performance. Credit card bookings (Access only) taken on the above numbers. Tickets for Tron shows are not available at the Ticket Centre outlets. The Tron is Glasgow‘s all year round theatre club membership is required even for access to the bar (though a member may sign in six guests and a reciprocal deal with Edinburgh‘s Traverse is in operation). Day Membership included in ticket prices (£4 non members. £3 members) Separate day membership also available. Cafe and Bar open from Noon (12.30 Suns) till very late cabaret acts begin at 11pm approx. @Volunteer Centre Elmbank Street. Booking through venue. 226 3431 or 954 0000. Q-WASPS 4th Floor. 22 King Street. Trongate. Mon—Sat Noon-6pm (open till 8pm Thurs). Information 552 2330. @Winter Gardens Peoples Palace. Booking through Third Eye Centre and Ticket Centre Outlets (552 5961). Tickets also available on the door on performance evenings.


.Barlanarlt Community Centre 33 Burnmouth Road. 773 1812 OBarrhead and Neilston Unemployed Workers‘ Centre Carlibar Primary School. Main Street. Barrhead.8810615/887 8118. OBarrowtield Community Centre 3 Overtown Street. Barrowfield. 554 8412. C Camus Place Project Camus Place. Drumchapel. 944 9344. .Craigend Centre Sunnyside Primary School. Powrie Street. 774 9565.

OCastlemillr Community Centre Castlemilk Drive. 634 2233.

OCamwadric Community Centre 160Carnwadric Street. 638 8751.

O Dalmamock Centre Lily Street. 556 4776. .Dalmuir Community Centre Duntocher Road. Clydebank. 941 3795.

0 Dolphin Arts Centre 7 James Street. Bridgeton. 554 1671/7449.

0 Drumchapel Community Centre 320 Kinfauns Drive. 944 1009.

O Drumchapel Unemployed Workers' Centre 5 Hecla Place. 944 9400.

O Easterhouse Leisure Centre Lochend Road. 771 8124.

O Easterhouse Community Centre 1 Shandwick Street. 771 9056.

O Eastlield Community Centre Dukes Road. Cambusland. 641 8319. O Easthall Primary School

l Ware Road.

I Easterhouse/Easthall

F Residents' Association.

771 7020.

O Easthall Residents' Hall

i Ware Road. Easterhouse.

771 7020.

O Edinbamett Primary

School Faifley Road.


O Faiiley Family Centre

Edinbarnett Primary

School. Faifley Road.

Clydebank. 941 3795.

v 0 Gallowgate Tenants Hall

75 Whitevalc rear of swimming baths.

554 4116. OGarthamlock Community Centre Redcastle Square. 774 ()681.

O Geott Shaw Centre

' Kerrylamont Avenue.

Toryglcn. 6470969. I GreatEastern Hotel 100 Duke Street. Dennistoun.

552 1904. O Govan Fun Pool Harhill Street. 0 Govan Unemployed Workers' Centre Pearce Street. 445 4263. O Househill Community Centre Househillwood Road. Priesthill.8818083 (Arts Centre 8810263). OJarvey's Bar and Lounge

45 Kelso Street. Yoker. 941 2880.

OJohn Mains Centre 401 Cumberland Street. Gorbals. 429 5640.

O Kinning Parlt Neighbourhood Centre Cornwall Street.

0 London Road Primary School 1 147 London Road. 556 2923.

O Maryhill Arts Centre 11 Malloch Street. 945 3995. O Maryhill Burgh Hall 24 Gairbraid Avenue. 945 2475.

O Maryhill Community Central Halls Maryhill Road. Maryhill. 332 9115.

Ohiolendinar Community

Centre Craighead Avenue.

Blackhill. 770 7248.

O Pearce Institute Govan


0 Penilee Community

Centre 10 Gleddoch Road.

882 3309.

O nuchill Community

Centre 671 Bilsland Drive,

946 8161 ).

O nuchill Unemployed

Workers’ Centre Shuna

'5 Street. 946 5675.

5 O Rutherglen Unemployed

Workers' Centre Victoria

Street. 647 0331.

O Shettleston Community

' Centre 54 Amulree Street.

778 5783.

O Shettleston Hall

i Wellshot Road. 5546642.

; 0 South Camtyne Tenants

1 Hall Myreside Street.

Carntyne. 556 7853.

0 South Dennistoun

Neighbourhood Centre 13

Whitevalc Street. 554


O Springlield Centre 481 Baltic Street. 554 3278.

E OSummerton Centre

440 1613.

OTormusk Tenants Hall

1 Scarrel Drive. Castlemilk. 634 2408.

Broomloan Road. Govan.


~ gnocchi little potato ' dumplingsinacreamy

. with gargantuan appetites

options available. Go




0 Change atJamaica Clyde Place. 4294422. Last orders Thurs—Sat 5am. Ignore the ghastly bar next door and head straight for the airy monochrome restaurant. Impressive wine list features good (and cheap) red and white Riojas. Menu to suit all tastes from exotic avocado bakes to Desperate Dan sized portion of bangers and mash. Attractive and helpful staff. OThe CricketThe Briggait. 552 5026. Last orders 5am. Prettylittle cafe style Chinese at the Briggait. Sister restaurant to the Ho Wongand maintaining same excellent standard. I Iighspot was meltingly tender fillet beef in oyster sauce. lowspot an eyewateringly hot and distinctly unpeanutty sate. Great value meal for three with 2l/21itresof wine. £28. Good news for hungry nightclubbers it‘s open till five in the morning. OSannino 61 Elmbank Street. 332 3565. Last orders midnight. Prepare for the world‘s largest. and Glasgow's best pizza. A £6 pizza will feed three comfortably and two to bursting point. hence their automatic doggy bag policy. Also a range of fresh pastas: try the

basil sauce. and forthose

(me!) the calzone is unmissable. Vegetarian

without booking and a half

hour wait is possible.

