o The Tube Easter Special (C4) 5—7pm. Best of the current and last series. Next Friday. the last ever Tube.


0 Horses (C4) 7.3(l—8.3()pm. Riding offinto the sunset with the last of Scottish Television‘s four-footed documentary tonight the role of the horse in the First World War is one of the topics.

0 The Waugh Trilogy (BBC2) 7.55—8.55pm. First ofthree-part Arena special - a TV biography of Evelyn Waugh (a neat scene setter for ITV‘s adaptation ofScoop to be seen next Sunday). Part Two tomorrow at 8.45pm; Part Three Mon 20 at 8. 10pm.


o A Man lor All Seasons (C4)

10. 10pm—12.25am. Fred Zinnemann’s Oscar-winning masterpiece of costume drama was made in 1966. The script. immensely thoughtful and well structured is by Robert Bolt (who was also responsible for the less successful The Mission) and the account of political and personal rivalries of 16th century England. Paul Scofield is awe-inspiring as Thomas More. Historical dramas exploring British history (compare the BBC‘s Henry Vlllet al) are not today a favourite theme but maybe with the controversy of The Monocled Mutineer they are set to make a return. Anyway. ifyou haven‘t seen this film. don‘t miss this opportunity. 0 The Duke’s Award (BBCl) 4.55—5.40pm. Prince Edward presents a documentary that he wrote himselfon the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.


0 Coast to Coast (BBCl)

10.15-1 1.55pm. Repeat ofthe excellent road comedy starring Lenny Henry.

0 Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Scottish) 2. l()—4.50pm. The first. far too long, far too narcissistic film version.


0 Just For Laughs (C4) 10.50—11.20pm. The best of Montreal‘s International Comedy Festival ands its interesting run with among others Britain‘s Stephen Fry.


o The Victorian House (C4) 8—8.3(lpm. Jonathan Meades presents a ‘sideways' look at the sort of houses that exemplify modern middle-class life. First ofa series of six.

0 Best at British (BBC I ) 7.35—8pm. John Mills narrates this anthology series of British cinema which starts tonight.

0 Secret Society (BBC2) l(l.3()—l().5()pm. The controversial series ofdocumentaries made by journalist Duncan Campbell begins with a look at the threat from computerised files on individuals. begins its long-delayed run.


0 Film on Four: Restless Natives (C4) 9—10.45pm. Ninian Dunnet - 24 year-old winner of the Lloyds Screenwriting Competition came up with this enjoyable ifsub-Bill Forsyth caper.

o Nightime (C4) The new late-into-the-night TV service from Channel 4 which will from next year be every night. will for the time being be seen on Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays. As well as a new chat

show (After Dark with open-ended


Radio Scotland, 20 Apr, BBB—loam. Being registered unemployed, and being made to leel unemployable, is the grim experience Wendy Paterson shares with some three million others. Without a job since leaving school tour years ago, Wendy may be signing on but she has shown that perhaps it is not just her own butalso the employers’ loss. Last year her play What’s Your Favourite Colour? won the Glasgow Herald/Scottish Youth Theatre play competition and was perlormed at the Third Eye Centre Glasgow, belore touring, and herlirst radio play will be broadcast on Radio Scotland next Monday. Called My Name Is Wendy Paterson, it is a semi-autobiographical piece about the collapse of will, the misery ot unemployment and lite as a boring, wasted and deeply depressing existence. Inspired to write by watching so much television in her endless tree time, Wendy was encouraged by Marilyn lmrie, a drama producer, lormerly at Radio Scotland, who commissioned this play. The play ends surprisingly optimistically, reflective of Wendy’s current mood. Although still unemployed she has another stage play already written and, nothing it not ambitious, has a film

script in mind.

discussion) it will be an opportunity to show unschedulably long films. The service kicks off with Bertolucci's epic masterpiece 1900. 0 Naked Video ( BBC2) 9—9.25pm. Second instalment See Feature.


