Lung Ra’s Theatre Company. formed by Richard Vallis in 1984 with the aim otenabling mentally and handicapped people to become involved in the arts. has achievedtremendous success with its previous Spring Fling projects: Lung Ra's Monkey and The Ddyssey.The Odyssey became the subject ot a Scottish Television documentary to be broadcast in1987. This year's production. Mrs MacKechnie Meets The Megaloths. will again have a verystrong visual content. The result oltive months of work with a team ot experienced artistsand pertormers. it tells the tale of the MacKechnie family. who journey into space to put paidto the Megaloths. See Sat 30. Theatre.

Muirhouse Drama Group in a fantasy-cum-social satire.

o Blacktriars Wynd Assembly Rooms. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). See Wed 1

0 Sing My Bird Assembly Rooms. 8pm. £1 (50p). Edinburgh Playwrights‘ Workshop present a workshop production of a new play by Betty Stone. set in South Africa in 1902. and focusing on the dilemma of one woman. who has to choose between duty and blood ties.

0 Out otBoundaries Portobello Town Hall. £1 .5() (5(ip). 8pm. See Mon 8.


0 Soccer Sevens East Pilton Park. 4.15pm. Free. See Wed 3.

0 Why Flies Buzz Craigmillar. 7pm. 5(lp. Sec Mon 8.


o Maclash Triangle Arts Centre. West Pilton Bank. 7.30pm. Slip. See Sat 30.


o Khoros Dance Theatre Churchhill Theatre. 7.30pm. £1 .5() (Slip). A contemporary dance ocmpany based in Edinburgh performs a varied programme.


0 Dance Workshop/Keep Fit Jack Kane Centre. 1(lam. Free.

0 SoccerSevens East Pilton Park. 4.15pm. Free.

0 Orienteering Run Corstorphine Hill. 6pm. Free.

o Two-Mile Run The Meadows. 6pm. Free.


0 Tea Dance - Douglas Wyllie Trio Assembly Rooms. 3pm. 50;» (includes refreshments).


0 Women Live: Body

Wonder Jack Kane Centre.

1.30pm. Free. Francoise Sergy's performance explores women in sport. through movement. dance. music and images. Presented in conjunction with Edinburgh District Council‘s Women in Sport.


0 Grand Union Workshops Assembly Rooms. 2pm. Free. Limited places: book in advance tel ()31 225 2424 ext (3623 5. See Tue 9 June.


0 As I Please Central Library. Noon. Free. A selection of her favourite prose. poems and music. presented by Scottish Television's Sheena McDonald.

0 Edinburgh Review First of May Bookshop. (rpm. Free. A free readingof work by Tom Leonard. Florence Turner and Angela McSevveny. presented by the magazine Edinburgh Review. Refreshments and creche.

0 International Mushaira Netherbow Arts Centre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). An evening ofinternational culture presented to complement the ‘Asian Voices' poetry exhibition at the Scottish Poetry Library. Poets and musicians from the multi-cultural

communitiesof lidinburgh and the Lothian area.



o Muirhouse Revisited 1.eith Community Centre. 7.30pm. 5(ip. See Wed ll). 0 Blacktriars Wynd Assembly Rooms. 7.31)an £2 (£1 ).See \Vcd

0 Seeds of Silence .s‘t Bride's Community Centre. 7.3(lpm. £1.5ti (£1). Amulti-media community event combining mime. dance. voice. film. puppets and a sixty-piece orchestra to explore the role ofsilenee in our lives.


o The Big Chance Assembly Rooms. 8pm. £1 (511p). A night of cabaret featuring ten local acts. If you want to involve your own act please contact the Merry

Spring Lothian Dance Company. a sucesstul company of local young dancers. here choreographed by Peter Royston and Marilyn Williams. See Fri 12. Dance.

Mac Fun Co on (131 556 8897.


o Khoros Dance Theatre and Guests(‘hurchill Theatre. 7.311pm. £1 .50 (Slip). See Wed 11).


0 ClimbingOutw'ith Iidinburgh. 9.45am. Free. Run by the Drake Fellowship. Apply by ringinglifsl 557 1265.


0 Women's Film Night Southside Community Centre. Spm. A selection of humorous films tnade by women Topics range from the problems black women have with hair to a Columban film about being a housewife. There will be discussions. Women only. May have to change venue due to the election -~ please check: 03] 337 2425.


