involves Chabrol‘s wily. amoral sleuth in a murder case where the victim‘s widow is an old flame. Faced with a personal interest in the investigation, constant evasion and thorough duplicity he resorts to a few underhand tactics of his own to uncover a sordid rural nest ofsex. drugs and rock ’n‘ roll. Classy. eccentrically entertaining whodunnit. Glasgow; GIT. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Ivan the terrible (PG) (Sergei Eisenstein, USSR, 1944—46) Part One 99 mins. Part Two 88 mins. Eisentein‘s last completed work focuses on the struggle of Czar Ivan Grozny to consolidate the Russian Empire by freeing it from the Eastern hordes and standing up against the corrupt self-interest of the Boyars dynasty.

The director‘s brilliant compositional skills and the breathtaking photography make the film as visually striking as it is thematically intriguing. given Eisenstein’s ability to analyse his own times through the lessons of history. Edinburgh; Filmhouse O The Jerk(15) (Carl Reiner. US. 1979) Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters. 94 mins. Martin’s feature debut is really for diehard fans only as he portrays a simple country boy made good through an amazingly successful invention. Edinburgh;

Cameo O Kaos (15) (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Italy, 1984) Margarita Lozano, Claudio Bigagli. Biago Barone. Omero Antonutti. 187 mins. A collection of five short stories based on the writings of Pirandello and focusing on the foibles ofvarious Sicilian villagers. Overlong but generally worthwhile portmanteau, with the highlights, including the penultimate episode about a dwarfpotter trapped inside a huge jar, and the final instalment with Pirandello himselfcoming to his home town in search ofmaterial. especially memorable. Edinburgh; EUFS 0 King Kong's Flst ( 15) (Heiner Stadler, W. Germany, 1984) 80 mins. A second-rate film critic sees a rediscovered silent masterpiece and discovers that a projectionist friend knows the whereabouts ofthe director. Visiting the veteran film-maker the hack also finds out that it was the latter who built the original King Kong’s fist. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Klss of the Splderwoman (15) (Hector Babenco, US-Brazil, 1985) William Hurt, Raul Julia, Sonia Braga. 121 mins. Two men share a prison cell, victims in their individual ways of an unspecified fascist regime. One is a flamboyant homosexual. the other a macho revolutionary. The pain of their confinement ultimately brings mutual understanding, love and a moving exchange of roles. Edinburgh; Cameo O Kelp (15) (Roland Suso Richter, W. Germany, 1984) 100 mins. Schoolboy Hans Kolp is given a uniform and a gun by an American GI leaving Germany after the war. The gift spurs him on to stealing a Jeep, and before long Kolp and his

friends are embroiled in a career of poaching and black marketeering. Made at the same time as Edgar Reitz's Heimru. Roland Suso Richter's film is another treatment of Germany's present through the troubles of the past. and a generally engaging one at that. Another in the New German Directors season. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse o LetterTo BrezhneV(15)((‘hris Bernard. UK. 1985) Peter Firth. Alexandra Pigg. Margi Clarke. 95 mins. Lively Liverpudlian comedy-romance of rought charm and ready wit as a scouse gal finds love with a Russian sailor. Edinburgh: Ii LJFS 0 Love Letters ( 18)(Amy Jones. US. 1983) Jamie Lee Curtis. James

Keach. 89 mins. An up-and-coming DJ discovers a cache of letters written by her late mother revealing a hitherto unsuspected affair and awakening her own romantic desires. She becomes embroiled in a messy and abortive affair with a married man who refuses to leave his wife and kids. Familiar material treated with the sort of respect and honesty it deserves but very often doesn‘t get. Impressiver understated. with a strong. sympathetic performance by Ms Curtis. Edinburgh; EUFS

0 Mad Max(18) (George Miller. Australia. 1979) Mel Gibson. Joanne Samuel. Tim Burns. 93 mins. Atmospheric. futuristic high drama with death-defying stunt work.

0 Mad Max2(18) (George Miller. Australia. 1982) Mel Gibson. Bruce Spence. 94 mins. Exhilarating. post-Apocalypse adventure. Pure cinema and the highpoint of the series. Edinburgh: Cameo

o The Man With Two Brain5( 15) (Carl Reiner. US. 1983) Steve Martin. Kathleen Turner. David Warner. 93 mins. Zany Martin-Reiner romp in which the great man plays a brilliant brain surgeon driven to the depths of despair when he weds Turner. a man-hungry murderess with a penchant for driving elderly husbands to early graves and pocketing their legacies. Deliriouslv delightful. Glasgow; Gl’l‘ ' o MaxieH’G) «:‘z (Paul Aaron. US.


f..a film as near to perfection as it’s possible to conceive’

Alexander Walker' Standard


Ii. I“. I"( )RSTER'S

A Room with a View;

I’abia Drake - Patrick (iodfrcv - Rupert Graves - can Henley and Rosemary Leach

)irected bvjames vory Produced by smail .Vierchant

Screenplay by Ruth Prawer-Jhabvala ' Photography by Tony Pierce-Roberts - Music by Richard Robbins ' Edited by Humphrey Dixon

lucyuaOowo-I urn-Oblmlhl [Wuhc'I-‘w P-WI-I

STILL PLAYING AFTER 52 WEEKS - DOMINION Edinburgh CINEMA 3: 2pm, 5pm, 8pm (Tel: 031 447 2660)

The List 17 31) April 11