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no introduction; Dave Anderson of Wildcat; singer Linda Jackson and l the ever popular Deaf Heights Cajun Aces.

0 Live Entertainment Park Bar. 1202 Argyll Street.


ROCK 0 Deal Heights Cajun Aces Moir Hall. Mitchell artist has had in Glasgow, and will include Thea"°~_10Pm- {3:59- Oil paintings by JOHN HOUSTON and DcafHC'ghFS CTCCP‘mO University Of Strathclyde Wate’CO'OU'S by EL'ZABETH the F0“ 1'5""goncc Richmond Street 61 BLACKADDER: 333"“ a"? descr‘lCd'ym' 041-552 4400 Ext. 2416 HILLHEAD LIBRARY gxahcgcc‘ccmmm- ‘PERSPECTIVES: 348 Byres Road, G12 0

GLASGOW A NEw LOOK' Tel. 041-339 7223 0 Scottish Dance Theatre: Mon 4 May - Fri 26 June JIM TWEEDIE Triple Bill Rankine Hall. a (Closed 25 May) Sat 2 _ Sat 30 May 19-5621225iggtgéfpm- THE GORBALS STORY: Citizens' Theatre until Sat 30, - ' - ts: . - -

gracinrdgri.1120:;non Opimm Open: MGM” 9308mm," and 2pm_spm (T'fdfc: Ccmw) £4 then ontour (see Theatre). When It first opened to

U , y. 9 Sat 9.30am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm £1 50 I .t . f. .t‘ k the Parties, Robert McLeish’s The Gorbals Story was gommlsienegwork :yghgmas Joshua Closed Wednesday {0; sohgiiinggcgftlxm a phenomenal success— largely because oi its Ggafibn$ 8331:” 'L a; Sign Ron JIM TWEEDIE works In a surrealist vein. pmc Theatre seems“, subjectmatter. A ‘slice oi Iiie' portrait of a Glasgow ODonnelL Giyn Satterley‘ Ruth' swung. Open Circle felt his work could be best have“ an, Liz Lochhcad‘s Gorbalstenement during the appalling post-Blitz

5 d b 6, W Acmn Becks Viewed in 3" lndiVidual Showing and he words accompanythe housing shortage, for many working-class Biensore y 3590 r was asked to mount his first one man dancers with a piece audiences it put their own experience and problems eXh'me" SW39 1981- ‘Consuming Passinns‘ set on stage tor the first time. McLeish's play was

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY :STZZ’SY‘2'fnhgr-ii'ig‘1‘? “m0: conceived out of anger atthe conditions, and in it he University of Glasgow, (312 820 . 2 j, 9’“ “I” sketches them and the problems and tensions they Tel. 041-330 5431 gwudnmhcr d'mcn‘sm” spawned, while paying tribute to the dignity and

and Douglas Neilson from . . THE NORTHERN RENAISSANCE PRINT New York sets marriagcin spi'ito'me people "mg '" mem'


178 West Regent Street, G2 Tel. 041-221 6370

DOUGLAS THOMSON‘ Sat 2 May - Thurs 16 Ju|y awhirl thoopcd white But without the innovative impact oithe original gifting PALNjTrLNZGBSMa Open. Mon - Fri 9.308", , 5pm gowns. top hats and an production, the play’s faults are more vulnerable. 0 ~ 3 t 2 M 12y - 2 30 Sat 9-3Oann - tom Clcéttontt‘scmc by Sentimental and sketchy, with no plot to speak oi,

pen' a ay noon ' pm CalttOtnian percussionist the danger isthat itwill become purely nostalgic or :38”: Mg: - 83: 160m - 5:38pm 713thTRm? GAL: E5212 Eugene NOVO‘MY- ponderous and so lose its real strengih— McLeish's

ne an ow O reenoc - om reat estern oa , i - i ~

DOUGLAS THOMSON'S new paintings. (opposite Botanic Gardens) WORKSHOPS 0 Casey-like caring earlorhls people 5 dialogue The paintings have matured since his last Tel. 041-339 0737 oThe Music Theatre and resmem humour'

