Edinburgh. Dave Carson. a parliamentary candidate in the last General Election and a full time member of the Communist Party gives the first in a series oftalks on the different strands of the politics of the Left. Each speaker will be challenged by a speaker (also of the Left) who will speak in opposition and a debate will follow. Future speakers will include Lutte Ouvier on Trotskyism (25 May). Further information from the Edinburgh Socialist Forum. Box 43. First of May Bookshop. or tel 031 337 8274.

programme ofSF 1600 and 2000. sports and saloon events. Practice at 9am. racing at 1.30pm. Adult £3.50 (children free); transfer to stands £1.50. Free parking.

RUGBY Sunday19

0 Scotland v Spain Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 2.30pm. This friendly international is preceded by the Final ofthe Royal Bank Youth League Trophy. kicking offat 12.30pm. Special prices 0f£2 (adult)


' "l i' ‘r 'n i 'a Envir )l‘im ‘ntal . and£1 (child) will apply anywhere in “m. 09'“ Lmh'm'mflnfl‘ FPS]: (4:;.FECI‘GCTNinusfor L 0 Kenya: The Masai and Sambiiru the ground. and admits to both “NICO tor Ill cultural. educational. d ‘t,;il's_‘()'. ,mN; ,1 ) )L‘I'lrm; National Museum of Scotland. matches. Should be excellent value "want" om'numm'tdo Mt L ‘l t " Royal Museum.(‘hambers Street.

to round out a Rugby season which n" “to "'3 U3“ out" "at": Edinburgh. Information for ended in major disappointment at Won't . _ Department of Public AflairszI Twickenham. and will give Scotland TUESDAY 21 ° Rainbow Marci) ( "gunned by 225 7534 ext 206. Free. Talk is,-

a chance to restore morale before the Fits'imt‘ PCE‘CC ( itml‘ the R1"“""“' Katriana Hazell.

inaugural world Cup in New 0 Behind the Scenes at the Botanics March reaches Edinburgh. Friends anland this summer. 7—9pm. £12.5()(£6.50conc) (for of the Earth are organising a demo at

whole series). Ro aI Botanic the Mound. . . . Mommy 20 Garden. Inverleitii Road. 0 Politics and Big Business in South . CND Pum'c meeung Wm! 8”“ Kent

. . . . . I. . y - . 7.30pm. Free. DebatesC hamber

0 Famous Grouse sevens New Edinburgh. A new series ofeight Africa Assemny Rooms. 54 (reorge ( mwMomHv) Student Union Annicsland‘ Glasgow, London club evening tours led by members ofthe Street. Edinburgh. 2pm. £1. Details Silr'uh‘clvd‘c Un‘hflcr‘m. ()(imhn' Richmond are again the guests at staff. Ian EdW’ZIde gIVCS the {ITSI ITOIII IIIL‘ SCDIIISI‘I EtillCilIItHI and Stréct (“'1‘20“. ()irualifigcd by Glasgow Academicals‘ annual which looks at the gardens history. Action for Development. 031 (m7 gamith (.‘Nb “'4' fl" 7878 Bruce Easier Sevens Tournament. The series is always over-subscribed (1120. A public meeting to be ' ' " '

Kent begins a tour of Scotland.

" ICEIStTt‘tton is through the WEA. addressed by Anthony Sampson. I Court. Lawnmarkct, _ Friday 17 Edinburgh. SUNDAY 26 WEDNESDAY 29

o H.E.Kentin Tai Situpa: Public Lecture 0 Too Many Cars. . . 8pm. 23 East

0 ° (‘r '1 P2 rtv rally . . . NATIONAL LEAGUE Bovd-Orr Buildin Glag ow Rambow marsh. ' LU ..' - , ' ( laremontStreet.Edinburgh

. - g‘ ‘g _ onthe Moundto send off the l eace . . _ 7 oEdinburgh Monarchstewcastle (~ ~ ~ 1 .. nu. n \ 0 . ,1 . . . (Informationon()3l556-614).

, , . , . , "mum-V tum“ " ' n,“ March onitsnext leg— I.inlithgow. ,. l‘ i. _ h" Powdcrhall Stadium. Beaverhall the mm. Bnd'mum.“ Regents”! thC . May'estpreview .87 m mumm‘pm. Ihcy kill 16 pcop c pert a} .t L) Road. Edinburgh. 7.15pm. £3.50. Karma Kugyugcimnl“(Tibetan H in Third [1deer 15” pollute. they congest roads. impede League husmcssgms underWaYthh Btiddhists witha reputation forhis Suwhichmgtgcm (“Mum Tickc“ alltransportuncldmntniltcour .

a ViSitfrom Newcastlc.ateam -h‘|' - , 1 w I - -, t i - . ‘. ‘~ '. societv.'Ameetingolanewsocietv

_ . . " ' "5 t.‘ L “'r -‘ mmmm‘u“ I 1“ available from Department ol Adult . - . . .. ~'. . H ' boasting a good record on this track. Buddhist path. 7.30pm. and (.Ominuinu Education w with the aim of lindingwaysof

