0 Singers' Evening Glasgow Arts Centre. 8pm. Tickets: £2. £1 . Sec Fri 15.

0 Roadworks Volunteer Centre. Elmbank Street. 10pm. See Fri 15.


o Styng Bites and Prolessor Product Craigend Community Centre. 7.30pm. 50p.


0 Dubbelspoor Rankine Hall. 8pm. £4. £1.50. See Fri 15.


o Singalong with Mr Boom Moir Hall. Box Office: 041552 5961 (Credit Cards: 041 227 5015). 11.30 and 2pm. Tickets: £1 (50p). Perennial Festival Fringe performer. Mr Boom brings his own idiosyncratic style to Mayfest. A one-man band and his repertoire of songs. For 2—10 years.

0 Clown Around Tool Queens Park Baptist Church. 10.30am. £1. Andy and Friends a change to watch and do.


o Forum/Workshop Glasgow Arts Centre. Box Office: 041 221 4526. 1 lam. An allday discussion on The Political Song with the aim of establishing a Scottish branch of Political Song Network. the band dedicated to political singing. which gives a concert on 16 May.

0 Sauchiehall Street Street

Events 1 lam—3pm. Heats ofthe Princes Square Street Entertainment Competition (Final Sat 23 May). Powerful over 305‘ dance group Plaza Nervosa will be performing as will comedy theatre group Los Caballeros.


0 It Has Got To Go Maryhill Arts Centre. 2.30pm. A workshop with Framework who present a revue at 7.30pm. See below.


0 Happy Lies and The Rainbow Coloured Dancer Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre. 7.30pm. See Fri 15.

o It Has Got To Go Maryhill Arts Centre. 7.30pm. See Fri 15.

o Tollcross Tanzi Castlemilk Community Centre. 8pm. See Fri 15. o The Merry Mac Fun Show Great Eastern Hotel. 7pm. A new show from the highly popular Scottish comedy group.

0 Pandemonium Puppets Craigend Centre 2pm. Sec

0 The Steamie St Andrews High School. 7.30pm. See Fri 15.

o Dixon’s Has Blasted Fairhill Civic Centre. Hamilton. 7.30pm. Also on Mon 18.


O Gillespie Tron Theatre. 8pm. Tickets: £3 members. £4 non-members. See Tue 5. o Toute Suit Third Eye Centre. 8pm. Tickets: £3.50. £2.50. See Fri 15.


0 John Harle's Berliner Band Mitchell Theatre. Box Office: 041 5525961

(Credit Cards: 227 5015).

8pm. Tickets: £4.50. £1.50. Saxophonist at the interface of modern music; classical. systems and jam. Eight-piece band.

0 The Sirens Tron Theatre. Box Office: 041

552 4267/8. Sun l7and Fri .' 22 May. 11pm. Ticketsz£4

members. £3 non-members. Glasgow‘s a cappella sisters.

0 Jacques Loussier's Play Bach Trio Theatre Royal. Box Office: 041 552 4267/8. 8pm. Tickets: £6.

£5. £4. A reformed group buyilt round Loussier's

Bach-based piano jazz. A winner at the box office.

o Latelest Moir Hall.

Tickets: 041 552 5691.

£3.50. Non-stoplate-night cabaret from 10pm.

o Slramash in Concert Glasgow Arts Centre. 8pm. Tickets: £2. £1. The best traditional singers around Glasgow. Music. patter and stories.

0 Singers' Evening Glasgow Arts Centre. 8pm. Tickets: £2. £1 . See Fri 15.


0 The BMX Bandits, Hue And Cry, Deacon Blue, Win Pavilion Theatre. Renfield Street. Box Office: 041 332 1846. 7pm (Doors open 6.30pm).' Tickets: £3. The first three acts are confirmed. and some doubt remains over the appearance of Win— check at the Box Office.

Duglas from ‘The Bandits‘

may give out some sweeties. and at the very least will be ‘awfully nice.’ Deacon Blue should give another brilliant live performance. which will make you all buy their LP Rainrown which is out the following day. Hue and Cry are equally good. and the running order is still to be decided.


0 Contemporary Dance Group and The Punlabi Folk Dancers Kinning Park

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““” *“egeeeme

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P J.“ 'r 3". i :

. .- _ . iii ‘33:;30.‘ ,. .

. Lg,



SDPHIATDWN Crawturd Theatre, Jordanhill College. Untll Sat 16 May. The tradition of South Alrican drama visiting Scotland began live years ago with the breathtaking Woza Albert at the Traverse. Sophiatown, the latest addition to the

canon, is as disciplined, radical and vigorously entertaining as its predecessors.

It’s a celebration at and lament torthe lively and bohemian black community which thrived in Johannesburg until 1955, when this ‘cancer in a pure white city’ was systematically and brutally removed to the soulless township ol


Into Sophiatown’s vibrant society at shebeen queens, ‘American’ gangsters, political activists, writers and artists comes a Jewish girl, Ruth, with an open mind and an independent spirit. Through this outsider‘s eyes we arrive at an almost subjective understanding olthis shady but lecund culture, lull ol humour, trauma, conllict and joy; but ultimately unable to survive white disapproval. As irresistible external pressure impinges, happy-go-lucky loyalties splinter and the community shatters into meaningless pieces in exile: ‘an interminable death that eats at your heart,’ and which no outsider can understand.

