This. the fifth Mayfest is the biggest ever. Started Thi§ year‘s programme then contains a strong Wh

in 1983 to provide the people ofclasgow with a Scottish drama element and drama from abroad. ere to go. festival at an international. national and bet 3'50? number Otexettthg experimental For a map Of community level‘ it was aimed at refleetihg the . productions on the borders between dance. Glasgow and full many faces of the (:11); and Its strong Somallst I theatre dl’ld mUSIC, from both home and abroad. f tradition—building on the firm history ofMay There are also talks. mUSlC and kids‘ shows and ISt 0 venue

cabaret in several venues (look out for Latefest addresses see From small beginnings - a budget ofaround happenings every htght th the M0” H3”) page 6. £71000_ Mayfest has grown with furious Outdoor events run throughout the festival, rapidity. This year‘s three-week festival is Sttttt'hg “’tth the May Day Rally 9“ Shh 3 May working to a budget of nearer £400,000 (funded and finishing With the now traditional fireworks I mostly by the local councils, Scottish Arts dlSP'aY at the SECC. FthhleSteh 0“ Sat 2_3 Ma)’- 7 Council,Trade Unions and an increasing number ‘1 see the Purpose Of the teStWal 35 net Just a

Day celebrations.

ofs onsets) and the community programme an - collection of things to look at. but as something , thtr?hsie part Of Mayfest‘ has increased that‘s going to stimulate the imagination ofthe ! The Insand OUIS severalfold. with community centres both hosting PUhhe and the People Workthg th the 3Tt53 Says D1 Of the 0th theomihg Shows and mounting their own. I Robson. I feel whatever we dolshould be aimed bistros, bars and The changing face of Mayfest includes a new ' dt some .SeetIOTt 0f the eothmtlh't)’ 1" Glaégew . i , A“ one at the t0p. Taking over from Feri Lean, who The [Jets Mayfest GUtde hStS everyththg 0“ a f restaurants° guided Mayfest through its early years. is new dell." haste tetheltp You Plath Yet” ttehatyt (Please . well-placed for diteetor, Di Robson. A New Zeelahd-h0rh 34 note Exhibition information is not included here, ! venues. Page 7. year-old, she feels that Mayfest is at a cruc1al hUt 1h the usual Arts Lt5t1h83~Page39l Events stage of development: ‘It’s just at that point ; are hSted by day and by eategt’ththh highlights Where it‘s hovering to go on, or stay a smaller { and features on some of the most interesting festivalg shows. Also included is a map and For her first festival she has aimed to build on eehtprehehswe Vehue gUtde; and a seteettve and develop the existing strengths: ‘I‘m hoping to gelde t9 PhteeS to eat and dnhk— the eheaP~ the COmmunards cut a slice through from the populist work right to eXPehS‘Ve the (lthete the atmosphene and the t- ° . _. . gues Singer the sharp end of new work the developmental (lune 5thtpl)’ open late- There ShOUld be S, , h J, area of dance and movement.‘ Semeththg for everyone! drd (me

Di Robson Morris talks

RMATION I : Sleep. Page 8.

. Mayfest Telephone 0 Tickets are available

Number; 041 23149” from the venue hosting

0 Recorded Information is the event Ttekets tet

available on the following Ctmlmunity events are

numbers: Dance 041 400 available from the

()250;Thealre()41400 Community venue The complete 21

0251 ; Music 041 4000252; Concerned Tickets for '

Community Eventsmi 400 some venueSlMitehe" day dlary to. y ' ' '

0253; Street Theatre. Moir Hall. GlaSgOW,S fifth 9 " V’ Events/Latetest0414m Citizens'Theatre. Kin s ' I ’1'

0254. Theatre. Winter Gardfns. blggeSt and beSt \fi "/

. An Information Desk will Rankine Han and Henry Mayfest Pages r ' he situated in thc Mitchell Wood Hall) also available ' I gr Theatre.Gram'ille Street. fmmthc TiCRC‘CCer- . I I " t Open 1(ydm_(,hm. Sec Venue Guide. '7

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