Mon 18 and Tue 19 May. 7.30pm.


o Maytest Craft Fair McLelIan Galleries, 270 Sauchichall Street. 11am—5pm. Tickets: 35p. 20p.


0 Smike South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre. 7.30pm. See also Wed 20.


0 Behind the Lines Third Eye Centre. Box Office: 041332 7521. 2.30pm. Tickets: £2.£1.50. Extracts from an anthology ofwork from writer‘s workshops around the country edited by Carl McDougall. to be published by the Third

Eye Centre laterin the year. See also Wed 13 May.


o The Hypochondriak King's Theatre. Box Office: ()41 552 5961 (Credit Cards: 041 227 5015). Mon 18—Sat 23 May. 7.30pm: Sat mat 3pm. Tickets: £5. £4. £3. Concs: Tue-Fri halfpricc; Mon. two for price ofone. Edinburgh‘s Royal Lyceum Company bring to Glasgow Hector MacMilIan‘s highly


SUIT: SEE BI 15. ‘I feel I’m a product of

successful Scots version of the Moliere comedy about the hypochondriac. Argan. and the leeches that apply themselves to him.

0 The Gorbals Story Citizens’ Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1).

See Wed 6.


o Latefest Moir Hall. Tickets: ()41 5525961. £3.50. Non-stoplate-night cabaret from 10pm. Scottish comic Stu Henderson; the spoof Scottish country ladies The Alexander Sisters and the band Painted Word.


0 Nine Days Mitchell Theatre. Box Office: ()41 552 5961 (Credit Cards: 2275015). 8pm. Tickets: £4.50.£l .50. Works for clarinet and piano including Life Studies by Glasgow-based composer William Sweeney. himself a clarinettist. accompany

visualimages fromThe

Generals" Strike by Andrew Turner.


o The Music Theatre Workshop Maryhill Arts Centre. Mon l8—Fr122 May. 10.30am—5pm. Performance on Fri 22. 7.30pm. See panel.


key era,’ remarks Belgian performance artist Pat van Hemelrljk in the rather quaint prose of his publicity handout. Following the success of his previous piece, ‘Terracotta’, in the London International Mime Festival, at Mayfest he presents the British premiere of ‘Tout Suit’, 3 show about keys.

Calling to life a jumble of 85 inanimate ‘objets perdus’, among them musical keyboards, timeless metaphysical links between the antique art of the harpsichord and the push-button culture of today, and poses the question: can a keyboard summon forth images in a non-musical medium? The answer promises to be avant-garde, yet accessible.

(Andrew Burnet)


GETTING PAST IT: SEE THURS 21. ‘G‘ehlng Past It',

written and directed by Lynn Bains, grew out of several ideas-one of them being a request from Elaine C. Smith fora script in which she could play an American. Other strands were the laughable but agonising obsession with ageing somehow an especially American characteristic- and the ghastly discovery that teenagers don’t have a monopoly on

amorous angst.

Bains focuses on expatriate Carrie, who, charmingly optimistic, but in ill-concealed pain, reveals her hopes and fears, and invokes her current lover (played by Forbes Masson, who is also appearing in cabaret in his other guise as half of ‘Victor and Barry’) in a comical, but pathos-laden confessional cassette letter to her transatlantic confidante. (Andrew Burnet).


0 Contemporary Dance Group and The Punjabi Folk Dancers Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre. Mon 18 and Tue 1‘) May. 7.30pm.

0 Dixon's Has Blasted Eastfield Community Centre. 7.30pm. See Mon 1 l.

o Pandemonium Puppets South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre 10am; John Mains Centre 2pm. See Tue 5.

o The Steamie Easthall Primary School. 7.30pm. See Tue 5.

o Alienarts presents Kala Preet7. 15pm. £3 (£2). Punjabi songs. llindi songs and ghazals and dances by Nachda Chunn. Tickets from KRK Continental Foodstore 286 Woodlands Road: Crosshill Asian Shop. 21 Allison St. Pollokshaws; Bobby‘s Video. Maxwell Road; Hardware Cutprice Stores. Paisley Road West.


0 My Sister in this House Mitchell Theatre. Box Office: 041 5525961 (Credit Cards: 227 5015). Tue l9—Thurs21 May. 7.30pm. Tickets: £4.50.

. £1.50.Firstshowingin

Scotland of Monstrous Regiment’s acclaimed production of Wendy Kesselman‘s play about the bizarre l930s' case of twin maids caught up in a brutal murder. See panel. 0 The Hypochondriak King's Theatre. 7.30pm.

Tickets: £5. £4. £3.