This beautitully-conceived performance, directed by Malcolm Purltey, abounds with aggression, laughter, delicious a cappella harmonies and locused, committed acting. Its political spirit is stated only at the end, but evident throughout. See it. (Andrew Burnet)

Neighbourhood Centre. Mon 18 and Tue 19 May. 7.30pm.


o Maytest Craft Fair McLellan Galleries. 270 Sauchiehall Street. 11am—5pm. Tickets: 35p. 20p.


o Smilte South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre. 7.30pm. See also Wed 20.


0 Behind the Lines Third Eye Centre. Box Office: 041332 7521 . 2.30pm. Tickets: £2.£1.50. Extracts from an anthology ofwork from writer's workshops around the country edited by Carl McDougall, to be published by the Third Eye Centre later in the year.


o The Hypochondrialt King's Theatre. Box Office:041552 5961

(Credit Cards: 041 227 5015). Mon 18-Sat 23 May. 7.30pm; Sat mat 3pm. Tickets: £5. £4. £3. Cones: Tue-Fri halfprice; Mon. two for price ofone. Edinburgh‘s Royal Lyceum Company bring to Glasgow Hector MaeMillan‘s highly successful Scots version of the Moliere comedy about the hypochondriae. Argan. and the leeches that apply themselves to him.

0 The Gorbals Story Citizens' Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1).

Sec Fri 15.


O Latelest Moir l lall. Tickets: 041 552 5691. £3.50. Non—stop late-night cabaret from 10pm. Scottish comic Stu Henderson; the spoof Scottish country ladies The Alexander Sisters and the band Painted Word.


0 Nine Days Mitchell Theatre. Box Office: 041 552 5961 (Credit Cards:

227 5015). 8pm. Tickets: £4.50. £1 .50. Works for clarinet and piano including Life Studies by Glasgow-based composer William Sweeney. himself a clarinettist . accompany visual images from The Generals‘ Strike by Andrew Turner.


o The Music Theatre Workshop Maryhill Arts Centre. Mon l8—Fri 22 May. 10.30am—5pm. Performance on Fri 22. 7.30pm.


0 Contemporary Dance Group and The Punjabi Folk Dancers Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre. Mon 18 and Tue 19 May. 7.30pm.

0 Dixon's Has Blasted Eastfield Community Centre. 7.30pm. See Sat 16.

o Pandemonium Puppets South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre 10am; John Mains Centre 2pm. See Fri 15.

o The Steamie Easthall Primary School. 7.30pm. See Fri 15-.


0 My Sisterinthis House MitehellTheatre. Box Office: 041 552 5961 (Credit Cards: 227 5015). Tue l9—Thurs 21 May. 7.30pm. Tickets: £4.50. £1 .50. First showing in

Scotland of Monstrous

Regiment‘s acclaimed production of Wendy Kesselman‘s play about the bizarre 1930s‘ ease of twin maids caught up ina

brutal murder.

o The Hypochondrialt

King‘sTheatre. 7.30pm. Tickets: £5. £4. £3.

See Mon 18.

o The Gorbals Story (‘itizens' Theatre. 7.30pm. £3 (£1 ).

i See Fri 15.

o Circus Comedy Theatre Tron Theatre. Box Office: 041 552 42678. Tue 19-Sat 23 May. 8pm; Mat. Sat 23 May. 3pm. Tickets: £4 members. £3 non-members. The awe-inspiring and very funny Ra Ra Zoo, who turn juggling and aerial feats into much more besides.

O Macbeth Drama Centre. Box Office: 041 552 5827. Tue 19—8211 23 May. 7.30pm. Unnatural Acts. a company dedicated to putting new perspectives on classical texts in a dynamic new version of Shakespeare's ‘Seottish‘ play. 0 It’s Called the SugarPlum Drama Centre. Box Office: 041 552 5827. Tue l9—Sat 23 May. 10.30pm. Actor‘s Theatre Co in a late night showingofa contemporary black American comedy by Israel Horowitz. When a Harvard student accidentally runs over and kills a fellow student. the latter‘s girlfriend demands justice and is launched into a bizarre and dangerous area of emtotions.


o Circus Comedy Theatre TronTheatre. Box Office: 041 552 4267/8. Tue 19-Sat 23 May. 8pm; Mat. Sat 23 May. 3pm. Tickets: £4 members. £3 non-members. See Theatre.

0 Victor and Barry: Theatrically Yours Tron Theatre. llprn. Tickets: £4 members. £3 non-members. lrnmensely popular duo: The Darlings of Kelvinside. don‘t you know. who here recall their glittering

showbizcareer for you in songs and words

0 Latetest Moir Hall. Tickets: 041 552 5691. £3.50. Non-stop late-night cabaret from 10pm. Bing Hitler. who surely needs

The List 15 28 May 9