from the closing Japanese electronics factory near their home spend all their money on building a motorcycle wall of death. Quintessentially lrish tragi-comedy Glasgow; Grosvenor

o The Emerald Forest (15) (John Boorman. US. 1985) Charley Boorman. Powers Boothe. Meg Foster. 113 mins. The son ofan American engineer working in the Amazon jungle is kidnapped by an Indian tribe.

Woodenly acted. visually grand ‘serious‘ action movie typical of its director. Strathclyde; Haldane Film Society 0 Escalier C ( 15) (Jean-Charles Tacchella. France. 1985) Robin Renucci. Jean-Pierre Bacri. 101 mins. An art critic. notorious for his vitriolic reviews. moves into Escalier (‘ ofa Paris apartment house and soon strikes up an uneasy but touching relationship with his various neighbours

Rather uninspired and slightly sentimental study oftenernent life. graced with a performance of entertaining venom from Renucci. Glasgow: GET 0 The Exorcist ( 18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. 122

mins. Genuinely scary story of demonic possession that fairly turns young Miss Blair‘s head. Edinburgh; Cameo

o Exorcist If: The Heretic ( 18) (John Boorman. US. 1977) Linda Blair. Richard Burton. Louise Fletcher. 117 mins. Glum. dumb and totally unnecessary sequel to the above Edinburgh: Cameo

o Explorersw) a (Joe Dante. US. 1985) Ethan Hawke. River Phoenix. Jason Presson. 109 mins. A schoolboy. forever dreaming of boldly journeying into space. has his wish come true

Slow-building. offbeat children‘s science-fiction yarn which may leave the youngsters restless but will nourish older minds. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 52 Pick Up ( 18) it (John Frankenheimer. US. 1986) Roy Scheider. Ann-Margret. Vanity. Doug McClure. 108 mins. Uninspired account of the immensely readable. pacy Elmore Leonard cat-and-mouse thriller in which philandering husband Scheider adopts an attitute of can‘t pay. won‘t pay and tries to outsmart an unsavoury trio of would-be blackmailers.

Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; Cannon. Lothian; Canon. Strathclyde; Cannon Greenock. Cannon Kilmarnock

0 48 Hours ( 18) (Walter Hill. US. 1982) Nick Nolte. Eddie Murphy. 97 mins. A cop and a con team up to catch an escaped crminal. Swaggeriing. slambang comedy drama notable solely for Murphy's electrifying debut. Edinburgh: Cameo

o The Fourth Protocol ( 15) (John MacKenzie. UK. 1987) Michael Caine. Pierce Brosnan. Joanna Cassidy. 119 mins. Brosnan is the cooly efficient superspy despatched to Britain to assemble and detonate

24 The List 1 14 May

SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT She's Gotta Have It (18) (Spike Lee, US, 1986) Tracey Camila Johns, Tommy Redmond Hicks, John Canada Terrell, Spike Lee. 85 mins. The gist of it is that the improbany named Nola Darling (Tracy Camila Johns) is being pursued by three men, and the difficulty of trying to choose between them makes her wonder whether she might not really be a one-man woman alter all. Sounds like the same old eternal triangle amatory square dance, but it ain’t—and there are several reasons why.

The major one is the script and direction of Spike Lee, a young black director from New York who takes us into Harlem tora slice of the black metropolitan life we see very little of on

our cinema screens. As any fan of rap will tell you, these folks is street smart,

and Lee’s dialogue throws outso many winners a notebook might come in handy. Yet, it’s not yuppie clever-clever as in Neil Simon or possibly even Woody Allen; the people are real, you see. The regularchap who wants a quiet life (Hicks); the narcissistic male model who sees Nola as a walking accessory and who cannot conceive why she should not instantly hurl herself at his body beautiful (Terrell); and the acid-tongued hipster

an atomic device. Caine is the shambling and unconventional maverick who stumbles on to the plot Old-fashioned and lukewarm cold-war thriller. Glasgow; Cannon Clarkston Road. Salon. Strathclyde; Odeon Hamilton

0 The Girl Can’t Help It (PG) (Frank Tashlin. US. 1957) Jayne Mansfield. Tom Ewell. Little Richard. Fats Domino. Julie London. 97 mins. An archetypal dumb blonde is groomed for mega-stardom by an unscrupulous agent. Sharp. cartoonish satire on the pop industry. Fun. Glasgow: GFI‘

o The Golden Child (PG) (Michael Ritchie. US. 1986) Eddie Murphy. Charles Dance. Charlotte Lewis. 9-1 mins. Substandard Murphy claptrap with the lad himselfon the trail of a perfect infant born once every thousand generations. Glasgow: Cinema. Strathclyde; Kelburnc

0 Gone With The Wind (PG) (Victor Fleming er al. US. 1939) Clark Gable. Vivien Leigh. Olivia de Havilland. Leslie Howard. 222 mins. Superb. sweeping. Southern fried soap opera with flighty belle Leigh suffering through the Civil War and unwisely hesitating in choosing the true object of her deepest affections. Edinburgh: Cameo

o Goupi Mains Rouges (Jacques Becker. France. 1943) Fernand Ledoux. Georges Rollin. Blanchette Brunoy. Four generations of the Goupi family live in a village in the (‘harentc. each member sporting a suitable nickname to help distinguish them from the others. When Goupi Tisane is killed during a robbery. Goupi Mains Rouges sets out to find the killer Edinburgh; French Institute a La Grande Lessive (Le Tube) (Jean-Pierre Mocky. France. 1969) Bourvil. Francis Blanche. Jean

with the ridiculous wardrobe (Lee, the actor, stealing very scene he’s in) each one ofthe three suitors is a recognisable figure, somehow very likeable despite their flaws.

