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23rd - 31 st May

This year’s Paisley Festival is once again jam-packed full of fun for all the family, we are sure there is something for everyone. Here are a fewof the festival ‘HlGHL/GHTS'


Alvin Stardust show with full support Town Hall Central Nursery Open Day Hawkhead Road

SUNDAY 24 MAY Seedhhl Playing Fields, Street Festival Fun Run Gleniffer Braes Country Park Motocross Central Nursery Open Day Hawkhead Road


The Murray International Whitburn Band with Peter Morrison

TUESDAY 26 MAY Paisley Chamber Choir— Town Hall.

WEDNESDAY 27 MAY Paisley Musical and Operatic Society—Town Hall Cabaret Night—Town Hall Paisley Players Gallowhill Community Centre


Rock ’n’ Roll Workshops with Rotating Dancers - Apex Centre Paisley Musical and Operatic Society- Town Hall


Rock ’n’ Roll Workshops with Rotating Dancers Apex Centre Swing ’87 Tea Dance —Town Hall; Writers’ Weekend —Town Hall Clydesiders plus support - Town Hall


Paisley Festival Street Procession; Arts Umbrella Clown Circus Barshaw Park; Barshaw Park Fun Day including: Sydney Devine and Support— Barshaw Park Writers Weekend - Town Hall; Theatre Co—op with ‘Wallace - Guardian of Scotland’ —Town Hall


Renfrew District’s own ‘One Man and His Dog’ - Gleniffer Braes; Moira Kerr and Studio Four- Barshaw Park; Clown Theatre— Barshaw Park; Yellow Rose Country & Western Club ‘Hoe Down’ - Barshaw Park Writers Weekend Town Hall


Clown Theatre— Barshaw Park Football Tournament Finals St James Park

These are lusta few of the highlights in the festival, more details can befound in the Paisley Festival Programme, or contact Lynne

Halfpenny, Festival Co-ordinator at 889 31 51. Tickets for events can be obtained at the Town Hall Booking Office. Tel: 8879311.

See you there!

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o Shanghaied London Road School. 7pm. See Wed 21).

0 Educating Rita Camus Place Project. 7.3(lpm. Frontline Theatre Company in Willy Russell‘s comedy about at Liverpool housewife taking on higher education.

0 Tollcross Tanzi Iiasterhouse Community Centre. 2pm and 8pm. See Fri 15.

o The Music Theatre Workshop: Rock Musical .Vlaryhill Arts Centre. 7.311pm. See Mon 18.

o Pandemonium Puppets (iarthamlock Community Centre ll).31)am. See Fri 15..

o Laughterfrom the Other Side Kinning l’ark Neighbourhood Centre. 7.30pm. See Tue 1‘).

0 The Steamie Barrhead and Neilston Unemployed Workers' Centre. 7.3llpm See Fri 15.



o Bufaplanetes Mitchell Theatre. 2pm and 7.31)pm. Tickets: £4.51). £1.51). See Fri22.

o The Hypochondriak King's'l‘heatre. 3 and 7311an Tickets: £5. £4. £3.

See Mon 18.

o The Gorbals Story Citizens‘ Theatre. 4.31) and 8pm. £3 (£1 ).

See Fri 15.

o Circus Comedy Theatre Tron Theatre. 3 and 8pm. Tickets: £4 members. £3 non-members. See Tue 1‘).

o Whalers Thde liyc Centre. 7.31)pm.'1‘iekets: £3.51). £2.51). See Thurs 21.

0 Getting Past 11 Third liye Centre. 11).15pm.'1'ickets: £3.51). £2.51). See Thurs 21.

o Laughterlrom the Other Side Third Iiye Centre. Box Office: 041 332 7521. 11am and 2.31)pm. Tickets: £2. £ 1. See Tue 1‘).

O Macbeth 1)ramaCentre. 7.30pm. See Tue 1‘).

0 It's Called the Sugar Plum DramaCentre. 11).31)pm. See Tue 1‘).


o Circus Comedy Theatre Tron Theatre. 3 and 8pm. Tickets: £4 members. £3 non-members. See Tue 1‘).

o The McLuskey Brothers and The Sirens’l‘mn Theatre. Box Office: 1141 552 426718. llprn. Tickets: £4 members. £3 non-members.

o The Merry Mac Fun Show liasthall Residents 1 Tall. See Sat 16.

0 Music Dance and Cabaret

12 The List 15~ 28 May

Qt: .,- V 2. t- 43"“

UTT Mitchell Theatre. Run finished. Carlotta Ikeda’s art is complete. 80 powerful is her physical presence that almost any description of her performance would be trite. Birth, life, death—she lives them all in an hour using a movementcalled Butoh and encapsulating the theatre in a time of her own. In the beginning it is dark- even the Exit signs are down like waking up in the middle of the night and thinking you are blind. Then it is white, and Ikeda sets a hypnotic pace.

Each section, piercingly beautiful, peels off a layer of life. Though she emits sounds - utt is one it is her body that giggles like a child, mumbles in old age and cries in birth. Her extraordinary performance ends in showers of rustling salt which eventually buries her naked body in a relentless


Breathtaking is too mild a word. (Alice Bain)

Dowanhill Centre. ‘)3 llyttdland Street. 8pm till late.

0 Oade Krama Riyerside Club. Fox Street.

11). 15pm. Tickets: £3.51), from Third liye Centre. Fiery West African music from (ihanaean band. Stirring stuff and danceable.


o McCluskeyBrothers/The SirensTrtIn Theatre. Trongate. 11pm. £4. And that's Mayfest for another year? And the McCluskey Brothers can enjoy a short break before the lsla Folk Festival in June.


0 Scottish Dance Theatre: Triple Bill Rankine 1 Tall. 8pm. Tickets: £4. £ 1 .51). SeeTue 1‘).


o Bufaplanetes Mitchell Theatre. 2pm and 7.311pm. Tickets: £4.51). £1.51). See Fri22.

o Laughterfrom the Other Side Third liye Centre. Box()1‘lice:(i4l 332 7521. 11am and 2.30pm. Tickets: £2. £1. SeeTue 1‘).


o Firework Spectacular SFCC. Finneston. llipm. The best show of all'.’ And it's free. Accompanying music ranges from classical to rock.

0 Buchanan Street Street Events Final of the Princes Square Street Entertainment Competition (tkkes place at mouth of the square). Also performances by chaotic street theatre group Natural Theatre Company.


0 Dance Workshop Queens Park Baptist Church. 111.311am. £1.51). Takenby Liz Ingram of Rotating Dance Co.


o Tollcross Tanzi liasterhouse Community Centre. 8pm. See Fri 15. o Pandemonium Puppets Carnwadric Community Centre 2pm. See Fri 15. O The Sleamie Barlanark CommunityCentre 2pm. See Fri 15.

0 Merry Mac Fun Co liasthall Residents Hall. See Sat 16.