0 Grand Union Workshops Assembly Rooms. ltlam. Limited places: book in advance by ringingll31 225 2424 ext (3023 5. Free. See Tue ‘) June.

0 Print ltYourseltDpen Workshop Assembly Rooms. 1pm. Free.

0 Video Workshop Southside Community Centre. 7.3tl4)..‘~thitn. Free. Creche. Women only. A chance to learn about techniques with the Women's Film. Television and Video Network.


o Susie Drbach ln Conversation Assembly Rooms. 7.30pm. £1 (5(ip). Susie()rbach. the author of Hunger Strike and I'm/s (1 Pentium! Issue in conversation. See also \Ved ll).

0 AWaulk l' the Dark Assembly Rooms. 1.15pm. £1 (5(ip). A poetry slide performance in which a man walks through the streets of Edinburgh looking for the answer to a question.

Presented by Common Force Theatre. CrCche. o Dverweighty Issues Central Library. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 2.30pm. Free. Susie ()rbach. author of Hunger Strike and Far is u I't’mim‘s'! Issue. dismisses her work. 0 International Mushaira Netherbow ArtsCentre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). See Wed Ill. 0 Dress Casual Netherhmt- ArtsCentre. 8pm Free. Leilh \Vriters‘ “'orkshop give a free performance of their recent work sketches. poetry. music and short stories.



o Muirhouse Revisited Royston Wardieburn Community Centre. 7.3(ipm. 5tlp. See Wed it). o The Pitmuchty Pig Assembly Rooms. 8pm. £1 (511p). lidinburgh Playwrights' Workshop in a workshop production of a new play by Athole Cameron acomedy dealing with ancestry . research and

consery ation.

o Blacktriars Wynd Castlebrae High School. Craigmillar. ".fstipm. 5tlp. See Wed 3.

0 Seeds ot Silence St Bride‘sCommunity Centre. 7.311pm. £1 .50 (£1 ). Sec Thurs l l.

o I Woke Up This Morning Netherbow Arts Centre. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Mimage. a new mime company . in theirfirst show alookat public and personal rituals and the way they shape our lives.

0 Dutot Boundaries Drama Studio. “ester 1 failes

liducation Centre. 8pm. £1.5(lt5flp). See Monb‘.


0 Why Flies Buzz'l‘ollcmss CommunityCentre. 7pm. 5(lp. See Monh‘.


o Maclash (‘alttm Centre.

Free. See Sat 30.


0 Rock Night: Eastmeets West Assembly Rooms. 226 2427. 9pm. £3 (£2). Line-up includes The Big Dish. llue and Cry (tbc) and Deacon Blue.


0 Spring Lothian Dance Company Churchill Theatre. 7.30pm. £1.50 (511p). Peter Royston and Marilyn Williams have choreographed work specially for l.ohtian's company of youths.


0 Walking ( )utwith litlinburgh. 10.30am. Free. Coaching. provided by the Drake Fellowship. for young people aged

lb- 24. limited places. Apply by ritigirtgt131557 12(35.

0 Tea Dance Carrickyale Commmunity Centre. 1.15pm. Free.


0 Women Live: Body Wonder Southside ('ommunityCentre. Spin. See \Ved ll).


0 Print It YourseliDpen Workshop Assembly Rooms. Illam. Free. All you need to know to produce protessional looking graphics and posters including mastering the art of Computer ( irapliics and getting interesting results from photocopiers.

0 Grand Union Workshop Assembly Rooms. Want. Free. limited places: book in advance by ringingtifsl 225 2424 ext 0023 5. See Tue Ultine.

0 About Face Workshops Royal .\1ttseum of Scotland. Chambers Street. lilamty 1.45pm. £1.25 per session. Try out different techniques of hair and lace decoration from around the world. Book in advance otth 225 75.54 ext 26f).


0 Dress Casual Netherhtm Arts Centre. Spin. Free. See Thurs 1 l.

O A Waulk i' The Dark Assembly Rooms. 1.15pm. £1 (5tipiSee Thurs l l.



o l Woke Up This Morning Netberbow ArtsCentre. 2.3(land 7.311pm. £2(£l 1. Sec Fri 12.

o Muirhouse Revisited Clovenstone Community Centre. Cloyenstone Park. 7.30pm. 511p. See \Ved ll).

12The List 29 May— 11 June