Edinburgh’s third Spring Fling runs lortwo weeks, starting on Sat 30 May. The emphasis of the festival (organised by Edinburgh District Council) is very much on local and participation events as well as perlormances - ‘by the people 01 Edinburgh tor the peOpIe of Edinburgh‘. Working to an expenditure budget at £50,

0 Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. City Centre. 225 3614 o Calton Centre. Montgomery Street. (Bet Leith Walk and Easter Rd). 661 9121 o Calton Studios. Calton Road. City Centre. 556 7066 o Craiglockhart Sports Centre. 177 Colinton Road. 443 0101 0 Central Library. George IV Bridge. City Centre. 225 5584 0 Church Hill Theatre. Morningside Road. Morningside o Castlebrae High School. Craigmillar.66l 1282 o Clovenstone Community Centre. Clove nstone Park. Wester llailes. 453 4561 o Craigroyston School. Pennywell Road. Pilton. 332 7801 0 First ol May Bookshop. 43 Candlemaker Row. City Centre. 225 2612 O Gorgie Farm. Gorgie Road. 337 4202 0 Inch Community Centre. Gilmerton Road. Near Cameron Toll. 664 4710 0 Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Niddrie. 6690404 0 Kings Theatre. 2 Leven Street. Bruntsfield. 229 1201 o Leith Community Centre. Kirkgate Shopping Centre. New Kirkgate. Leith. 554 4750 o Mandela Theatre. Gateway Exchange. Abbeymount.6610982 o McDonald Road Library. McDonald Road.(Leith Walk). 556 5630 o Meadowbank Velodrome. London Road. 661 5351 o Hetherbow Arts Centre. 43 High Street. City Centre. 5569579 0 Portobello Town Hall. Portobcllo l ligh Street. Portobello. 669 5800 0 Dueen's Hall. 5 Hope Park Crescent. City Centre. 668 2019 0 Ross Theatre. Open Air Bandstand. Princes Street

Gardens. City Centre 0 Royston Wardieburn Community Centre. Pilton Drive North. Pilton. 552 57(1) 0 Rannoch Community Centre. Rannoch Terrace. Clermiston. 3395351 0 Royal Museum 01 Scotland. Chambers Street. City Centre. 225 7534 o Southside Community Centre. Nicolson Street. City Centre. 667 0484 o 60 The Pleasance, City Centre. 667 101 1 ext4514 0 South Dueenslerry Community Centre. Kirkliston Road. South Queensferry.3312113 0 St Brides Centre. Orwell Terrace. Gorgie. 346 1405 o Sighthill Community Centre. Sighthill Wynd. Sighthill. 453 6078 o Silverknowes Primary School. Muirhouse Gardens. Muirhouse. 336 4334 o Saughton Sports Complex. Saughton Park. 4440422. 0 Thomas Morton Hall. Leith llalls. Ferry Road. Leith.5541408. 0 Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Stockbridge. 226 5425 o 369 Gallery.2()9 Cowgate. City Centre. 225 3013 o Triangle Arts Centre.

West Pilton Bank. Pilton.

332 7877.

o Tollcross Community Centre. Fountainbridge. 229 8448.

o Wilkie House Theatre.Guthrie Street.City Centre. 225 2079. .

0 West End Hotel. 35 Palmerston Place. City Centre. 225 3656.

o Wester Hailes Education Centre.5 Murrayburn Drive.Wester llailes. 442 2201.

o Wester Hailes Representative Council Complex. Hailesland Place. Wester Ilailcs. 442 3202.

000, the Council has provided financial support for groups and events, considering

each case separately. Events range from workshops and demonstrations to theatre, rock, music, sport and an International Writers Weekend (see also Books

Page) and most are tree or have a very low entry charge (box office returns go not to

the council but to the group concerned). Below is a day-by-day guide to events. (Please note, exhibitions are listed on the Arts page in the normal way). ‘Sport’ events are mostly lun. have-a-go-yoursell sports. Events under ‘Women’ are all part at the ‘Women Live‘ lestival. ‘Women

Live’ was established in 1982 and has become a self-contained, yet integral part of

Spring Fling. Aiming to provide creative opportunities tor women, ‘Women Live' otters a range of workshops and performances - this year including a play, ‘Dut ol Boundaries’, which is touring venues. Some events are lor women only, some for

mixed audiences.