Hopefully, this is just the first evidence of a major young talent, because there’s a go-tor-it sense of youthful exuberance and technical adventurousness here that we could do with more of. Frequently hilarious, occasionally touching, always hugely entertaining —you gotta see it (cringe)! (Trevor Johnston)

Poiret. Michel Lonsdale. Convinced that television is having a detrimental effect on his pupils’ powers of concentration. schoolmaster Bourvil decides to take matters into his own hands. Glasgow; French Cine-Club

0 Hail Mary( 18) (Jean Luc Godard. France-Switzerland. 1984) Myriem Roussel. 'l‘hierry Rose. Philippe Lacoste. 107 mins. Stultifying. contemporary re-interpretation of the virgin birth. Edinburgh; EUFS

0 Hannah and Her Sisters ( 15) (Woody Allen. US. 1986) Woody Allen. Michael (‘aine. Mia Farrow. Dianne Wiest. 1(17mins. Hanna/t

is an upbeat celebration ofthe cohesion and support within the family unit as several couples fall in and out of love over the changing seasons. Glasgow; GET

0 Heartburn (15) (Mike Nichols. US. 1986) Meryl Streep. Jack Nicholson. 108 mins. Undemanding portrait of a contemporary American marriage directed with some welcome satirical flourishes by Nichols and given distinction by the star power of the two protagonists. Glasgow: GFI‘

0 Holy Innocents ( 15) a (Mario Camus. Spain. 1984) Alfredo Landa. Terele avez. 1(15 mins.1n a remote and impoverished corner of south-western Spain in the 1960s. two poor farmworkers struggle to bring up their four children. with a mentally-retarded baby girl and a backward eldest son proving especially trying.

A scathing indictment of the Franco regime. which upheld a quasi-feudalistic rural society as late as the Sixties. Mario (.‘amus‘ film suffers from an over-elaborate flashback structure which dims its impact; but moments of Bunuel-ish black humour and Franco Rabal‘s

stunning lead as the eldest are more than enough to compensate. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 The Hustler (18) (Robert Rossen, US, 1961) Paul Newman. George C. Scott. Jackie Gleason. 135 mins. Vivid. gritty Oscar-winning drama with Newman giving one of his finest performances as a disenchanted drifter who makes his way in the world as a poolhall shark and who is driven to prove himself against Jackie Gleason’s Minnesota Fats. Memorable and atmospheric stuff. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (PG) (Steven Spielberg, US, 1984) Harrison Ford. Kate Capshaw. Roshan Seth. 117 mins. Only the tiniest bit inferior to its forebear. this outing finds Indy in 1935 Shanghai sorting out a murderous Thugee cult. Strathclyde; Odeon Ayr 0 Just Between Friends (15) if: (Allan Burns. US. 1986) Mary Tyler Moore. Ted Danson. Christine Lahti. Sam Waterson. 111 mins. Suburban housewife Moore strikes up a friendship with a fellow member of an aerobics class. unaware that the women happens to be bonking her impossibly noble scientist husband. Well-heeled. improbable soap-opera where any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Edinburgh: Filmhouse o The Killing Floor (PO) a (Bill Duke. US. 1984) Damier Leake. Alfred Woodward. Clarence Felder. 117 mins. Challenging political drama made by American Public Television with funding assitance from 25 various trade unions and the National Endowment for the Humanities. which concentrates on the struggle of Chicago stockyards for recognition of their rights and the racial conflicts which divide them. Bill Dukes‘ film. set in the years following the First World War. looks painstakingly researched. with archive material skilfully intercut and the blood and sweat ofthe killing floor convincingly portayed. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Legal Eagles (PG) (Ivan Reitman. US. 1986) Robert Redford. Debra Winger. Darryl Hannah. 116mins. ()vcr-plotted and somewhat bland romantic comedy thriller embroiling dishy assistant DA Redford in a case ofart fraud. Edinburgh; Marco‘s Cinema 0 The Leopard (PG) (Luchino Visconti. US-Italy, 1963) Burt Lancaster. Alain Delon. Claudia (.‘ardinale. 185 mins. Beautiful. grandiloquent family saga set against the unification of Italy in the 186(1s. Lancaster is one of the old nobility. wearied by age and the changing world. testin adapting to the new era. Glasgow; GFI‘ 0 Let the Good Times Roll (PU) (Sid Levin and Robert Abel. US. 1973) 99 mins. A study of the 5()s‘ rise of rock 'n‘ roll is intelligently recounted through archive footage and highlights of contemporary revival concerts.Glasgow; GET 0 Loot( l8) (Silvio Narizzano. UK. 197(1) Hywel Bennett. Richard Attenborough. Lee Remick. 101 mins. An upstart nogoodnik