10am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-l .OOpm.

Keith Vaughan Until 16 May. One of the so-called ‘neo-romantic’ group, Vaughan (1912-1977) lived in London, mainly working figuratively although his work became abstract latterly. Included are various studies of soldiers made during his war-time service in the army. Vaughan also worked in theatre design.

0 NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound, 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 2-5pm.

Bohert Hanteuil Until Mon 27 April. Engraver at the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King.

0 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George IV Bridge, 226 4531. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat 9.30am--lpm.

The Art at Illustration: Banks Plorilegium Until Wed 6 May.

Extremely fine prints taken from original plates which were made from drawings during Captain Cooks voyages of discovery, 1768 and 1771. Drawn with scientific precision , the British Museum and Alecto Historical Editions are compiling a book of the original copper plates which were never at the time printed.

Callum Macdonald Until Wed 6 May. An exhibition to celebrate the life and work of publisher Callum Macdonald who founded Lines Review.

An Intrepid Traveller: Isobel Wylie Hutchison Until 6 May. Ms Hutchison was a most vigourous, determined and hearty-sounding indiviudal whose euphemistic, so-called ‘strolls’ took her to the east coast of Greenland (the first British woman to land there), to Alaska (by dog sleigh) and the Aleutian Islands (by way of Japan, not forgetting Siberia). Her indefatiguable life is illustrated with her writings, photographs, paintings and possessions.

O NETHERDOW 43 High Street, 556 9579.

Alice Bold: Emhroideries. 20 April—2 May. Embroidered crosses using the symbolic forms found in different cultures all over the world.

0 OPEN EYE GALLERY 57 Cumberland Street, 557 1020. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm, Sat 10am-4pm. [D] Chine Colle Mixed media works on paper by George Donald vice chancellor of Edinburgh College of

Art. Fragemented but pleasing

images are assembled using paper, print and fabric, combining colours

and textures. In one an actor floats above his various ‘parts’; others don’t explain themselves, but all are strikingly effective and are complemented well by the accompanying ceramics.

Dave Cohen, Tony Franks, Mick Brettle and Iain Nelson Ceramics Until Thurs 23 Apr.

John D Souter 27 Apr-14 May.

Aberdeen-born and trained Souter exhibited extensively in London and Scotland.

0 PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street, 5568921. Mon-Sat lOam—Spm. Sun 2-5pm.

The great Scots of the past and

present are collected here in a gallery

of faces and figures.


Street, 225 2652. Mon—Sat


Bain sun snow hail mist calm Until Sat 25 Apr. Photoworks and sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy. Natural forms are reassembled for their shape, colour or incongruity. Frozen snow is carved and arranged for example, and poppy petals trace a red line through the green of an elderberry tree. Goldsworthy has worked for several years as a gardner and he aims for a non-scientific approach to nature. See panel.

0 PRINTMAKERS’ WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 Union Street, 557 2479. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Simon Fraser Until Sat 18 April. The ambiguous, vortex-type world of the dream is evoked, making an unreal vision which is combined with myth and legend. Controlled and well-planned colour is used to great effect and they were made to illustrate Gaelic poems by Aonghas MacNeacail. Other works on view are original pieces by Fraser and Gunnie Moberg illustrating George Mackay Brown’s published play The Loom of Light (first presented in the

new Arts theatre, Kirkwall, Orkney).

Visual Poems Until 18 April. Robert Crozier’s self-described ‘sort of nonsense verse‘ takes a calligraphic tongue-in-cheek look at frogs, fish and one or two cherished concepts, including the history of art.

0 JOHN NELSON 22-24 Victoria Street, 225 4413. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Modern Athens Early 19th-century Edinburgh, the ‘Athens of the North‘, is illustrated

through prints.

0 OUEEN’S HALL Clerk Street, 668 3456. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm and concert evenings (ticket holders only).

Plrro Cunlherti and Maurizio Bottarelli

Until Sat 2 May. Two contemporary Italian artists explore the complex but fruitful ground ofthe relation between sign and meaning. An Italian Institute exhibition.

0 RIAS GALLERY 15 Rutland Square, 229 7205. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm. Extracts from the BIAS Drawings Collection Until Fri 24 Apr. A selection from the RIAS’s expanding collection.

0 ROYAL OOTANIC GARDEN Inverleith House. From 4 Apr: Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 11am-5pm. Botanical Illustrations Until 10 May. Keith West, a leading botanical artist himself, has selected work by contemporary illustrators in the same field.

Talk Keith West, 22 April, 7.30pm. Free. (tickets from the PR officer at the above address). Liliam Snelling's Bhododendrons Until Sun 27 Sept. As the rhododendrons bloom outside in the gardens, Snelling’s fine watercolour versions are shown inside. Snelling was an employee of the Botanics when the works were

painted from 1916 to 1921.

Gardens oi Scotland Until Sun 27 Sept. From the 17th century

landscape and garden design was taken very seriously and this exhibition traces, with photographs, some of the finest Scottish examples.

0 ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street, 225 7534.

