0 Scottish Questions (Scottish) 10.40-11.40pm. Sheena McDonald chairs an election special which considers the issues of particular significance to women voters with tour women candidates, Maria Fyte (Lab), Ray Michie (Alliance), Jenny Herriot (SNP) and Aileen Bates(Con).


0 It’s Wicked! (BBCl ) 9am- 111.55am The new Dr Who. Sylvester McCoy. makes a guest appearance on the kids show that comes from Glasgow this week.

0 Right to Reply (C4) o-o.3()pm 200th edition of the access programme which gives viewers the chance to quiz the programme makers.

o The Thirty Nine Steps ( BBCZ) Hitchcock all over the place this weekend. Made in 1935 when he was at the height ofhis British Success this will make an interesting contrast to tomorrow night‘s Spellbound.

0 Scottish Assembly (Scottish) 1.45-3pm Malcolm Wilson with another special edition of the representative discussion programme. Following up Friday‘s Scottish Questions. the topic is again ‘women'.

0 The World at War (C4) 7. 15-8. 15pm At times this series has seemed rather dated in its attitude to the war but it nevertheless remains an impressive film record. This is the last programme - an epilogue made personally by series producer and currently head of Channel Four. Jeremy Isaacs. which was described by one paper as a ‘poetic reflection on the human cost ofwar‘.

0 Miss Julie (BBC2) 10-1 1 .4()pm Patrick Malahide makes his first tv appearance since The Singing Detective in August Strindberg‘s seminal tragedy exploring the themes ofsexual frustration and class division. The story of a rich young woman‘s impetuous affair with a servant shocked audiences when first performed.

0 Spellbound (C4) 10. 15pm-12. 15am A Hitchcock psychological thriller from 1945 starring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck and featuring a dream sequence of Freudian images created by Salvidor Dali. Bergman plays a doctor who falls in love with a medical imposter (Peck).


0 0n the Spot (BBCI ) 6.35-7.25pm A

chance for Scottish viewers to put questions to SNP leader Gordon Wilson - See Tues 2 June.

0 Space Craft (C4) 6-6.3(lpm A new series looking at how to make the most out of a small amount of living space with practical ideas for things like platform beds and transformable tables.

0 too Great Sporting Moments: ‘Mr Snooker’ (BBC2) 2.5(1-3pm Just everyone would like to know what would have happened if an on-form Steve Davis had played Joe Davis. the unbeaten winner of the World Championship from 1927-1946. during his peak years. Well as a second best a chance to see Joe‘s skills in action when he came out of retirement in 1962 to play the snooker star ofthe day. John Pulman.


0 Down Home (C4) 6-7pm From Appalachia to Nashville: First in a rerun of the four part documentary series presented by Shetland fiddle player. Aly Bain. A guide to the musical ancestry that leads from Scotland to Nashville.

0 0n the Spot (BBCI) 6.40-7.30pm An adaptation of the formula that a viewer in a regional studio launching an exocet ofa question at the PM in the last election campaign by challenging her on the sinking ofthe Belgrano. Sadly she won‘t be personally on the spot this time round - Norman Tebbit will be fielding the questions for the Tories on Wednesday. Tonight David Owen and David Steel; Thursday Neil Kinnock.


0 Election '87: The View From Scotland (C4) 8.30-9pm Scottish Television's contribution to Channel Four‘s examination of this election as seen from the regions. Presented by Colin MacKay.

0 Scottish Questions (Scottish) 1().4()-11.4()pm Devolution is the topic and for or against Dennis Cannavan (Lab). Menzies Campbell (Lib). Winnie Ewing (SNP) and Michael Forsyth (Con) will hope they have the answers. ‘0 Lizzle’s Pictures (BBC2) 9.25-1().25pm New drama series.starring Lisa Harrow as mid-life crisis photographer. written by the writer ofthe loved-it-or-hated-it mini-cab drama with Maureen Lipman. Shifrwork.

o Porterhouse Blue (C4)

10.05-1 1 .(15pm Tom Sharpe‘s Oxbridge comedy has been adapted for television by Malcolm Bradbury whose own university comedy. The History Man. was adapted for


BBC2. A four part series this stars David Jason as Skullion. the latest in a legendary line ofcollege porters. and Ian Richardson as the new Master who intend to shake the up the college‘s dubious academic reputation.


0 Scottish Assembly (Scottish) 111.4(1-1 l.4()pm. 51) unemployed people and fifty people in employment discuss the parties employment proposals.


