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When} Collin alcott was

illed three yearsago

was thought to be the end of Oregon, the very successful four-piece group that he had co-founded in 1970. They had perfected an eclectic style of essentially acoustic jazz fusion, using eastern and western instruments with a range of percussion but no drum kit. and combined with superb musical skill. With new percussionist Trilok Gurtu, who worked with and was a friend of Walcott‘s, Oregon has evolved further down its razor’s edge path between New Age meanderings and rhythmic cross improvisations. Oregon (see photo) play the

Citizens‘ Theatre, Glasgow on the 30th with Ralph Towner using more keyboard synthesiser than his

usual immaculate guitar; Paul McCandless on oboe, bass, clarinet, English horn and soprano sax; and Glen Moore on piano, bass andllute.

(Norman Chalmers)

o The Andy McIntosh All-Stars Heineken Late Night Jazz (‘lub. Hospitality lnn. ('ambridge Street (open

1 1pm—2am. £2). 332 331 1. Alto sax session man leads pick up band.

0 Sarah Vaughan Sings Gershwin Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 8pm. £12. £10. £8. £6, £4. A unique singing phenomenon. l‘our octay es and endless tonal shading. ()ne ofthe world‘s greatest singers. See panel.

0 Oregon (‘itizens' Theatre. (iorbals Street. 8pm. £6. £5. £4. 'l'hegreat fusion band. New Age improyisations. but with a backbone. See panel.

0 Kit Carey Jazz Band Qtlo \'adis. 1860 Paisley Road \Vest, 883 6.533. Ilil‘ttti band.

0 The Jimmy Feighan Duartet with Shelagh Buchanan Abbolsfoi'd Inn. 13 Nithsdalc Crescent. Bearsden. 943 0333 942 9332. See .‘ylon 29.

o The Gordon Cruickshank

QuartetCross Keys. 1 Station Road. Milngavie. 9564211. Driving modern tenor player. presenter of Take 'l'liclazz Train.

0 Saxmobile Gillespies. 26 (heapside Street. 221 7704. See Fri 26.

0 George McGowan's Big Band The Roxy Disco. Maryhill Shopping (’entre. Maryhill Road. 9462147. Big band.

0 Fat Sam's Band ('opthornc Hotel. George Square. 332 671 1. See Fri 26.

0 Bill Fanning‘s Big Band (handlers. 2 Kilbowie Road. (‘1ydebank.052 8190. Big band.

0 Bobby Deans Duintet Masonic Arms. Main Road. (‘ondorral. (‘umbernauld 67 21470. Modern tenor sax.

0 Duncan Whyte'sJazz Band Hooters. 15 29 ()swald Street.2215020. Bobby Hackett mainstream band.

0 Trombone Ensemble 39 Steps. 95 Union Street. 221 5020. See Sat 27.

o Kyle/Keddie Sextet (handlers. 2 Kilbowie Road. (‘lydebank. 952 8190. See Fri 26.

o Fionna Duncan's Hotfive Heineken Late Night Club. Hospitality lnn. (‘ambrdige Street (open 11pm—2am. £2). 332 3311. Great Glasgow singer. belting them out with a smaller band. 0 Dizzy Gillespie and his Big Band and Jon Faddis Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 8pm. £10. £8.£6. £4. ()ne of the creators of modern jazz. Superb trumpeter and showman. With a big group of top-flight musicians including his protege Jon Faddis. Be bop and be there.

0 Scottish Blues Night (‘itizens‘ Theatre. Gorbals Street. 8pm. £6. £5. £4. Tam White has

0 Nigel Clarke/Graham

Duftin DUO Fotheringay. 21 ,

Nithsdale Road. Pollokshields. 423 1088. Guitar duo ofquality. broad ranging and expert. 0 Kyle/Keddie Sextet (handlers. 2 Kilbow ie Road. (‘lydebank. 952 8190. See Fri 26.

o The Jimmy Feighan Ouartet with Shelagh Buchanan Masonic Arms. Main Road. ('ondorrat. (‘umbernauld 67 21470. See Mon 29.