0 The Trading Post 63 Carlton Place. 429 3444. last orders Mon—Wed j l()pm;Thurs 10.30pm: ' Fri-Sat Midnight. Bizarre wild west theme with tables incorporating a

charcoal grill. Basically you have chunks ofraw meat thrown at you which you cook yourself at severe risk to the top layer of your complexion (these grills are hot!). The price ofa main meal (steak. i kebabs. marinated 5 chicken etc) includes as much as you want of i potatoes. salads sauces

and garlic bread. They

also feature live acts on a regular basis. mainly I Country and Western. and this theme is carried through the decor sort of : Dodge City meets the Barrowland.

C Ciao 441—445 Sauchiehall Street.332 4565. Last orders Mon—Thur 1 1pm; Fri/Sat lam. Ilopefully. with a jazz band during Mayfest. New venture by the owners ofthe Equi Cafe. beloved haunt ofart students and maiden ladies. Forget the chianti bottles and checked tea cloths this is what Italian restaurants really look like an eclectic mixture of tapestry. tiles. golden Gaggia machine and chandeliers and the tremendous panoramic view on to west end Sauchiehall life. The food (fresh pastas. oven cooked pizza and the rest ofthe Italian gamut) is tremendous value. About £10 for two with wine. Destined to become very busy indeed.

O CuI-de-Sac Ashton Lane. 334 4759. Last orders 11.30pm; weekends midnight. Unrelentingly popular creperies with customers of all sorts— families. couples. theatricals. local popluminaries.they'reall 3 here. Almost anything from the wide ranging menu is good. and the chicken satay is splendid. The staff are charming

and efficient. and Tommy. the dynamic manager. is an attraction in his own right. Not a chap tospare a maidcn‘s blushes however.

. Greens 123 Old Castle Road. 633 1272. Last

orders 10-ish. A bit offthe

old Mayfest track. but

worth the journey. Claire. .

the chef. whips up extraordinary and adventurous food with none ofthe usual attendant delusions of grandeur. They have become licensed fairly recently. but a meal for two which would include.

as ours did. spiced heather

honeyed spare ribs. Aberdeen monkfish tails in saffron and a magnificent Scotch pancake with Creme Patissiere and black cherry sauce still only costs around £25.

OAlice Underground 2224 - Cambridge Street. 332 ; 3437. An underground

fantasy world which is

now. it must be said. rathersad.Where once

there were queues to get in. the public now rattle about dispiritedly inside. OBrasserie Dominique Bridgegate Centre. 552 8133. Another new addition to the Briggait

Complex and truth to tell I

have to say it's never been exactly standing room only when I've been there. The staff. surprise surprise. are helpful and polite in the extreme and there‘s yummy food upstairs. Theatre and music too.

OTron Theatre Bar 65 Trongate. 552 4267/8. Really it‘s worth joining

; the Tron just for the bar.

Victorian bar. real coal fire. nice atmosphere and

less ‘arty' types than you mightexpect.



,. , ~er waged


a 9% 3:1: tel / ‘tll'

Ciaos in Sauchiehall Street. Picture by Angela McKay.

i I “ . _ - aulfl‘iii """"'~ ‘47:? i.

V/ is A\\ T;

é/ a Y \. l


by Marina O’Loughlin and Graham Caldwell.

OThe Bad Ass Club Clyde Place. 429 4422. 5pm—2am Mon—Sat. Very new and describes itself as ‘the sleazicst bar in Glasgow.‘ A tad out the way to be as popular as it has every right to be . . . love that pregnantStatue of Liberty! OThe 39 Steps Union Street. Another newcomer built ‘under‘ Glasgow Central where there once was a much loved Glasgow bookshop. The 39 Steps. however. has rapdily become just as beloved by thirsty Glaswegians in an area generally lacking in decent boozers. OThe Horseshoe 17 Drury Street. 221 3051. ()n the other hand. a tremendous boozer! Your genuine Victorian bar with the longest continuous bar in Europe. Said bar being stocked with excellently kept beers and served by attentive bar staff. A curious mixture of clientele where lawyers drink side by side with labourers from the building site next door. Lunches are a bargain. Unmissablc. .Smiths West Nile Street. A particular favourite of mine. Gloomy to an extreme. charming barmaids. an excellent drop of Burtons and nice atmosphere. The only drawback is that several thousand other people like it as much as I do. . Fixx Miller Street. 248 2859. Getting to be quite an old favourite. Fixx is. Spacious. airy. imaginatively laid out. Great place for an afternoon refreshment. At weekends. however. I wouldn‘t go near it as it looks like a perpetual set from a Wham! video. 0 Rock Garden 73 Queen Street. 221 2200. Next to the Saracens Head Inn (do not go near it) possibly the best known bar in town. . . and rightly so. The ubiquitous Ron McCulloch‘s first hit. it has remained as popular forthe best part ofa decade no mean feat with the notoriously fickle Glasgow punters. Unfortunately its prices do. on occasion. get to be a bit ofa joke and the bouncers are a touch too fond of turning people away. saying ‘regulars only.‘ 0 Chimmy Chungas 499 Great Western Road. 334 0884. As seen on Tutti Frutti. Which is the best place to see it.

The List 1— 14 May 7