0 Crown and Shamrock ((74) 9-9.3(lpm This century has seen the almost complete decline of the once powerful Anglo-Irish landowners. Cyril Cusak narrates a new documentary series that traces the history and legacy of this group.

0 Scottish Questions (Scottish) 10.40-11.40pm Addressing amongst other things, the young vote with Ken Livingstone, Lady Olga Maltland, Sue Slipman and Alex Salmond.


0 Scottish Assemny (Scottish) Afternoon. The issue in the election headlines this Sunday afternoon will be the subject ofthis live programme.


0 Scottish Assembly (Scottish) 8-9.3(lpm. The Scottish leaders of the main parties answer the questions as the election campaign enters its final days.


0 Election Night At time ofgoing to press timing ofcoverage was still to be decided. Choose between Dimbelby and Day on the BBC or The Scottish Television Team who are for the first time anchoring the programme from Glasgow (although they will still link with Alastair Burnet et al at ITN). Scottish Television will show the Sean Connery alpine romance Five Days ()ne Summer after the election programme ends. to bridge the gap tillTV AM‘s coverage.

The most wooed section of the electorate. the four million 18-22 year olds who make up the ‘first time voters‘ are invited to phone in their political comment and opinion on Radio 1‘s Election Documentary. beginning Monday June 1 . 5.45pm. Radio 4 has exactly the same idea on Wednesday 10. 11am in The Radio Generation.

No surprises in the stations‘ presenters for election night; Radio 2 field Jimmy Young (from 11pm) and Radio 4 Susannah Simons and Brian Redhead (from 10pm). Jimmy Young. mindful of Princess Anne‘s advice about boredom. intersperses commentary - from Brian Curtois and the Guardian‘s Michael White

with plenty music. Twelve hours later at 11am. both teams will be back analysing it all in reverse.

The election aside there is much that's good this fortnight with Monday plays from award-winning writers Rose Tremain (The Kite Flyer. R4. June 8. 8. 15pm) and the Irish Jennifer Johnston (The Railway Station. R4. June 1. 8. 15pm; a live relay of Scottish ()pera‘s well-receide production Billy Budd. by Benjamin Britten. from the Theatre Royal. Glasgow. R3, June 3. 7. 15pm (with a 1961) pre-performance recording of Britten discussing the opera with his librettists E M Forster and Eric Crozier at 7pm); a new six part series addresses the question of how best to come to terms with one‘s feelings about drug users in Dealing with Drugs. R4. Sun 7. 4pm (VHFonly) and the unseen dangers to livestock of the apparently harmless bracken are reported on in The Bracken Wars, Radio Scotland, Monday 1 June. Anniversary-led programming unearths two occasions to commemorate in June: the death ol George Gershwin (titty years ago on 11 June 1937, aged 38), and a triumph for The Beatles with the launch (on 1 June 1967) of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. their most celebrated LP. Monday 1 June is Beatle Day when Radio 1 will play Silofthe world's most successful. lucrative. and mould-breaking records between 5.31)am-5.3()pzn. A 91) minute slot the day before. 31 May. is given over to Sgt Pepper on R1 at 7pm. presented by Anne Nightingale. Alistair Cooke. who is about to become an anniversay statistic himself when he broadcasts his 2.1)(Xlth Letterlrom America on 19 June. traces the life and career ofthe Brooklyn-born song-writer. creator of Swanee. Rhapsody in Blue and Porgy and Bess in a five part series beginning Wed 11). R4. 12.27pm. (Gershwin‘s work will also be highlighted during this year‘s Edinburgh International Festival.) Also getting the five-series treatment are writers Kingsley Amis and John Osborne amongst others. celebrating a vogue ofwriting in the fifties when to be young. male and angry was to be everything. Now safely absorbed into West End theatre repertoire and the Booker prize-winning lists. the so-called Angry Young Men are discussed and assessed in The Angry Decade. beginning Sun 31 . R4 (VllFonly). 4pm. presented by Michael Barber. Finally. the frequently rocky temperament of the artist in society is recalled in three programmes this fortnight. 'I‘wo suicidal poets. Anne Sexton. (in Like a Woll at a Live Heart. Sun 31. R4. 10. 15pm) and John Berryman (in Love and Fame. Sun 7 June. R4. 11). 15pm) are featured. as is the very much alive Swedish director.lngmar Bergman. Perhaps best known for his film The Seventh Seal. Bergman's relationship with actors varies in description from ‘extraordinarily close' to "alarmingly rough‘ and is discussed along with his work in a documentary on Sat 6 June. R3 7.45pm. (Sally Kinnes).

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