DIVA, Park Terrace, Glasgow. The style IS seductive, the flavour continental, the place Diva. A combination of pastel shades, cool marble and glistening chrome give an indefinable atmosphere to this bright new light on Glasgow's bar and restaurant scene. Savour the gastronomic delights of French classical and nouvelle cuisine (with a tempting list of over 100 wines) in the discreet intimacy of the split level restaurant. Or try the island bar for a long cool glass of Stella Artois, and choose from a menu of Diva burgers, pates, salads and continental patisseries. For anyone who's anyone, there's something divme at Diva.

HERBIE FROG'S, Main Street, Bellshill. For late night soul searching your first stop must be in Main Street, Bellshill. With the emphasis on mood, Proprietor Matthew Clark has considered every detail in his guest for a relaxed atmosphere. But relaxed does not mean quiet. Far, far from it. With resident DJ Tom Jackson at the helm how could it be? From lUpm. Thursdays to Sundays the dance floor moves in perfect rhythm with the soul sound. Tempting is the only word to describe the cocktail list which ranges from Sours to Coladas, Collinses to Daguiris and back again. Tantalising IS the word to

describe Stella Artois, standing beguilingly at the bar.

BAD ASS CLUB, Clyde Place, Glasgow. What was formerly Glasgow's Central Station is fast becoming Glasgow's central nightspot. lts self— proclamation as 'The World's Worst Bar' is possibly the year's most clever misnomer. Ultra—modern furniture and intriguing vrdeo displays provide the perfect backdrop for a smattering of 'tasteless' artifacts. An alternative cabaret, the Bad Ass Club is establishing itself as the forum for local talent. But what's even worse is that between 5pm. and 9pm. students pay half price for draught beer and wine. How better to imbibe the delectable Stella Artois? Let the bad times roll.