Show at the Compass in 1982 into

womhop Maryhm Am David Hayman's production for 7:84 Scotland

colourful, monumental. almost sculptural PERFORMANCE Centre 10 warms takes all this into account. Filling the stage with . . pm. , studies of heads- Tues 5 ' Sat 23 May Sec Mon 18. extras who constantly mill about, he gives the sense Sponsored by Arthur Andersen a Co. 099'“ Tues ' 33‘ 109°?“ ' 59'“ COMMUNITY oi cramped conditions and keeps the wholething Dancers, actors. musicians and theatres moving, using them to focus our attention round the CYRIL GERBER FINE ART p'°"'de the '"Sp'rf’t'm f°’ ""5 exh'P"'°”~ 0 Contemporary Dance set onto more intimate scenes. These are 148 west Regent Street, 62 Sponsored by Nell/ Clerk & Plant HI/I Group and Punjabi F0" beaunfuny’ caring” [nought to exce'lem Tel. 041-221 3095 SOI’C’m’S (Glasgow 8"” G’ee"°Ck)' 5:226 cast-Anne Myait and Tom Watson, ior instance, SELECTED BRITISH PAINTINGS AND THIRD EYE CENTRE 7.30pm. See Mon 18. making a Iovg'y’ 9mm anw'onam coup'e’ Jpn" DRAWINGS 350 Saucniehall Street, (32 . 0m, Ho, “Ouschi” Hannah, a spirited angry young man; and Patricia open; Sat 2 May 2,30,)”, - 5_3opm Tel. 041-332 7521 Communityccmrc. Ross, amovingly brave, good-humoured single thereafter Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm until Sat 2 May - Sun 7 June 7.30pm. Easterhousc Woman- 30 May Open: Tues - Sat 10am - 5,3opm Summer Festival Drama His attempt to avoid nostalgia by pointing out the Some of the notable British artists Sun 2pm - 5pm Closed Monday GrouPin a satire of the play’s relevance to today’s housing crisis is less featured In the recent Royal Academy 20th MARGITA TITLOVA Wcultafitlcsolltlsh successiul, ieeling rather over-emphatic, and the Century Exhibition and some important (Czechoslovakia) fifrsm‘on- 5“ 3'5" 19 production cannot escape the sentimentality bound afgflaedgi' Efgg'fgy g‘gmé’sence' This is the artist's first exhibition in the . Tamas; Tami up in the play. But it is vivid and intelligent, and WILUAM JOHNSTONE JA'MES ' West. The exhibition has been made Dmmchapcmommumw presents an aiilrmatlve celebration oithe splrlt of pATrERSQN‘ MELVILL'E, FERGUSSON' Poss'b'e through support "0'" THE Centre. 2pm and 8pm. see resilience and dignity to which McLeish's play pays HUNTER. CAOELL. KEITH VAUGHAN and BR'T'SH COUNC'L' 3"“ V'S'T'NG ARTS: A Fri 15. tribute and which fire his anger. (Sarah Hemming)

THIRD EYE CENTRE publication will be . In. "any "at; run Show

others. -I bl e. ocotrshawccmrc.

JOANNA KIRK: NEW WORK 7.30pm. See Sat 16' Gricg‘s much acclaimed Other: Part One 'Six'Third . Sat 2 May - Sun 7 June ' Pmflmonium Puppets r , I. . - . t 12 Washington Street, G3 Ruthcrglcn Unemployed children splay (9—13 Eye ( entre. 7.30pm. Tel, 041-221 4526 DAVID PRATT: FLOWERS FROM THE workers.ccmrc 2pm_ years) about the changing Tickets: £3.5(l.£2.5(). VOLCANO C d . .‘ .j friendship between two

ggtlzsrgzczgepaNARRATNEs A Diary 0, Cent”, America C2337; ' boys Ofdifferent race and WEDNESDAY 20 Open: Mon F” 103'" ' 9pm sat 2 May - sun 7 June . “unmatmmme om" CouTliiilrS‘teamle Pe'Iree Sat 103m - 5pm ANGUS BLACKBURN: GATHERINGS Side Vcnuctobc Institute 7 wpm‘ Sec Fri . . Photographs by CALUM COLVlN and RON 33‘ 2 May ' 5”" 7 June argyczcldéwpm- 3°C ' 15, LWSIE'E'J'vh'S‘Hfgfe O'DONNELL. two Scottish photographers. ANGUS BLACKBURN'S photographs laws" ' and” 11:37.“ 281:: Si} ' whose work brings together motiis from explore the emotions of communal f ai-LTgcgttcCcnuc TALKS $5 " "“ paintings and sculpture. gatherings. mm n 0" 'mhc" i 0 Six olOne and Five olihe UL


GLASGOW PRINT STUD|0 13 - 15 Chisholm Street

production of Noel 42)? Wane/2:1 , é‘ZafJaew

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128 Ingram Street, G1 Trongate Gt Tel. 041-552 0704 Tel. 041-552 4813

ELIZABETH BLACKAOOER and DESIRE lN RUINS -.: JOHN HOUSTON: Sat 2 - Sat 30 May ggtlgTsaANngéNjTlNGS Open: Tues - Sat Noon - 6pm ALSO V1:qu + HACQOBIUIIC FoobS , FROZEN MEALS >1 (55 Y r “"9 Artists- GLYN BANKS HANNAH VOWLES - . _ _ - r v L’Atl E S on. '. MILI _:—>. U LLLT -I- open Mon Sat 10am 5.30om ED BAXTER, KAREN ELIOT, STEFAN ' C‘E‘ 06‘ C‘ T‘s 4 “w < {CD as '(4 w

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ROISS‘AN - " / C. TS, (LOTS Mane flmfift’mlmcfigggafic

This is the first major showing that either SZCZELKUN

10The List 15— 28 May