0 Art is listed by city first then by venue, running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not laterthan 10 days before publication date.

0 ANNAN GALLERY 130 West Campbell Street. 221 5087/8. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm Sat 9.3(lam—12.3(lpm.

Joe Kearney The featured artist in the gallery’s general selection ofoils and watercolours by contemporary artists. mainly Scottish.

0 ART GALLERY & MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 357 392‘). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Restaurant. [D] Voluntary guides are available free ofcharge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Contact the enquiry desk.

A Gala Celebration Sat and Sun. 16 and 17 May at 3pm. £2 (£31.50). Artist Keith McIntyre is joined by dancers. musicians and 300 umbrellas in this newly created performance art piece. See panel. Prior to the performances the artists will be resident in the gallery and may be visited by the public from Thurs 14 May until the Sunday performance.

Scottish Colourists Until Sun 31 May. Fergusson. Peploe. Cadell and Hunter were grouped for convenience because of their common interest in colour and free handling ofpaint and not because they comprised a coherent stylistic group. They did however share influences and from 1900—1914 they all worked in Paris. and fell under the heady sway of Cezanne and the Fauves. This exhibition is an interesting selection of their work with some fine sketches and paintings. Hunter‘s especially are full of French bohemian life and the heat and colour ofthe Mediterranean.

Beyond Image Boyle Family Until Sun 17 May. A delightful show which baffles as much as it intrigues. Random squares of the ground have been painstakingly reproduced in fibreglass. stone by stone. flaw by flaw. Last chance to see this fascinating exhibition.

William Leighton Leitch Until early June. The Glasgow-born watercolourist whom Queen Victoria was pleased to employ to teach art to herselfand her family. Anne Frank in the World Mon 18 May—Sun 14 June. The exhibition

moves from Edinburgh to Glasgow with an important and not-to-be-forgotten message about the evils that can penetrate even a so-called sane world. After years of hiding from the Nazis. Anne and her family were captured and sent to Bergen-Belsen. Only her father survived. This exhibition juxtaposes photographs and commentary about Anne and about the growth of Nazism. a faction which still unbelievably exists in the world today. ‘A stirring statement against racism and facism‘. MS.

Community Connections Extended to Tue 26 May. Lively photographs show the rich diversity of cultures living and working in Glasgow today. Glasgow Art Gallery‘s contribution to Strathclyde Region‘s current Multi-Racial Action Year. Landseer’s Monarch Dn View Until late July. The Monarch ofthe Glen, that myth-making stag, moves from the Guinness boardroom to a more public place. It‘s tour will continue to the National Gallery in Edinburgh and then Perth before finally resting privately again at Distillers House. Edinburgh. After so many reproductions the real thing is bound to draw even the most cynical like a magnet. A touch of the Mona Lisas. 0 THE BRIGGAIT 72 Clyde Street. Mon—Sat 9.3(1am—530pm; Sun 11am—5pm. Closed Tuesday. Incahoots Until Sat 28 May. They describe themselves as cheeky but sophisticated. They are three young textile designers who live in Glasgow, look to Peru and Africa for inspiration and sell to natives and deep south Londoners alike. In this exhibition they show their new range ofT-shirts and earrings for summer. complementing the ‘earthy look‘. Living Arts From Africa Until Sat 23 May. Jewellery from Ethiopia,

mohair weaving from Lesotho and quilts from Soweto these and other crafts from self-help groups in Africa.

0 THE BURRELL COLLECTION Pollokshaws Road. 649 7151. Mon—Sat lflam—Spm. Sun 2—5pm. Rest. [D]

The glittering prizes ofone man‘s wealth shown under one roof. The surrounding park offers a taste of the country.

Regular recitals held. See Classical Listings or contact venue for details. 0 COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682/2416. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. Sat l2—4pm. Perspectives: Glasgow—A New Look Until Fri 26 June. The biggest photography commission ever mounted in Scotland. this exhibition takes a new look at Glasgow through the lens ofseven photographers. The city is evident in some but unrecognisable in others. See panel. 0 CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street, 221 3095.

Mon—Fri 9.3(lam—5.3()pm. Sat 9.30am—12.3()pm. Selected British Paintings and Drawings 1900-1950 Until Thurs 28 May. The Gerber Gallery brings together some ofthe best known

Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove, Glasgow

Liz Ingram secured space for the special project ‘A Gala Celebration’ from the highest authority. The Lord Provost himself gave the word to a reluctant Art Gallery and Museum at Kelvingrove that an empty space be made available to Liz and her colleagues. And never mind the carpets.

Indeed the performance sounds a messy one— but in the name of art. Liz and her partnerJane Simpson of Rotating Dancers will be covered In



plaster, dried off and dance away from their shells. Keith McIntyre, a young painter recently settled in Glasgow, will be putting brush to paper as the audience filter in. That’s just for starters. This piece which McIntyre describes as ‘performance art’ also includes 300 umbrellas, a Borders’ ballad singer, Andy Hunter, and new music written by a Glasgow composer, Derek Howton.

It all started at last year’s Edinburgh Festival when McIntyre was one of the ‘artists at work’ in the Art College Show. His installation, based on a

two-year stay in the Borders town of Moffat, took the town’s Gala Week and set a silent stage in black and white. Rotating Dancers saw the piece and choreography seemed a natural step. Dancers become ‘moving sculpture’ says McIntyre.

Amongst the many meetings inherent in this ambitious performance past and present, town and country, visual art and dance and music— Keith also points to the joining of Maytest with the Edinburgh Festival in its creation, a friendly gesture. See Listings for details. (Alice Bain)

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