room in lovely Bruntsfield flat for interesting. friendly

0 German/French Tuition ‘0‘ Grade. Higheror conversation. Phone (131 553 5586 after 6.30pm.

0 AlexanderTechnique in Edinburgh. Contact Stuart Paterson on 031 662 4239.

Contact Box No 381.

0 Glasgow Media Male

28. non-smoker. seeks female (20s) with sense of humour to ‘do‘ Maylest. Long letter and photo. please. to Box No 437.


0 Drawing Board Wooden. strong. slide-rule. Accept £7()o.n.o. Phone 557 3349 (day); 556 4402 (evening).

laser show in Europe. See Wed. house-trained male. £120 . IMPORTANT BOOK 0 French Tuition by native . Unprepossessing pseudo nuggémwns 2&27 Mark“ PM” 229 1384 (288 pp) on AIDS lor all S‘P'Tiflfcr; All If‘jclx Contact intellectual early 30s. theatre Struckzzb 4224.930pm4um. p ' Doctors, Nurses, Health Ezflimt Rd"; "L 7 buff. seeks female

£2. llalfprice admission and MEETINGS Care and Social workers "3 Hugh. 0‘ 1 356 1,0-8- companion. 20s/30s. for drinks before 1 1.30pm. Less etc. The Proceedings of ' Edlflburgh TeaChers theatre. Cinema visits.

chart music and more soul music 0 “Women in Fringe' A new the AIDS Conference co'operame East" conversation etc. Contact

gentler Sunday atmosphere. 1986 (Newcastle upon RCVISIO” COUFSCS- Tumon Box No 537.

magazine focusing on [Al 0 Female 45 (irownup

o Cat's Pyjamas Goodtime Emporium. 6 Abbeymount. llipm—3am. £1. Disco.

0 Cinderellas Rockerlellas 99 St Stephen Street. 5560266. Club 87. Over 20s. 10pm—2am. Members 70p; non-members £2. See Tue.

1A1 [ND] [NT]

0 The Club Coasters. 3 West Tollcross. 228 3252. 10pm—3am. £3. Very mixed. Iii-energy.

family. attempting non-smoking. seeks good-humoured nicotine-free male company. Enjoys walking. cinema. eating. travel. music. theatre. Box No 382. 0 Edinburgh male student 21. seeks adventurous female companion for evenings

Please print your ad below in BLOCK CAPITALS with one word in each box. Telephone numbers count as a single word. UNDERLINE any words you want in BOLD. Send with Postal Order or Cheque (payable to THE LIST LTD) - please write your name and address on the back - Classified Ad Dept. , THE LIST LTD, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE. 031 558 1192.



All free or charge 20 words max


hosted by Ian Nichol. Radio PHONE IDAY I EVES URI: 1.1”“: tllmk umwns‘ Forth DI discos. tray el. and the great . Hannigan.s Rose Street Lane ADDRESS outdoors. Please wr1te.w1th (Offprccmu), 226M58‘ photo. to Box No 383. 10pm—4am. Strictly over 21s.

Members only. application

forms at door. The former

popular Bobby McGee's has

been revamped.

O Galsbys 3—5 South St Andrew

Street. 55o 1020. cam 1pm. see Flat Charge £1 per entry. SECTION

Thu” 0 Dateline Works! Many a Goombay Beat Coasters. 3 West 25 “ms ma" NO. OF ISSUES TICK IF BOX thousands of happy couples Tollcross. 228 3252. TOTAL COST N0. WANTED nationwide are proof 01 our

10.30pm—3am. £1.50. See Fri.

0 Madisons The Playhouse. (ireenside Place. 557 3807. 10.30pm—late. £2. The Man. The Persuasionist. fun and laughs each Sunday.

0 Outer Limits Coasters. 3 West Tollcross. 228 3252. £2. See Fri. 0 Zenalec 56 Fountainbridge. 229 7733. 10pm—3am. £2 (£1 until 11.30pm). The Parliament: New club night which is fast drawing the iii-crowd.

success. Free details; Dateline Computer Dating. Dept. (351 ), 25 Abingdon Road, London WB GAH, 01 938 1011.



Flat charge £3 per box no. Tel nos not accepted

0 Meet People through Singles Magazine. Order from newsagents. or send £1 to 23 Abingdon Roae. London W8 6AH.

30 words max. Semi-display £3 oer column

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