O The Tube (C4) 5.30—7pm. The last ever edition of the rock show.


o A CarlorAtrica (C4) 7.30pm. A four-part account of the design. building and testing of a remarkable car one designed to suit the conditions to be found in the Third World.

0 Don't Miss Wax (C4) Midnight. Yet another chat show with a difference. Ruby Wax. the comedien. writer and performance artist with her guest discuss a different theme each week. Julie Walters and Catherine Helmund are amongst the guests on the first show.


0 Dance on Four (C4) 8. 15pm. New series ofthe programme reflecting the diversity ofdance. Dance Lines is a series of short pieces designed round a television studio with choreography by Siobhan Davies and Ian Spink.


o Eleventh Hour Cinema: Zina ( C4) 10pm. Domiziana Giordano plays Zina. Leon Trotsky‘s daughter. Ian McKellen plays the analyst who has the task of helping her come to terms with her father. the flight from Russia and the rise of Fascism.

She would however, still take a job, it only there was one for the taking. (Sally Kinnes)

My Name Is Wendy Paterson is broadcast (during the Jimmy Mack Show) as part at Radio Scotland’s 19 + week, aimed at the 19-25 age group who have left school and are too old lor YTS. A Helpline will be open from Mon 20—Thurs 24 Apr, 9.30am—5pm, 041 3571774.


An exceptionally good week for radio which puts Style on Trial and the establishment on the defensive. Style on Trial R4. Fri 24, 9.45pm is a Kaleidoscope special which asks if your washing machine is pleasing to look at. competitively priced and good at its job. And if the answer is yes. is it British? For Pillars ol Society this week read the RSC. R4. Thurs 23. 7.40pm. A barrage ofquestions— Is it élitist/secretive/desirable/ self-congratulatory or just a financial drain are put to Peter Brook. Trevor Nunn. Terry Hands, Peter Hall. Peggy Ashcroft and essential members of the backstage profession.

A number ofpersonalities get profiled. each on a station according to his rank and complexion. Jack Kerouac béte noir ofthe establishment and darling ofthe Beat Generation. is profiled on R4. now safely dead beat. Best known for 0n the Road (7 years in the researching and 3 weeks in the writing) he was one of the high points of the counter-culture of the 605. R4. Wed 22. 7.45pm. Dirty Den (Leslie Grantham to his mother) from EastEnders makes his choice of records on Andy Peebles Easter Bank Holiday edition of My Top Ten R1. Mon 2(). 2pm. And Herbert von Karajan. as sharp in business as he is in music is assessed by soprano Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, James Galway and others; The price of Perfection R3. Sun 19. 5.30pm. The documentary is followed (6.30pm) with Karajan conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in Bruckner‘s 8th Symphony.

Pushers and Leaners R4. Sat 18. 4.30pm refers to musicians‘ attitude to rhythm. not narcotics. perhaps rather a sad choice of title given that those discussed include Billie Holiday. Nevertheless it should make interesting listening.

Anna Massey as Isobel Desmond should make The Seagull worth catching, Sat 18. R4. 7pm. but a less-often heard Russian revival is The Glinka Capella Choir ol Leningrad, R3, Mon 20, 7.30pm. already being revived from last year‘s Russian season. but well worth it. The choir, the oldest in the USSR, boasts Peter the Great amongst its former choristers and the programme presents it both in historical perspective and in performance. Definitely the Bahamas won the 1986 Radio Times Award for new radio work. Written by Martin Crimp it is broadcast on R3, Tue 21. 7.30pm. with a second and timely play by the same author on R3. Fri 24. 9pm. Six Figures at the Base of a Crucilix.

Finally if Dinsdale Landen can do for international diplomacy what Nigel Hawthorne did for government departments, Flying the Flag R4, Mon 20, 12.30pm. should be essential listening. The subject is a British Embassy and its Ambassador. but its purpose is not i quite the national interest. (Sally Kinnes)

22 The List 17— 30 April