its visual artistry and impish sense of

humour, remains very much Jarman‘s own. Edinburgh; EUFS 0 Castaway ( 15) (Nicolas Roeg. UK. 1986) Amanda Donohoe. Oliver


0 This section aims to provide a review oi every film to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)- Universal, suitable for all ages. (PG) Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable for youngerchildren.

(15) No one under the age of 15 admitted.

(18) - No one under the age 0118 admitted.

it New Release. 0 Animal Farm (PG) (John Halas, Joy

Batchelor. UK. 1954). 75 mins. Straightforward. animated version ofOrwell‘s political fable. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

O Badlands ( 18) (Terence Malik. US. 1973) Martin Sheen. Sissy Spacek. 94 mins. A young girl and her garbage collector boyfriend leave a trail ofmurder across the American Mid-West. Literate. beautifully judged and impressively performed study ofsmall-town torpor and youthful rebellion. Glasgow; GET 0 Blade Runner ( 15) (Ridley Scott. US. 1982) Harrison Ford. Rutger Hauer. 117 mins. LA. AD 2019. A tough cop tracks down a group of androids gone haywire which are killing people. Stunning sets and special effects outweigh the human interest. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

o The Buddy Holly Story (PG) (Steve Rash. US. 1978) Gary Busey. Don Stroud. Charles Martin Smith. 11() mins. Cracking. caring biopic ofthe all too brief life and times of rock ‘n’ roll legend Holly Glasgow: GET

0 Caravaggio ( 18) (Derek Jarman. UK. 1986) Nigel Terry. Sean Bean. 93 mins. Thankfully not another highbrow biopic. but a film which. in

Reed. 12(lmins. Rambling. ill-focused adaptation of Lucy Irving‘s best-selling account of her year on a desert island as a ‘wife’ for publisher Gerald Kingsland. Decent performances and ravishing cinematography cannot atone for the sin of tedium. Glasgow



o Charlotte’s Web (U) (Charles

Nichols, lwao Takamoto, US, 1972) With the voices of Debbie Reynolds,

Henry Gibson and Paul Lynde. 96 mins. Animated version of the EB. White novel in which a barnyard spider called Charlotte literally saves the bacon ofshy piglet Wilber Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Children oi a Lesser God (15) (Randa Haines, US, 1986) Marlee Matlin, William Hurt, Piper Laurie. 119 mins. Effortlessly capable but disappointing version of the stage success, featuring Hurt as a brilliant but unconventional teacher who is first challenged by and then enamoured ofOscar winner Miss Matlin . Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street, Grosvenor.

0 The Color of Money ( 15) (Martin Scorcese, US. 1986) Paul Newman. Tom Cruise. Elizabeth Mastrantonio. 119 mins. Generally satisfactory if tardy sequel to The Hustler, with Newman‘s immaculately played Fast Eddie Felson finding redemption through


Personal Services (18) (Terry Jones, UK, 1986) Julie Walters, Shirley Stelfox, Alec McCowen .105 mins.

Christine Painter is a fascinating mass of contradictions whose attitudes and desires both unmask and reflect a good deal about the British way of sex. A single mother, determined to provide the best for her son, she works as a waitress, supplementing the meagre iamin coffers by sub-letting two flats to prostitutes. She is both repelled and intrigued by the notion of selling sex; the act itself does little for her personally except provoke a certain prurience but she still finds the lure oi the bedroomn keyhole irresistible.

Desperation at her inability to pay the rent inspires Christime to make her own tentaive foray into prostitution by satisfying her landlord with services rendered as opposed to hard cash. From this, she advances to a more business-like approach to the matter in hand and, after a conviction for soliciting, goes into partnership with experienced prostitute Shirley and her maid Dolly. Incredibly naive as to the requests of her clients, Christine improvises her own specialities and is soon running a genteel suburban brothel fulfilling the fantasies ofthe over-forties.

Devoid of the mannerisms that can

occasionally mar her work, Julie Walters is a joy, inspired by David Leland’s often hilarious script to produce an impressively brassy characterisation of great dramatic depth that is both funny and touching.

After his appropriately unsavoury depiction of prostitution in Mona Lisa, Leland here keeps his focus on one woman and her position within the hypocries of the British establishment who are her clients at one moment and herjudge and jurythe next.

A ribald, engaging social comedy on British sexual mores with a top-notch perfumance from Julie Walters. Recommended. (Allan Hunter)

. 0 Coming Up Roses (PG)s (Stephen l Bayly, Uk. 1986) Dafydd Hywel.

his cynical involvement with young pool hotshot Cruise. Glasgow; Cinema. Strathclyde; Kelburne, Odeon Hamilton. Rialto.

101a Gregory, Mari Emlyn. 93 mins. When the last cinema in a small Welsh town is threatened with closure the projectionist and ice~cream seller embark on an inspired scheme to exploit the dank, disused stalls as a profitable mushroom farm.

Charming, enjoyable but disappointingly insubstantial Welsh-language comedy Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Comrades (Bill Douglas, UK, 1986) Alex Norton, Vanessa Redgrave, Barbara Windsor. Three hours approx. Alex Norton will introduce this Scottish premiere of Bill Douglas’s long-awaited, epic account of the Tolpuddle Martyrs which is finally scheduled to go on release in September. Glasgow; GFT. See Mayfest Section.

0 Crocodile Dundee ( 15) (Peter Maiman, Australia, 1986) Paul Hogan. Linda Kozlowski. Mark Bluym. 98 mins. Mild-mannered, old-fashioned comedy-romance witl Hoges as a legendary ‘croc' hunter Cannon Clarkston Road. Odeon.

Edinburgh; Dominion o Defence of the Realm (PG) (David Drury. UK. 1985) Gabriel Byrne.

Greta Scacchi, Bill Paterson. 96 mins. A Fleet Street hack stumbles onto a far-reaching conspiracy of murder and deceit that stretches to the heart ofthe Government. Incisive politcal thriller Edinburgh: EUFS

0 Desert Bloom (15) a (Eugene Corr, US. 1985) Jon Voight. Jobeth Williams, Annabeth Gish. 106 mins. powerful, strikingly-acted story ofa coming ofage in a typical American family it is set against the unusual backdrop of the early A-bomb tests in the Nevada desert during the 19505. To be reviewed in full next issue. Glasgow: GFF.


o Desperately Seeking Susan (15) (Susan Seidelman. US, 1985) Rosanna Arquette. Madonna. Aidan Quinn. 104 mins. Fun and fizzy. role-swapping feminist comedy set in the Big Apple. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Eat The Peach (PG) (Peter Ormrod. Eire, 1986) Stephen Brennan, Eamonn Morrisey, Catherine Byrne. 97 mins. Two bogland villagers made redundant

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