From 10.40pm on election night, Scottish TV and Grampian TV are linking up with ITN to provide the iullest-yet Scottish and national coverage results, analysis and live pictures irom the key declarations. ITN cameras will be with the party leaders and Scottish and Grampian TV cameras will be at over hall the counts in Scotland. 8y 4am we'll know the result oi 69 at Scotland's 72 constituencies you can tollow the iortunes oi the party using the guide below. In 1983 the Western isles declared iirst; this , time it is likely to be Monklands East or Glasgow Garscadden. We‘ve batched the constituencies according to when we believe they will declare, complete with Scottish Television’s Election Unit head, John Brown’s in-briei analysis oi the battle tor each seat. Mark in the boxes the winning party and iollow the results as they build up through the night. Scottish Television's aim will be to otter a strong Scottish perspective on election night— the hub will be Studio c at Cowcaddens with Colin MacKay, Scottish TV's political Editor (who introduces the election below), and Anne Mackenzie irom Grampian. Sir Alastair Burnet will be in London with lTN‘s coverage. On Friday morning election reports and summaries oi the Scottish story will be broadcast on Scottish Television at 6.35am, 7.35am, 8.35am and 9.353m.

These are app'mimale l “" “W “Nil”- l‘ilWl.‘ l” "C i' ('liéllls‘liy’s‘i' ll’i' l-ill‘i‘lll' " disabled v has no make it a bit moredillieull (‘ampbell is il'\ ing lor limes—some decmfalions \cr‘t close result lor all War on \Varrt director problems here. Maior‘it} for Labour's nets man. . rim-(t time- he‘t‘tittltl be maybe muchlateriilhere tlir'cc (ietrr'ge(i;tllo\\;t} he‘ll mer IZlell, ghgt‘ntstt‘} (cm-hu-Jflhn ' lucky-l-mx Bum

are any "mounts 0' 'L” 'Aberdeen North has e problems in toppling :c :Edinhurgh Central Mel-all. Shotrld be trkgn ticn'dulenl'] (e ,M'cmrmu u problems in getting outlying ~l “innit-s Bob l lughessale Rot . e\ err althotrglr 'l‘or't Sir Ale\ i-‘letcher is lor labour The ion .i 31:45 map” it\_

ballot boxesto count centre. 5 mm, Alliance maiorih is slim in real lrouble(mai business lectttrer. Robert 'c” ~Renirernr Wesiand

_r e;:m.reensOum-..... minnow!!! 't.‘.' fGlasgowMaryhill 4 MARGINAL

\Vhip(ierrt \lalonccotrld Darling an advocate

- .‘ .. . Arrrra \lc‘ftlr‘le) laccsa hase problems. Sale labour. \eis » looks set to be new HP. hm]an “M‘- ShC h l'hree-ts at margrtral. candidate is Maria l~_\ le. MARGINAL (Mcmhng \I‘sndu '32:

