DIVA, Park Terrace, Glasgow. The style IS seductive, the flavour conttnental, the place DIVE}. A comlunauon of pastel shades, cool marhle and ghstemng chrome grve an mdehnahle atmosphere to thts hrrght new hght on Glasgow's har antl restaurant scene. Savour the gastronomrc dehghts of French classical and nouvelle cutsme (With a temntmg hst of over lUU wmesl Ill the drscreet mumacy of the snht level restaurant. Or try the Island her for a long coo glass of Stella Artots, and choose from a menu of Own hurgers, nates, salads and conunental naussertes. For anyone who's anyone, there's sornetlung dtvme at DIVEl.

HERBIE FROG'S, Main Street, Bellshill. For late mght soul searclung your frrst stun must he Ill Mam Street, Bellslull. thh the emnhasts on mood, Prunnetor Matthew Clark has constdered every detatl m lus guest for a relaxed atmosphere. But relaxed does not mean guret. Far, far from It With resrdent DJ fom Jackson at the helm how could rt he? From lUnm. Thursdays to Sundays the dance floor moves m perfect rhythm vvtth the soul sound. Tempung IS the only word to descrrhe the cocktarl hst wluch ranges from Sours to Coladas, Colhnses to Dagurrts and hack agam. fantahsmg rs the word to

descrthe Stella Artors, standtng heguthngly at the bar.

BAD ASS CLUB, Clyde Place, Glasgow. What was formerly Glasgow's Central Stauon rs fast hecommg Glasgow's central mghtspot. lts self proclarnauon as 'The World's Worst Bar' ts possrhly the year's most clever mrsnomer. Ultra modern furruture and mtrrgumg vrdeo drsnlays provrde the perfect backdrop for a smattertng of 'tasteess' EllIIfElClS. An alternatlve caharet, the Batl Ass Cluh rs estahhslung Itself as the forum for local talent. But what's even worse rs that hetween 5pm. and 9pm. students pay half once for draught beer and wrne. How better to rmhrhe the delectahle Stella Artors? let the had tunes roll.