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Craig’s Close 2 9 Cockbum Street Edinburgh

Reservations 031226 3537

Pimpernel is French Country Cooking, is Charcoal Grills, is Fresh Fish, is Restaurant, is Bar with Bistro Food (£2.60 for 2-course Lunch), is owned and personally run by Peter and Irené.


BOOKS ON Hedges“ NUTRITION + SPQCJAL pic/rs + VEGETARIAN COOKING. +£11.17;ka “VE MEDlClME, . . . .

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LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—11pm (last orders 10.30pm)

’10, amcinon Close Cockbu Pm SLF‘EEL E DIN EBLJ PSI—i

225 5141591

:3 Scottish Music lniorrnation Centre 7 Lilybank Gardens. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm (open Weds till 9pm).

{91118 Star Club 42 Carlton

Place. Booking through venue 4292558.

«1 Riverside Club Fox Street. Booking through Third Eye Centre. «EThealre Royal Hope Street. Tickets through Theatre Royal Box Office. Mon—Sat. 10am—6pm (till 7.30pm on performace days). 33] 1234. (‘redit (’ard

bookings on 332 9000. Bar :

and Buffet available. «L: Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre Finneston. Booking for SE('(‘events through venue Box ()ffice. 248 3000. Some tickets available from Ticket (‘entre outlets (552 5961 ). The car park isthc recommended view point for the closing Firework Spectacular. 0 Springhurn Museum Springburn Library. Ayr Street. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5pm. Sat 10am—1pm and Sun 2—5pm. Information 557 1405. :1: Third Eye Centre 350 Sauchiehall Street. Tickets through Third Eye (‘entre Box Office. Tues—Sat 10am—5pm. Suns 2—5.30pm and during evenings on performance days ( the centre is closed on Mondays). No postal bookings. Tickets on sale in bookshop. Phone bookings collect 30 minutes before perf. Tickets not available from Ticket (‘entre outlets. Exhibitions are free. The Third Eye isopen (including bookshop) Tues—Sat 10am—5.30pm and Suns 2.30—5.30pm. <3 Ticket Centre (‘andlcriggs. (ilasgow. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm. Ticket Booking centre for a wide range of Mayfest and other(ilasgow events. [inquiries041552 5961 2 3: (‘redit cards 227 5015. 227 5038. The Ticket ('entre also has outlets at the King's Theatre and Mitchell Theatre (including Moir Hall). Some tickets ordered through the Ticket ('entre can be picked up at the venue. some can't check with Ticket ('entre. ('redit card bookings should be picked up from the Ticket (‘entre the day before performances. (Only for Theatre Royal and Mitchell Theatre show will credit card booked tickets be available for collection at the theatre.) NB when buying tickets through Mitchell Theatre of King'sTheatre Ticket Centre outlets for shows


at other venues. this I facility is only available between noon and 6pm. :1- Transmission Gallery 13—15 (‘hisolm Street. Trongate. Tue—Sat Noon—6pm. Information 552 4813. @Tron Theatre 63 . Trongate. Tickets through ' Tron Box Office. Tue—Sun. Noon—11pm (till 8pm on non performance nights). 5524267 8. Phone bookings in advance must . be collected three days before performance. Tickets booked on the day must be collected 30 minutes before the performance. (‘redit card 1 bookings ( Access only) taken on the above numbers. Tickets for Tron shows are not available at the'I‘icketCentre outlets. @VolunteerCentre i

Elmbank Street. Booking through venue. 226 3431 or954 0000. {It WASPS 4th Floor. 22 King Street. Trongate. Mon—Sat Noon—6pm , (open till 8pm Thurs). I Information 552 2330. Winter Gardens Peoples Palace.Bookingthrough I Third Iiye Centre and

TicketC‘entre Outlets (552 5961 ). Tickets also

available on the door on



.Barlanark Community Centre 33 Burnmouth Road. 773 1812

O Barrhead and Neiiston Unemployed Workers' Centre Carlibar Primary School. Main Street. Barrhcad. 881 06151887 8] l8.

OBarrowiield Community Centre 3 Overtown Street. Barrowfield. 554 8412.

C Camus Place Project ('amus Place.

Drumchapel. 944 9344.

O Craigend Centre Sunnyside Primary

School. Powric Street. 774 9565.

0 Castlemillt Community Centre (‘astlemilk Drive. 634 2233.

O Carnwadric Community Centre 160(‘arnwadric Street. 638 8751.

O Dalmarnock Centre 1.in Street. 556 4776.

O Dalmuir Community

Centre Duntocher Road.


0 Dolphin Arts Centre 7

James Street. Bridgeton.

554 1671/7449.

0 Drumchapel Community

Centre 320 Kinfauns

Drive. 944 1009.

O Drumchapel Unemployed

Workers‘ Centre 5 llCClit

Place. 944 9400.

O Easterhouse Leisure

Centre Lochend Road. 771


g C Easterhouse Community

Centre 1 Shandwick

l Street. 771 9056.

i O Eastfield Community Centre Dukes Road.

Cambusland.6418319. O Easthail Primary School Ware Road. Easterhouse/Easthall Residents‘ Association. 771 7020.

O Easthall Residents' Hall Ware Road. Easterhousc. 771 7020.

O Edinharnett Primary School Faif‘ley Road. (‘lydebank. 941 3795.

O Faiiley Family Centre Edinbarnett Primary School. Faifley Road. (‘lydebank. 941 3795.

O Gailowgale Tenants Hall 75 Whitevale Street.to rear of swimming baths. 554 41 16.

O Garthamlocli Community Centre Redcastle Square. 7740681.

0 Geoff Shaw Centre Kerrylamont Avenue. Toryglcn. 647 0969.

0 Great Eastern Hotel 11x1 Duke Street. Dennistoun. 552 1904.

O Govan Fun Pool Ilarhill Street.

0 Govan Unemployed Workers' Centre Pearce Street. 445 4263.

O Househill Community Centre Ilousehillwood Road. Priesthiil.8818()83 (Arts (‘entre 8810263). 0 Jarvey's Bar and Lounge 45 Kelso Street. Yoker. 941 2880.

0 John Mains Centre 401 Cumberland Street. Gorbals. 429 5640.

O Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre Cornwall Street.

0 London Road Primary School 1147 London Road. 556 2923.

O Maryhill Arts Centre 11 Malloch Street. 945 3995. O Maryhlll Burgh Ha1124

(iairbraid Avenue. 945 2475

O Maryhill Community Central Halls Maryhill Road. Maryhill. 3329115. 0 Molendinar Community Centre (‘raighead Avenue. Blackhili. 7707248.

0 Pearce Institute Govan Road.

0 Penilee Community Centre 10 Gleddoch Road. 882 3309.

O Huchill Community Centre 671 Bilsland Drive. 946 8161 ).

O Ruchill Unemployed Workers' Centre Shuna Street. 9465675.

0 Ruthergien Unemployed Workers' Centre Victoria Street. 647 0331.

O Shettleston Community Centre 54 Amulree Street. 778 5783.

O Shettleston Hall Wellshot Road. 554 6642. 0 South Camtyne Tenants Hall Myreside Street. (‘arntyne. 556 7853.

0 South Dennistoun Neighbourhood Centre 13 WhitevaleStreet.554 5315. O Springiield Centre 481 Baltic Street. 554 3278.

O Summerton Centre

Broomloan Road. Govan. 440 1613.

.Tormusii Tenants Hall Scarrcl Drive. Castlcmilk.

. 634 2408.

6The List 15 - 28 May .