Alliance carrre second last (ilzhgtm sli‘li'is‘i :Edinbufgh EaSlSUlL‘ maiorrtt in a .‘t-xsax I A time. with [about close councillor. She “ill be the labour . (ia\ in Strang it,“ Atrium-c him“.- CIaCl‘manna” behind. onl} [.abotrr uoman .\il’ should increase his \tilL‘. mufmnut Sit‘uihchdc Liibi’lir‘?‘ Marlin ()‘Ns‘ill. ' returned irom Scotland. Paisley North I c‘tittl‘lcllltit' 'l‘ornmv 2* {mm hCiiCh dClCiiCC }G|asgow Pollok Sale l.ill7tilll"\ Scottish Whip. (it-"hum ( Intuit”) ,mtl spokesman. willwin. but ' labour. l-‘orrner Rolls Allen Adams. is sale here. 'L" fDuniermline W881 turmer \H’ Dickson hC'll hL‘ liitfd-PTCSSCd by Rotce uorker and Maioril} ism er ".Flitl. Should be Labour. btrt the \htmnt Ammu- ) (mm SNi"_sAllun Mucortncr- Stralhchdecouncillor Alliance's iiileerr 'l'oriesand Alliancelolro (MW Mm”, “Wm, Th" “1190‘! Wmmr." f”. I .limm} l)ttr‘.nachie is Mc( ‘arlrn should be came Ind and 3rd last MM Cilhcu-Uutd duil‘ ,\ th Ni‘lil’mlms- 'lihci’d‘d [.abotrr”snc\\ lace here. second again. time) ha\ e hopeslterc. ' km W“ . ‘iCr-‘i “C” in thc “gum”! :AY'SlWUlil Slit) He takes in er irom .limrn} jPaisley South l‘rank Mot es irom the i 'c“ Iétréthkervin and CICCUUW‘ liN .Wiir- (‘onscrtath e \\ ith White. \sho retires. .\'orman Buchan is sale Alliance lookslils‘s‘li ~ BoorSden ( ~onser‘satite it" ‘Glasgow Central l)elerrccScct‘s‘iili'} it. :Glasgow Provan Sale here. Martino mer' (1.5m. elmllcnuerbut that \lielraelllir’sictiillldciilh labour ’s Hob \lc l Jul—Hi” (ictit‘fe'c Yoltngcl' labour. .lirnmt \Vra} . the ?Motherwe|l North depends on lit)“ mam boaststrn his election . l‘ Sills lis" s‘ :Glasgow Govan sometimes contrmersial Sale labour. John Reid. a 'l'orx \otes he takes. l letterheads 'l-‘rrst mm .L Glasgow RUlhe'glen hunter 1 about" Scots Slrathclsdc councillor. is trade trrriorr oliicial and lab'our's Dick Douglas l “my but \\ ith n l”"‘”‘,\ MKV'VM- Secr'ctar) iiruce Millan is treading tor \Vestmtrrster'. lor‘mcr' adtrser tol.abotrr should just “in. "minute Ht ‘s‘rltl he h;t\;t Str'athebde cottrrerllot . rs sale here he had 55' r ol last time Hugh Brim n leader Neil Kirrnock. is ’L'” ‘Duniermline East rm] (mm (m. hie (mute it, [,nlmui ’s nett man here the sure last time. \\ ho's retiring alter being labotrr's new man. Sale'labour. (iordon act [mick in \Ve‘siniliislcl' “V‘hm'lil'” IN” "N jGIasgowHillhead \il’sirrce lilo-1 got (i450 lolltmrng retiral oilimrm Brtmrr. Labour's regional ith. hunk. Kitchen.” . ll'li't‘llll‘ '” MW" Ntm the out} non-labour ol the popular vote. Will Hamilton. I nt't'nirsspokesman. it,” «mum,» mu] "L""“”i'l‘l.‘ “'91 "hm" : seal in ( ilasgtm. A lor'mcr .limm} \Vt'a)‘ doasxt ell'.’ ‘Motherwell SOUih 'Ci" iFite North East‘l'lre 1 whiniuil- and "mum- lV”"“'f‘ “1‘4" ‘llzl‘l- “l” lot} stronghold. Sl)!’ itfi'jMonklands West Sale Sale labour .lererm liberal Alliance. is ho calm] “in I “cult-immet "“ll'imu‘ “Nil” lotmder Re} .lenkirrs. \s ho [.abotrr. [.abour‘s Scottish Brio . \ll’ lor the area control the district rim 13m”; , mm (c 1m- s'UU'Wlll‘” Rl‘l‘s‘” Hm“ mm the lnmtrus education spokesman since 1974. council. hope to take this alumin- ehgt|lcnuey Anti could be a closer b} -electiorr here in March limit (.litt'ls's‘ 'il ‘LT' TDumbarton Local parliatrientar} seat. imruhtmp,1Cl,,:,em-m-Un Shi'l'V'WS'V l‘iSI. should \\ in. campaigner tor the council problems here Advocate Menzies gum ( ‘mrrumlh A let-(i cm”