See Mon 18.

o The Gorbals Story Citizens‘ Theatre. 7.30pm. £3(£1).

See Wed 6.

o Circus Comedy Theatre Tron Theatre. Box Office: ()41 552 4267/8. Tue 19—Sat 23 May. 8pm; Mat. Sat 23 May. 3pm. Tickets: £3 members. £4 non-members. The awe-inspiring and very funny Ra Ra Zoo. who turn juggling and aerial feats into much more besides.

O Macbeth Drama Centre. Box Office: ()41 552 5827. Tue l9—Sat 23 May. 7.30pm. Unnatural Acts. a company dedicated to putting new perspectives on classical texts in a dynamic new version of Shakespeare's ‘Scottish'


0 it's Calledthe Sugar Plum Drama Centre. Box Office: ()41 552 5827. Tue l9—Sat 23 May. 10.30pm. Actor‘s Theatre Co in a late night showing ofa contemporary black American comedy by Israel Horowitz. When a Harvard student accidentally runs over and kills a fellow student. the latter‘s girlfriend demands justice and is launched into a bizarre and dangerous area of emtotions.


o Circus Comedy Theatre Tron Theatre. Box Office: 041 552 4267/8. Tue 19—Sat 23 May. 8pm; Mat. Sat 23 May. 3pm. Tickets:

£3 members, £4 non-members. See Theatre.

0 Victor and Barry: TheatricallyYours Tron Theatre. 11pm. Tickets: £4 members. £4 non-members. See Tue 12.

o Latetest Moir Hall. Tickets: 041 552 5961. £3.50. Non-stop late-night cabaret from 10pm. Bing Hitler. who surely needs no introduction; Dave Anderson of Wildcat; singer Linda Jackson and the ever popular Deaf Heights Cajun Aces.

0 Live Entertainment Park Bar. 1202 Argyll Street.


o Deaflleights Cajun Aces Moir Hall. Mitchell Theatre. 10pm. £3.50. DeafHeights creep into the rock listing once again. and deservedly so. given their eclectic nature.


0 Scottish Dance Theatre: Triple Bill Rankine l lall. Tue l9—Sat 23 May. 8pm. Tickets: 041 552 5961 (Ticket Centre). £4.

£1 .50. In its first new work for some time Scottish Dance Theatre seems to have it all. Liz Lochhead accompanies the dancers with a piece ‘Consuming Passions‘ set to aerosols hissing in tune. large screen projection gives

(Linda Brown).

another dimen

DIXDN’S HAS BLASTED: SEE MON 11. With Dixon’s Has Blasted, the Just Us Community Drama Group which hope to rediscoverthe true meaning of the much-maligned term ‘communitytheatre’.

Playwright Ann-Marie di Mambro has sought to combine two strong elements in her factual dramatisation of the first major pit explosion in Scotland, which killed overtwo hundred men at Dixon’s Colliery in 1877. The drama revolves around the tictictious Baillie family, who are there, Ann-Marie explains, to humanize the story and turn the death statistics into a real tale of personal loss. The factual aspect comes in the shape of miners’ leader Alexander MacDonald, who is characterised I. in the play to show the roots of the miners' strength and provide some political content.

The disaster devastated the local Blantyre community and remains a strong part of the ethnic memory - when a workshop was organised with Maggie Kinloch from TAG theatre company, the feeling from the cast (most of whom can trace their family roots back to the disaster) was so strong that she agreed to direct the play for this year’s Mayfest.

g 0‘ v ., J; 1 W _

sion and Douglas Neilson from New York sets marriage in a whirl of hooped white gowns. top hats and an electronic score by Californian percussionist Eugene Novotney.


o The Music Theatre Workshop Maryhill Arts Centre. 10.30am—5pm. See Mon 18.


0 Contemporary Dance Group and The Punjabi Folk Dancers Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre. 7.30pm. See Mon 18.

o Diney Hoy Househill Community Centre. 7.30pm. See Mon 4.

o Tollcross Tanzi Drumchapel Community Centre. 2pm and 8pm. See Tue 5.

o The Merry Mac Fun Show GeoffShaw Centre. 7.30pm. See Wed 6.

o Pandemonium Puppets Rutherglen Unemployed Workers‘ Centre 2pm; Carnwadric Community Centre 7pm. See Tue 5.

o Laughtertrom the Other Side Venue to be announced. 7.30pm. See also 20. 21 and 22 May. Theatre Centre from London in their production of Noel Grieg's much acclaimed children's play (9— 13 years) about the changing

The List 1— l4 Mayi