NEGOCIANT'S, Lothian Street, Edinburgh. Viva la difference! Viva Negociant's! New and refreshingly unique, Negociant's offers Brazilian and IndoneSian dishes along with classic continental fare, morning and afternoon coffees all in a calm South American selling. But if it's an impetuous evening in Singapore you're after, you are in the wrong place. (For that you have to go downstairs to the cellar bar, where you'll also find live, up-tempo iazz and swing Mondays to Saturdays.) And standing at the bar there are always one or two well- known regulars —Campbell's 7U/- andtheformidable Stella Artois, both on tap of course.


THE LIQUOR SHACK. Hope Street, Glasgow. The newly opened Liquor Shack is one of those rare bars which defy being pigeonholed and caters for an incredibly wide range of clientele. The result is an extra-ordinary relaxed bar which under the effluent management of Raymond Bell provides extremely good service. As an extra incentive The Liquor Shack is currently offering meals for two with coffee and a bottle of wine for only £8 and what's more, this remarkable offer is available all day up until 8pm. So if you're looking for comfort, conviv- iality and a long, cool glass of Stella Artois, The Liquor Shack has everything you'll ever need.

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THE MEWS, Cadzow Street, Hamilton. Art Deco design, a sense of intimacy, subtle lighting and gentle music all give just a hint of Casablanca. You may well feel like asking the pianist to play it again, Sam. But, there's more than a touch of romance behind the success of The Mews. Everything about this new bar-restaurant suggests style. The attractive service, the enticing menu and the seductive Stella at the bar. Open from 10.30 all day everyday with a late licence from Thursday to Saturday. On Sunday try brunch at lunch or while away the evenings to the peaceful melodies of the soulful singer. Di da di da di da . . .