Many local communities are holding galas and lair days: Meadows Festival 1-7 June (Fair Days 6 & 7 June, loam-4pm); Pilton Festival 25-31 May, (lnlormation Day 31 May,1-5pm,Craigroyston School); Craigmillar Festival 30 May - 13 June

(Craigmillar Fayre Day 30 May, loam-4pm, Jack Kane Centre); Dean Village Fayre

6 June loam-5pm; Gorgie/Dalry Festival 6-13 June (Fair Days 6 & 7 June, 10am-4pm,Murieslon Park); Prestonlield Gala 7-13 June (Gala Day 13 June 12-5pm, Prestonlield Primary School); Muirhouse Gala 8-13 June (Gala Day 13 June,12-4pm, Silverknowes Primary School); Kirkliston Gala Day 13 June, ttam-4pm; Leith Festival 13-20 June (Gala Day and Pageant 13 June 2.15pm). Tickets lor Spring Fling events are available lrom the venue concerned (the main venues are listed below with telephone number). Tickets lor events at the Assembly Rooms are available there from one hour belore perlormances begin and in advance (nb Assembly Rooms events only) from the Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road (228 1155) Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. There will be a bar in the Assembly Rooms Tues-Sat 6.30pm onwards and Sat lunchtime (11.30am-2.30pm). Seeds Wholelood Vegetarian Cale will be open 10am-8pm on Saturdays at the Assembly Rooms. For lurther information about Assembly Rooms events call Kate Craik on 031 225 3614. For other inlormation call the Arts Outreach team ol E.D.C. on 031 225 2424 ext. 6623/6625 or the Recreation Marketing Unitono31 557 2480.



0 Double Vision Broughton School. Carrington Road. 8pm.

£1 .50. A family show from Streets Ahead Theatre Company.



0 Mrs Mackechnie Meets the Megaloths Theatre Workshop. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). Lung lla'sTheatre Company. a company which specialises in working with disabled people. in a comedy. The Mackechnie family voyage into outer space to vanquish the Megaloths.


o Beating the Bagwash Blues Rannoch Community Centre. 10am. Free. Catch Theatre‘s futuristic adventure story for 5—11 year-olds.

0 Spacemen and Party Frocks Assembly Rooms.

2.30pm. £1 .50(50p). TAG. who always bring wit. imagination and originality to their productions. continue their recent policy of presenting plays for primary school children with this play by Paula

Macgee. about friendship.

also seen during Mayfest. For 7—10 years.


0 That Swing Thang Assembly Rooms. 12.30pm. Free. Limited places. book early on 031 557 2721.

o The lnspirational Choir Ross Theatre. 1pm. Free. Gospel music from a choir of 22 singers and a nine-piece band.

0 Maclash Craigmillar Gala. Jack Kane Centre. 3pm. Free. The ever-popular Merry Mac Fun Co in their latest touring show featuring Wild West costumes and a look. through comedy. at the plight of Scotland unemployed.

0 MacLash Mandela Theatre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). Seeabove.

0 Best Party in Town Assembly Rooms. 8pm. £5 (£3); £3 (£2). A nightof comedy. cabaret and music. produced by Arts for Labour. featuring the inimitable Hank Wangford and band and a line-up of alternative and radical music and comedy acts.


0 Rock 619 Calton Studios.

Calton Road. 5567066. 9pm. £2.50 (£2). Tickets on the door and at Scales. West Crosscauseway. Promisinglocal talent. The Crocs‘ name has been spotted on a few leather jackets about town.


0 Tea Dance-Swing ‘87 Thomas Morton Hall. 3pm. 50p (includes refreshments). Tickets in advance from The Kard Shop. Great Junction Street. Leith. A popular event which has become traditional with Spring Fling. Test out your two-step and socialise.


o lntemational Cycling

Meadowbank Velodrome. 1pm. Free. An event at the Meadowbank Velodrome (upgraded for last year‘s Commonwealth Games) and organised by the East of Scotland Cycling Association. McKays Supermarket will be sponsoring the event.


0 Edinburgh Fringe Film

Festival Assembly Rooms.

10am. Free. Not to be confused either with the Edinburgh International Film Festival orThe Fringe Film Festival which normally takes place in the autumn. This is a chance to get practical experience of makinga video. This first session leads up to a dayof shooting on Sat 6 June to be followed by a halfday of editing. Places are limited so book early: 03I

557 2721. Another course.

running parallel to this one. begins tomorrow with a follow-up day on 7 June.


O Gorgie Writers Workshop Assembly Rooms. 8pm. 50p. A slice of ‘Tenement Life' told in storiesand song by (iorgie Dalry Writers' Workshop.



o Subways to Sunshine Ross Theatre. 11am. Free. A wonderful-sounding opportunity for 12— 16 year-olds to spray paint at will in the cause ofmaking art. All-day workshop. Book in advance: 225 2424 ext 6623/5.


O Maclash Mandela Theatre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). See Sat 30 May.

0 The lnkspots King‘s Theatre. 7.45pm. From £2.50. A night ofnostalgia from the 30s' and 40s‘ group who brought you such classics as ‘Whispering Grass‘.


o The Rockshop In frontof Craigroyston School. 1pm. Free. A day ofmusic and information. Local bands I look And Pull Gang. Badman Posse.

. Roach Motel and the

The List 29 May— 11 June 9