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I go for places like home. For years else?) Mind you. I wouldn‘t have we‘ve been going to St AndrCWS. minded being in their shoes this past where you don‘t need to bother day or two. They‘ve been a pech. with

'abom the water‘ Where you take a _ candles being burned at both ends: mac and worry when you get there if Any sang person would down :gfcwzzfigzrvxgs so nibs and sit in that swanky bar in the Alan Taylor considers whether to voyage a little farther. h y -f l d th I- Wh High Street and watch the world go ' 0m?! you O.” y d 6 ‘me‘ en by. But who‘s sane‘.’ Spike Milligan (Rogete Seetton 267)‘ Taml‘ {Old Michael‘ m0.“ enfam used to say that only the formerly .I‘hey arrived last night. I‘m pretty [ackadaisicauy licking ice_crcam as if terrible. she‘was going round the insane C2"; legitima'tclv Claim thcv.rc SUI'C Of that. When I CRITIC into town it's never going [0 m€]t_ Some “,Orld he Are you gOlng to St sane because they‘ve got cards tO‘ mtd'mmhthg Waverley Bridge was a summers it never would but the Andrei”? h wa? not She confesscd‘ Show they‘re curéd. And 1 rcaliscdl padd‘wk Ch"kc‘j With gleaming weather‘s Played 3 taSt one this Year on her mnerary' Til?“ how can you was nearthe edge last Wednesday. I WOOdCR hOI‘SCS CZICh emblazoned and [he chaps are out in and g0 rgund the WPrld ' he Sald' was on mv way to deliver copy wch With V‘mpmng durCh ‘I‘CChnik or girls in net mueh and it‘s a“ very sentiments cnmdy' Kristina offered to plav chauffeur for something equally pleasant. People always want you to go thc price Of a cup Ofw‘ffcc. She incomprChcnSiblc' Daffo‘ms have BUt the 5U“ and I don‘t get 0" 501 somC.thr.e‘ I remember Ph'hp dropped me at York Place and drove been fmCCd mm bloom‘ pumng to Sttek t0 the Shady Side Of the Street- L.arkm.bcmg ‘FSKCdF’bOUt travel and on. intending to turn the car. I was in Shame the Sum-V Scott Munumcm‘ At teaSt there my Harris tweed I‘m“ bcimg tyPlcany msmar‘ The and out in a minute and the car was and the postcard seller has got a new jacket doesn‘t look so hopelessly out Interwewer finally asked where he waiting for me. Wary of predatory plastic holder for his street-trader ofsync. (I bought it donkey’s years WOUId g0 tf the world was his Oy‘gter wardens. I dashed into the car and it licence and has tied to the railing the ago and the man who measured me (what a ridiculous phrase. I don‘t get was only when I was Clunk_chcking signit hastaken him allwinterto saidlwould disintegrate beforeit it at all). ‘China.‘said Larkin. ‘ifl that I rcaliscdsomcthing was wrong felt-tip: ‘English spoken. American did. How prescient.) As anyone will could come back the same day.‘ There was a can of Fanta at my feet understood.‘ A mild XCROphObIC. If tell you I‘m not the sort ofchap DIIIO. It‘s not that I don‘t which hadn~I been thcrC Sixtv' I‘d had time I‘d have checked the whose idea of bliss is lying on heaps strange people or the look of seconds ago and three Mamgwani antique shop in Dundas Street whose 0f the stuff used to time eggs, going different places. it‘s being away from cassettes on [hC dashboard. The "This is not a museum‘ notice pucc while reading jackic Collins, familiar bricks and mortar. the litter woman at the wheel was not displayed in the window rather takes NO, I‘m not much Ofa traveller. I‘ve blowing across the links. 8()/- and Kristina_ h was as if I‘d walked into a the gilt 0” rummaging ttmOhSSt the been to Ireland, but that’s not really Sliced sausage bedroom at a party and disturbed a htte‘tt‘hrtte- BUt time was Pressthg- abroad. though I‘m sure Frank and The people on Waverley Bridge couple playing ma'rblcs under the That‘s What Ifrtttites me mOSt about Nesta would be happy to hear I’d go seemed oblivious to the fact that they duvet. 1 madc an uncomfortable tellfists- Time~ for them is “CVCT again. But you‘re unlikely to find me were not at home and were as happy exit. NecdeS to say Kristina Preset“? They amhte imd d8Wdte~ holed up in a gite or catch me as Larry. (Another daft saying. Why laughed mm the tears rolled down "10ch along 21nd trail MOUHd yodelling in a pair of lederhosen. should Larry be happier than anyone her cheeks.



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