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During Mayfest enjOy some interesting late night Jazz and Folk. Thursday to Saturday- See Listings for details.

36 Bell Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, 041 552 5924

Dillilllli (Hill

417, Great Western Rd, Glasgow.

8The List 1—14 May

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ALLEGHO VIVACE MAIS HON THOP: SEE WED 13. Contemporary dance and dancers, though sometimes abosrbing tradition, have iew national boundaries. Adriana Borriello is typical. Trained in Home, she then graduated to the famous Beiart school, Mudra, which she left to lound Roses, 3 company based in Belgium.

‘Allegro Vivace, mais non trop’ is Boniello’s iirst major choreographic work. To music by Hungarian composer Zoltang Kodaly, it is periormed by Borriello, iellow Italian Clelia Moretti and Franco-Russian Houchlta Ovtchinnikoti. The result is international.

Perhaps because of that need to express in a universal language of movement, ‘Allegro' is described as ambiguous both in tom and content. In a blend at modern technique and gypsy whirls, the relationships between the three women untold underihe gaze 01 men, invisible but rellected in their dance. (Alice Bain)

I 552 4267/8. 11pm. Tickets: £3 members.£4

friendship between two boys of different race and

rather different light. Presented by Bellarmine

culture. non-members. The Arts Centre.

0 The Steamie Pearce Alexanders are a comedy 0 Shanghaied Maryhili institute. 7.30pm. Sec cabaret routine. while the Burgh Hall. 7.30pm. See TUC 5- Sirens are beautiful a Mon 4.

cappella songstrcsses. 0 Tollcross Tanzi

o Latelest Moir Hall. Tickets: 041 552 5961. £3.50. Non-stop late-night cabaret from 10pm. Gavin Meechie (aka Peter Capaldi); Scottish rock singer Edna Reader. who has sung with the Eurythmics and Alison Moyet. and Rollin‘ Joe (rock 'n' roll pianist) with the Rockette jivers (original 1950s‘ jivers).

0 Live Entertainment Harry's Diner. 76 Sauchiehall Street.


0 Scottish Dance Theatre: Triple Bill Rankine Hall. 8pm. Tickets: £4, £1 .50.

Drumchapel Community Centre. 8pm. See Tue 5. o The Merry lilac Fun Show Gallowgate Tenants' 1iall.7.30pm. See Wed 6. o Pandemonium Puppets GeoffShaw Centre 10am. See Tue 5.

o Laughterirom the Other Side St Andrews High School 2pm. See Tue 19. o The Steamie Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre. 7.30pm. See Tue


0 Six at One and Five oithe Other: Part Two ‘Five’ Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. Tickets: £3.50. £2.50.

0 Six at One and Five olihe Other: Part One ‘Six'Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. Tickets: £3.50. £2.50.


0 My Sister in this House Mitchell Theatre. 7.30pm. Tickets: £4.50. £1 .50. See Tue 19.

o The Hypochondriait King’sTheatre. 7.30pm. Tickets: £5. £4. £3.

See Mon 18.

o The Gorbals Story Citizens“ Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1 ).

See Wed 6.

o Circus Comedy Theatre 500 Tue 19. ° Twentieth Century

Tron meant 3pm, KIDS Scottish Classics: Edwin Tickets: £3 members. £4 M0793" 800k Trust. 158 n0n_mcmbcrs_ sec Tue 0 The Pied Piper Lynedoch Street, 041 332

0391. 7.30pm.



19, Barrowfield Primary. 0 Macbeth Drama Centre. 2Pm~ FTCC. SCC Thurs 7.

7.30pm.See Tue 1‘).

0 it's Called the Sugar Plum Drama Centre. 10.30pm. ' The "Mic meal"!

See Tue 19. o hty Sister in this House

Sec Mo'n ' "Mitchell Theatre. 7.30pm. ickets. £4.50. £1 .50. Sec


o circus Comedy Theatre , 8mm Camwadric ° The Hypochondriak

King's Theatre. 7.30pm. Tickets: £5. £4. £3.

See Mon 18.

o The Gorbals Story Citizens‘ Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1).

See Wed 6.

Tron Theatre. 8pm. Tickets: £3 members. £4 non-members. See Tue 19.

o The Alexander Sisters and The Sirens Tron Theatre Box Office: 041

Community Centre. 7.30pm. See Sun 17. A rocle’pop musical based on Dickens‘ Nicholas Nickelby. in which a school musical suddenly presents the school in a