Monarchs will be out to see it doesn't reducing the numbers ofcars on the

- )zk" IX " ‘.('lz 3g 1041339 getanybcucr'scc plCturc' SSSS'eLxlt4igin/KnieliiiiIl-iiil-scenes muds'

Friday 24 0 Keith West—Botanical Artist preview of Mayfest with {8352: writfsrrgigigfnswmg . Edinburgh Monarchsv Mildenhi" 7:30pm. Free. Royal Botanic _ introductions from authors. .rickctsgm; We'lsb‘ring. '3' S'mith.s Powdcrha” Stadium (as above). The (rarden Lecture lheatre. Inverleith directors and perlormers. Invaluable Place (0“. 1mm WhIkLEdmlmmh; Visiting Side are expected to be Row. L-dinburgh. lickets available lorthe ‘serious Maylest goer! “3] 5536hh():.1..ickctComm. * strong again this season‘ and another from Iiiverlcith I louse (lolly post - O wizard of Seminar I he“ - . ) Waverley Bridge; Box Office.

Close match is in prospect. (include SAL). Iel (131 )5- 7171 for Edinburgh Iheosophical Scoeity . -b Queen.S-HML The Observer

details. Keith West talks about his (ireat King Street. Edinburgh. A ._ . \ . work is ibot inic ll lrtist on d l\ s inin irbcginningwith the wmmnm and mrmcr Rummrs‘ . 2.; z‘zz e":e z i ' . . . " Andrew s University speaks on the

Saturday18/saturday 25 0 Seats Law and the Draft Lesbian and classic film at 2pm (till 4.30pm). 21 subject (“ping with Tmumc _

Gay Rights Bill Spin. ('heviot Room. video hyJohn Algeo: "I‘he Wizard of Wh W R ‘_ _.h.|.t 3,. 0 Newtongrange Victoria Park, University Societics' Centre. The ()2: A ’I‘heosophical Allegory‘. 05L ,upom' ' I i ' _ Newtongrange. 7pm. £2.50 (£1). I’leasaiice. Edinburgh. Dr Beverley Frank L. Baum's classic fantasy is a Kenya 5 Hotned BeaSts Ni't'tmtt' The meeting on the 25th is one of the Brown of Edinburgh U niversity‘s symbolic description of the progress Museum “(Smtltmd1R0)“ biggest occasions of the year at the Law Department talks on the of the soul and he was a Museum. C hambers Street. . Edinburgh track, with around 40 of proposed legislation. All welcome. theosophist . . . Information from Department of Britain‘s top Formula One drivers 0 Kenya: People and Places National _ Public Atrium “31935 7334 6“ 3”"- expected to battle out the Scottish F1 Museums of Scotland. Royal Ftt‘t‘ talk “Spat” (“H.‘ft the R0)?" Championship. Last year‘s inaugural Museum. ('hambers Street. . Edinburgh socialist Forum 730mm [.oological Society of Scotland. cvcnt, won by Lancashire ace John Edinburgh Information from Free. Tullcnms (‘Uln'nunitv (‘cmrc Lund. was so successful that it has Department of Public Affairs. 031 (In. -]-(,Hcm_\s primal-V Schubi) now been designated an annual . 225 753-1 ext 206. First in a series of ' ' championship event by the sport‘s talks on the fascinating country. . . governing body, and a bigcrowd is Kenya. 'l‘hisone is by Jenni Calder. sze IS a Journey ex ected for this clash of the ' ° I mgnstrous 8500cc cars around not a DeStznatton. Newtongrange‘s ample circuit. If e The Truth About the Ams Panic you have "CVCT Sampled the StOCkS. 7.30pm. Free. I’leasaiice 'I'heatre. this meettng Ct’u'd be the ideal I’leasance. Edinburgh. Don Milligar intmduetlon- co-author of the book T/It' 'I'riiI/i

V0 Aliuiiiilic/lll)S Panictalksabout Treks the book s controversial analysis of

satlfl'day 18/sunday the campaign against AIDS and the “(i/lit" Wat” RQflt’tg Riding 0 Glasgow Bannerman International "‘m'r‘i““h“ discasc "SCH" Th“ 5’10” Expeditiom (W1 Safaris Adventure Tours Invitation TournamentAn Easter 5:12:622351 Pam, hm Trans Continental Overland Expedmom Mild/{1e Safaris and Cruises

weekend treat for Volleyball fans.

' th ‘b )ok un l ’rdi.‘ ‘ussi in is With teams from Italy, West t t L c sc (

, , challenging whateveryour political . beliefs. See reviewon Bookspage. 2 Woodlands Drive Adventure Travel Consultants

Scotland’s top clubs at four venues . G'eenpeace cabaret ( ommmnc Glasgow

. _ t . (are. West End. Princes Street. A around the my' Check '0ch press for Edinburgh. 8pm. £2(£1). A cabaret 9 P


The List 17 30 April 21