NEGOCIANT'S, Lothian Street, Edinburgh. Vrva la difference! Vrva Negocrant'sl New and refreshmeg untgue, Negoctant's offers Brazrlran antl lndonesran [llSllBS along wrth classtc conunental

fare, rnormng and afternoon coffees all m a calm South Amencan settmg. But If It's an unpetuous evemng m Singapore you're after, you are Ill the wrong place. (For that you have to go downstarrs to the cellar bar, where you'll also fmd ltve, up tempo [an and swmg Mondays to Saturdaysl And standing at the bar there are always one or two well knownregularsr-Camphell's70/ andtheformrdahle Stella Artors, both on tap of course.


THE LIQUOR SHACK, Hope Street, Glasgow. The newly opened Ltguor Shack IS one of those rare hars whtch defy hemg prgeonholed and caters for an mcredrhly wrde range of clientele. The result rs an extra ordmary relaxed har wluch under the efftctent management of Raymond Bell provrdes extremely good servrce. As an extra mcenuve The Ltguor Shack IS currently offermg meals for two wrth coffee and a bottle of wme for only £8 —~ and what's more, tle rernarkahle offer rs avatlahle all day up unul 8pm. So If you're lookmg for comfort, convrv taltty and a long, cool glass of Stella Artors, lhe Ltguor Shack has everytlung you'll ever need.

THE MEWS, Cadzow Street, Hamilton. Art Deco destgn, a sense of mumacy, suhtle hghtmg and gentle musrc all grve Just a hmt of Casablanca. You may well feel like askmg the pramst to play If agam, Sam. But, there's more than a touch of romance hehtnd the success of The Mews. Everythtng ahout tlns new bar restaurant suggests style. lhe EllllEMIllVf) servrce, the enttcmg menu and the SBflUCIIVU Stella at the bar. Open from lU.30 all day everyday wuh a ate licence from lhursday to

Saturday. On Sunday try brunch at lunch or whrle away the evemngs to the peaceful melodtes of the soulful smger. DI da dr tla dt da . . .