Concurrent exhibition of Oils, Watercolours, Pastels and Prints 251h April—16th May at Open Eye Gallery 75 ('umherland Street. Edinburgh. 03! 557 1020

Bourne Fine Art 41)undas Street. Edinburgh. 031 557 4050

Crawford Centre for the Arts

UNIVERSITY OFSTANDREWS liitil 3-1 May .\s an l'hearann I’roni the land a «'t-nlurv ofiniagt-s from the Scottish 1 ligltlaiuls . i'lHlllL)” \lay Iinth Saxon: baroque reflections st'uipltirt-liy tin-1.ertti'osartist-in-rc~ir|i-in'i- Hidden in nearncss photographs by liniiilt Urns

Sub51d/sed by the Scottish Arts C0unci|

93 North Street. St Andrews (0334) 76161 extension 591

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Belford Road, Edinburgh. Telephone 031-556 8921 Mon-Sat10am-5pm; Sun 2pm-5pm


New approaches to Landscape in photography. words and sculpture. .

. . . . . . . . , 11th April- A Scottish Arts Counc1l "I ourtng Exhibition. 17th “8‘. Free Parking. Cafe. “heelchair Access. ADMISSION Hui;

i (1,

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. It a warm day takes you to the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, do not pass by Inverleith House on the hill, where three botanical exhibitions delight in the colour and precision at nature.

Many ot Lilian Snelling’s subjects are coming into lull bloom outside atthis time 01 year. From 1916-1921 she was based at the Garden and drew the mounting collection at Himalayan rhododendrons which today includes over 400 species. The 25 watercolour studies show her range of interest and style—from the delicate details at a stamen, turry as a bumble bee, to a branch at leaves and waxy tlowers, only partly coloured, leaving her tine drawing exposed. Not surprisingly, Snelling was plucked from Edinburgh and lured to the south where she took up a post as botanical illustrator tor a pubfishec

Next door a clump ot papery evening primroses by Snelling is included in a mixed exhibition otbotanical

Extremely fine prints taken from original plates which were made from drawings during (‘aptain (‘ooks voyages of discovery. 1768 and 177]. Drawn with scientific precision. the British Museum and Alecto Historical I‘iditions are compiling a book of the original copper plates which were never at the time printed.

Callum Macdonald LIntil \Ved () May. An exhibition to celebrate the life and work of publisher (‘allum Macdonald who founded Lines Review.

An Intrepid Traveller: Isobel Wylie Hutchison Limit (u May. .\Is' llutchison was a most vigorous. determined and hearty-sounding individual whose euphemistic. so-called ‘strolls’ took her to the east coast of(ireenland (the first British woman to land there). to Alaska (by dog sleigh) and the Aleutian Islands (by way ol'Japan. not forgetting Siberia). ller indefatiguable life is illustrated with her writings. photographs. paintings and possessions.

O NETHERBOW ~13 High Street. 55o 957‘).

Alice Bold: Embroideries. t'mil Sat 2 May. Embroidered crosses Using the symbolic forms found in different cultures all over the world.

A Celebration at Moray 'l'uc $8.11 31) May. Artist from Moray gather their

' y'f/

illustrators. It is an art which changes subtly trom artist to artist. Accuracy has been the tirst rule at thumb since the Herball or Generall Historie ot Plantes was published in 1633, shown here in a display 01 illustrated books. Little room is left tor artistic manoeuvre. And yet within that restriction, Monica Poole produces wood engravings ot magnolia and teasel witht the sinew at art nouveau and Jenniter Andrew's gives a Velvet Shank a helter-skelter line. It you did not have a garden one at these paintings or prints would be the next bestthing.

Upstairs, photographs by Dr Brinsley Burbidge, tormerly on the Botanic Garden statt, documents in tulI-blown colourthe great gardens 01 Scotland. It is an idyllic view with not a tourist in sight, but gives a glossy idea 01 the beauty and calm ot a seventeenth century parterre orthe glory 01 a Victorian herbaceous border. (Alice Bain)

work together at the Netherbow. They will be in the gallery to meet the public on Sat ‘) May.

0 OPEN EYE GALLERY 57 (timberland Street. 557 11120. Mon—Fri ltiam—opm. Sat 10am-4pm. [D] John B Souter L'ntil 'l'hurs 14 May. .'\berdeen-born and trained Souter exhibited extensively in London and Scotland.

0 PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. SSns921. Mon—Sat “lam—5pm. Sun 2—5pm.

The great Scots ofthe past and present are collected here in a gallery of faces and figures.

0 PRESCOTE GALLERY 3(a) l ligh Street. 235 2o52. Mon~Sat l()am—-5pm,

Studio Glass Sat 2-»-Sat 31) May. Annette Meech. David 'l‘aylor. (’hris Williams and work from the (ilasshouse.

O PRINTMAKERS' WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 I‘nion Street. 557 247‘). Mon—Sat ltiani-Jipnr

Marcus Rees Roberts L'ntil Sat 23 May. Despair and solitude mark the etchings in four series “The 'l‘ircdness’. ‘ln Deserts ofthe Heart. "The Heart. and "l‘he lleart Reduced' in this first showing ofthe sixty works together. Subjects which inspired Beckett. 'l‘. S. Eliot. (ioddard and Brecht are Roberts' fascination too. See panel.

44 The List 1— 1-1 May