0 Gordon Campbell All-Stars Shadows. 73 Bath Street. 332 0352. Trombone leads.

0 The Bobby Deans Duinlet Hooters. 15 29(1swa1d Street. 221 4583. Quality sax. modern.

0 The Gordon Cruickshank Duartet 39 Steps. 95 l 'nion Street. 221 5020. See Tue 30.

0 Duncan LamontAll-Stars Videodrome. 33 39 York Street. 221 8568. Tenor player with visiting band. 0 Jimmy Hastings All-Stars Atholl Arms. 134 Renfield Street. 332 5265. Tenor player with Benny (‘artcr Band.

0 The Bobby Wishart Quartet, Heineken Late NightJazz Club. Hospitality Inn. Cambridge Street (open 11pm—2am, 9:2). 332 3311. The best foursome playing around Scotland. centred on Wishart‘s assertive and eloquent sax.

"'3 "r; .‘W‘F‘.’ .Tfh-L

0 Tai Mahal and his Blues Band (‘itizens' Theatre. (iorbals Street. 8pm. £6. £5. £4. American blues singer and guitarist with eight-piece electric band. Since his early 70s‘ success he has moved to a broader-based African sound. See .lazz panel.

0 Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra Mitchell 'l'heatrc. Granville Street. 8pm. £5. lixpei'ience mectsyouth. Benny (‘arter was one of the very first arrangers of big band jazz. Bobby Wishart has been licking this orchestra 1111(1\1111P(‘1t11 lessthana year. An eye opener.

0 Jimmy Hastings ()uo \'adis. 1860 Paisley Road \Vc‘sl . SS_3 6533. Visiting tenor saxophonist.

0 Tommy Hulcup’sJazzmen .»\bbotsf'ord Inn. 13 Nithsdale Crescent. Bearsdcn. 943 0333 '942 9332. Dixieland.

o Fionna Duncan's Hot Five (‘ross Keys. 1 Station Road. Milngay ie. 956

421 1. See 151126.

0 The Jimmy Feighan Quartet with Shelagh Buchanan (iiilespies. 3o (heapside Street. 221 7704. Sax \ ibesand mainstream vocals.

o The Gordon Cruickshank Ouaflelfopthorne Hotel. (icorgeSquare.3326711.

Top Scottish tenor player.

0 Six Pack (handlers. 2

John Lewis played piano and arranged for an earlier Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (Dizzy Gillespie Big Band, 1 July) and vibes man Milt Jackson contributes to some of Dizzy‘s small group recordings. They can be heard in the evergreen Modern Jazz Quartet in the Festival Opening Concert on the 26th alongside another piano and vibraphone combination that has Vadis‘ 18m Paisley Road dovetailed with remarkable consistency over the West. 883 653850;. Sat years. Gary Burton is the Virtuoso vrbraphonrst who, 27. using up to four mallets at one time, performed 0 George Penman's through the crossover late fins and 70s in Jazzmen Abbotsford inn. combinations from Stan Getz to Keith Jarrett or Pat 13 Nithsdulc Crescent. Metheny and currently leads his own band with Bearsdcn. 943 0333/943 Edinburgh's Tommy Smith on tenor saz. He taught 933.; 5“ 5'32“ 8 d Tommy at Berklee Jazz College in the States. His 1:11:53" partnership with Chick Corea has been continually Roa‘d‘ Mi'lh‘gavic‘ 956 fruitful. Corea is formidable solo performer on the 431 1_ Trad band. piano, classically trained but with a background 0 The Bobby Wishart through Latin music, jazz/rock in Miles Davis’ Quartet Gillespies. 26 groups, his own highly successful Return To Forever Cheapsidc Street» 231 fusion bands to the seven part Lyric Suite For Sextet, 770“- 506 33137- written for a string quartet and the Corea/Burton duo (see photo). (Norman Chalmers)

wonderfully textured vocal delivery. and the Dexters‘ tight little electric blues band is augmented by some ofthe ablest brass players around.

0 Trombone Ensemble Ouo

$62 (ebbing; {or ale/mics

. 0 Alex Dalgleish All-Stars 26 Cheapside Street, Glasgow (33

Copthorne Hotel. George Square. 332 6711. Dixieland band.

8 The List 26 June 9 July