.L Monklands Eastmte I I thdhh mu mm liliJh-brolrle. trade and 7 ~ m gamut“. “mum”. llltltlslt-t \pokesman lot- . The Genera Election in even” across the who“; country. .c.. ..Ga”oway add Upper """“”‘ ' " "“‘“"“"”3~' " ' a Scotland will be diiierent. The diiierence is even starker in terms 01 seats won irri‘ns'uare Scottish mamm- We know this has to be so in our ‘iirst past the post' voting system. Cruder put, tttirrrstcr' larr lung \rmuru' .l -‘vll‘()‘ll_.\ guml‘h , because of the presence Layour had twice as many seats in Scofland as the be back. the Challenge- is spttkestilttlt Donald . oi the Scottish National Torres had (41 to 21); whereas the proportions were limo the SN 1’. u wont: l)e\\ .r. hasn't .rm party which is tielding reversed in the whole country (397 Tory MPs and 209 "m" 'f”“‘l‘%“ ""‘l . _. pttrlilcltls here he polled candidates in all but one ' Labour members). film.“2m:‘ii‘i'l‘flfi‘t‘a'w'f' “i” “l “is r‘r‘r‘lr'dr \ “ls oi Scotland’s 72 seats (the ' There are many quite proiound diiierences between .7‘,',:'(\ll;nu “L0,, ,mjw, L ""‘ “m” H“ “"3'” "“ party is standing down in Scotland and, say, England within the United ,l'k.,L.;,,;‘,,u‘S\-,, ( mm. F‘.‘."‘.'fi.‘él“'J‘l‘“ “”“‘ i " ~ Orkney and Shetland and Kingdom. Some are visible (diiierent banknotes, -1~h,,,,,.,,}, m lint), mm mu in” “I, Elf: TH” backing the Orkney/Shetland Movement candidate). Gaelic progammes on radio and TV); others are less so nationalists could surprise ' " ' 1 There is no comparable nationalistpartyin England- butno less important—ourseparate national church, again. But the Iorreshas'e

labour ‘s coal spokesman

re sale her e .triitirtust in,- l although there is one in Wales, called Plaid Cymru. law and education system. Other lactors—our Originator“) 9"" rr 5W).

. i ~ ' ' :c‘n’ -Dumirtes()nent the an mining corrtrrttrrrrtres. , So the presence oi iour parties or party groupings In Industrial and commercial development, ior example .. , _, . Murmur ts m ct Moo- tiut r Scotland, compared with England’sthree, is enough - may be very ditterent irom some parts oi the United :iitt'litrltil 15,3353; 31 run-old earn-am. Alan 3 to guarantee a ditterent kind oi result north oi the Kingdom. but similar to others. Miners in Scotland gimp“ “Tm m. Wk Dc“ 4” "or" “is “WW 2 Border on 11 June. But there is another reason-the would find moon in common With miners and "'9" it? ' ZAngus East i \i I“; 1".“ ‘f'j‘m‘l l“ “m” comparative levels oi support ior conservative and communities in Yorkshire. Scottish iinanciers talk the gt;in-'irm--( ierter'al Peter is?" i‘ title'siemilslels r )oti'tld 7 mm" in s‘m'and and lo the United Kingdom as a same jargon as brokers in the City oi London. Many oi Fraser laces another g1L.MH-\ mm ,mm ; whole. our lirmest belieis are commonly held throughout the strtntrzclmilcnrzc irom p“mum,” "(m p \ we In the IastGeneral Election in 1983, votes were cast United Kingdom. .sts r> Prat ost Andretv as natiortalrsl .\ll’ lea\ es a ; as iollows in Scotland (UK in brackets): Labour 35.1 % Finding a reason ioriite differences is therefore not “Fl‘l‘: l’r‘f‘.“ Silt-’5‘, “f‘l‘ big gap, .s‘.\' i) hope Ian f (27.6%); Conservative 28.4% (42.4%); Alliance easy. How you ieel about the ditterences (and indeed G Smith \\ .rr till a rm: n 24.5% (25.4%); strip 11 ,30/0 (1 5% including Pratd about the similarities) will condition how you vote. 56mm,”1_um“,.\,mm mrghtn'l be that east. cymru), The best way to assess the alternatives is to read the mm, “mm, mm i:lint?3:35:33; 80 immediately it is clear that Scotland votes parties' maoiiBSios and leailetS. 9010 "to" meetings spokesmaer ieorge m: Anionic Mimi; ditterently irom the United Kingdom as a whole: the and ask questions, watch the coverage oi the l'tittlkcrs is cert sale here. ,mmdem, Numb Tories were second interms 01 votes to Labourin campaigntrail and—when you've done allthatand :gj_jt;iydebankand an 0, rum”... ( Mum Scotland, while well ahead or them in the UK, The cast your vote see how many telt like you by watching Milngavie labour ‘new Macdorrald murtr pip both Alliance vote on the other hand was spread iairly on Election Night! my social “ant lecttrrer

'i GThe List 29 May— 11 June