Mon-Sat lOam—Spm. Sun 2-5pm. There are many interesting talks, lectures and films currently being held at the museum. (See Open section). Contact the information desk for details.

0 ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Queen Street, 556 8921 . Mon-Sat lOam—Spm. Sun 2—5pm.

Scotland’s antiquities share premises with the Portrait Gallery.

0 ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound, 225 6671. Mon—Sat lOam—4pm; Sun 2—4pm.

Annual Exhibition 25 April-5 July. Work by members, associate members and selected work from members of the public, including sculpture, architectural drawings and paintings.


8 Howard Street, 556 6337. Mon—Sat lOam—4pm. Sun 2—4pm.

Young and Old Until 9 May. Twentieth century Scottish painters from the Colourists to Daniel MacPhee and Peter Maclaren.

0 SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 140 Canongate, 556 8136. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

A permanent showcase for the crafts of Scotland.

0 THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 George Street, 225 5955. Mon-Fri 9am—5.30pm. Sat 9.30am—lpm. Hugh Buchanan - A Walk through a Classical Landscape Until Wed 29 Apr. New work by this much sought-after artist. Edinburgh born and trained Buchanan using watercolour washes to decorative rather than abstract effect. He most recently exhibited at the Francis Kyle Gallery, London and his last exhibition at the Scottish Gallery was in 1984.

Charles Hodge Mackie (1862-1920) Until Wed 29 Apr. Mackie lived in Paris at the turn of the century and was much taken by the developments in the post- impressionist world of French painting. His main influences however were not Cezanne and the Fauves, but Gaugin and Nabi art and Like many of his contemporaries he fell under the heady sway of the Japanese prints which were sweeping Europe in the late 19th century. His response was to experiment with woodcuts but if the Japanese influenced his technique (he even ordered oak blocks and vellum direct from Japan) his colour theories were French. The properties of watercolour with even tones and broken colour are much in evidence in the prints.

Class at ’86— Scottish Jewellery Graduates Until Wed 29 Apr. Ten young designers show their work , which includes acrylic necklaces and steel and silver work.

New Ceramics by Daphne Carnegy who uses a thick earthenware body with boldly decorated natural forms, like tulips and fruit (prices £9-£120); Ruth King’s square section vases are incised and saltglazed in the manner of traditional English pottery.

0 THE SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria Colliery, Hewtongrange, Midlothian, 663 7519. Tue—Fri 10am—4.30pm. Sat/Sun Noon-5pm.

Prestongrange (between Prestonpans

and Musselburgh) Tue-Fri 10am—4pm. Sat/Sun Noon-5pm. Visitor Centre, Historic Cornish Beam Engine and displays showing coal-mining through the ages.

0 STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street, 557 1140. Tue—Sat, noon-6pm. Bernard Faucon- Constructed Photographs Until Sat 9 May. Stills is one of only three venues in the UK showing this exhibition of ambiguous images which intrigue and disturb. See panel.

Talk Bernard Faucon will give a talk (in French) about work in this exhibition at the French Institute, 13 Randolph Crescent. Fri 8 May, 6pm. Talks:

David Mellor Wed 22 April, 7.30pm. £1.25 non-members, £1.00 members. 75p unwaged. Brandt, Beaton and Bailey - Heroes or Victims of Popular Culture is Mellor’s theme. Mellor lectures at Sussex Universit and recently organised the massvie Beaton retrospective at the Hayward Gallery, London.

0 ST ANDREWS AND ST GEORGE’S CHURCH George Street, 225 3847. David Stratton Watt From 23 April, in the undercroft. Former draughtsman and art master, Watt now paints in his retirement at Muthill.

o TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE Old College, University of Edinburgh, 667 1011 ext 4308. Mon—Sat, lOam—Spm.

Humphrey Ocean - Paintings and Drawings Until 9 May. Plus the artists selection of the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place, 225 7942. Mon—Sat lOam—Spm.

WASPS Exhibition Throughout April, May. Workshops and Artist Studio Provisions, Scotland (WASPS) is a charitable organisation aided by the SAC to offer artists and others working creatively a low-rent studio space, which is allotted by application, not merit. The exhibition illustrates how the space is being used by showing a wide range of work by the studios artists.

0 TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street, 556 6366. Mon—Fri 11am-6pm; Sat 10.30am-4pm. Helga Chart: Recent Work Until 18 April

0 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate , 225 3013. Mon-Sat noon-5.30pm.

The Restoration of Fragments - Scuplture by Adam Zyw Until 25 April. Edinburgh architect-turned sculptor, Adam Zyw shows new work in wood with accompanying drawings. Preserving wood from destruction is something he feels strongly about: ‘50 per cent of the wood felled in Scotland gets burned and the rest is made into MFI furniture’, according to Zyw. ‘This beautiful material has been ripped, planed and stained, vanished behind varnish, re-emerging as factory-processed furniture floorboards, matches and firewood.

This is a brutal process.’ The work in

his exhibition aims to restore the balance.

The List l7 30 April 43