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over the Hebrides - Sunday 5rd May.

Take off fromGlasgow at 3.30 pm and fly over the islands for about half an hour. Then back again to Glasgow for a celebration at the airportJoin in thefun foryust EBO— price includesafree glass ofwine and a party hat. It‘s a fabulous flying finale to our weekend of world wide parties, raising money for the new youth centre on lona.

To reserve your seat on the plane, send a cheque for E30 and a stamped addressed envelope to The MacLeod Centre, Iona, Strathclyde. Please make your cheque payable to The MacLeod


America’s premier female acappella quintet

Tuesday 12 May 1987 at 7-30 pm

Assembly Rooms - 54Ceorge Street- Edinburgh

Tickets 23-50-2200 Concessions

Advance Tickets - Usher Hall Box Office - lothian Road Edinburgh (031 228 1155) - Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm





range should be within (min) llin x 7in and (max) 4ft square. Full name, address, age and tel no on reverse. Entries to Dept of Recreation 3rd Fl. City Chambers, 249 High Street. 10am—8pm Wed 29 and Thurs 30 Apr; 10am-3pm Fri 1 May. Age groups: primary years 1—4 and 5—7; secondary years 1—3 and 4—6. Photography

Black and white, sepia tinted or coloured and mounted (no negatives or slides). Size range, excluding mounts. 6in square to 2ft 6in square (oblong and circular photos within this size range generally accepted). Entries with name, age, address and tel no on reverse to City Chambers address above by 1 May. All winners will be publicly announced during the Fling (30 May—13 June), having been notified separately immediately prior to this, and will be exhibited at various public venues in the city.

All categories are also open to adults.

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place, 226 5425.

Fun Factory daily until 18 Apr, 1 lam amd 2pm (each lasts 1—11/2hr). 75p per session. For 5-9 years. The fun factory has a futuristic setting and a heroic task as its theme to recover the music which has been banned from the world!

0 THINS BOOKSHOP 53—59 South Bridge, 556 6743.

Thins Saturday Club Sats

10am-1 1.30pm. Open to any child. Egg Painting Competition Sat 18 Apr. Materials provided! With prizes. Club games and activities as usual Sat 25 Apr.

0 TRIANGLE ARTS CENTRE West Pilton Bank, 332 0877.

Open Drama Sessions Thursdays 6—8pm. No classes at present, but should re-start end Apr/beginning May. Details to be announced.

0 YWCA 7 Randolph Place, 225 4379. West End Youth Theatre Sats 10.30am—noon. £2.50 annual membership, 50p per session. Fun drama workshops.


0 DOMINION Newbattle Terrace, 447 2660. £2.40; Child £1.50; OAP £1.20. All seats for middle performance £1.50.

Basil the Great Mouse Detective Until 18 Apr. 1.55pm, 3.55pm, 5.55pm. See Glasgow Grosvenor for details. 0 FILMHOUSE Lothian Road, 228 2688. All seats£1 bookable in advance.

O.A.R.Y.L. (PG) (US, 1985) Sat 18 Apr. 2pm. A couple who decide to adopt a child don’t get quite what they expect when little Daryl turns out to be a robot!

The Care Bears Movie (U) (US, 1985) Sat 25 Apr. 2pm. 75 mins. Soapy but successful animated feature of Tenderheart and his twelve disciple Care Bears.

0 ODEON Clerk Street, 667 7331. £2 (£1.50) for perfs commencing before 6pm. £2.70 (£2) for perfs after 6pm. Flight of the Navigator (PG) (US. 1980) Until 17 Apr. 1.45pm, 3.50pm: Sun 6pm. See Odeon Glasgow for details.

0 REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate, 0506 630 869. Sat mats,

2pm. Child and adult 50p. See Film Listings.


0 ALLOA BREWERY FESTIVAL CLUB Teviot Row Union, Bristo Square. Edinburgh International Folk Festival Special Free Children's Events. Armagh Bhymers Sat 18 Apr. 12.30—2pm. Free. Traditional popular performers, this unusual group are many things rolled into one singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, reciters, puppeteers and comedians. Their themes are from legend and their costumes straw, flax, bone in brightly mottled colours. Free creche Sat 18 and Sun 19 Apr, 2—5pm. 0 NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street. 556 9579. Edinburgh Puppet Festival 1987 Until Sat 18 Apr. All 4pm performances are offered in a new 50p slot. All other tickets £2 (£1.50). NB early booking is strongly advised many shows are already nearly sold out. Jack and the Beanstalk Fri 17 Apr noon; Sat 18 Apr 2.30pm. The highly inventive company Pandemonium Puppets, who last year presented The Pied Piper. Here they use giant puppets in a conventional re-telling of the fairytale. The Worm Fri 17 Apr 10am and 4pm; Sat 18 Apr noon and 6.45pm. Paul Hansard’s puppets. A puppet play based on the Lambton Worm, which takes place in the Middle Ages. A young knight returns home from the Crusades only to find he has to fight another foe, The Worm, grown to huge proportions in his absence. Spectre Inspector Sat 18 Apr 10am. The tale of the ace sleuth puppet, a second show in this festival from the Edinburgh Puppet Company. Kasper and Friends Fri 17 Apr 2.30pm; Sat 18 Apr 4pm. The European equivalent of Punch and Judy. Also by the Handyworks Puppet Company. The Amazing Mr Bones Puppet Company Fri 17 Apr 6.45pm. Punch and Judy clowning from Mr Bones. Puppet Festival Workshop Until Sat 18 Apr 10am—1pm and 2—4pm. Free. A chance to experiment with all types of puppets, puppet-making and painting. adult). 0 ROSEBERY HALL High Street, South Queensferry. Tickets from Ainsworth the Chemist, 27 High Street, South Queensferry; Town Cryer, 42 High Street, South Queensferry or the Council Offices, 53 High Street, South Queensferry. Adrian Henri Poetry Readings for Children Fri 17 Apr 3pm. One of the Liverpool poets (of which Roger McGough is another well-known member) Adrian Henri will be reading from Box Office: ()41 552 5827. Eric the Punk Cat and other works. 0 THOMAS MORTON HALL (Behind Leith Library), Ferry Road, Leith. Tickets from the Kard Box, 74 Great Junction Street, Post Office in Goldenacre and on the door. 50p (2513)- Adrian Henri Poetry Readings for Children Fri 17 10.30am. See Rosebery Hall.

24 The List 17— 31) April