fun and sex they reflect that the feminist movement. Skilfully yesterday all their troubles seemed made on a low budget. this futuristic so far away. Short on plot. The Big political film retains a powerful (‘lii’ll is rich in sardonic humour. driving narrative without sacrificing pertinent music and expert ensemble its ideological integrity. Edinburgh; acting. Edinburgh; Cameo Filmhouse

. Blue vetve” 18) .3 (David Lynch‘ 0 Boy SOldiBH 15) (Karl Francis. UK. US‘ 1986) KVIC Mucl‘achhm" 198(1) Richard Lynch. James Isabella Rossellini. Dennis Ilopper. DQ"“¢“¥~ Bernard Lathi‘m‘ “)0 1201mm. Sm. pimd Edinburgh; mins. ()n patrol in Northern Ireland Cameo a private in the Welsh (iuards shoots

0 Body Heat( 18) (Lawrence Kasdan. 1‘ ClVlllim 1“ PimlC during ‘1 US. 1981 ) Kathleen Turner. William disturhimCC-1111h00111Cf)'lhi”

Ilurt, Mickey- Rourkc, 116 mine follows the incident. he is charged

Hurt has the hots for Turner. so her With murdcr 21nd Pressure is Put On

hubbv (‘renna is set for an earlv him by 1110 army 10 plL‘iid guilty. An men“ 1” “Hummus LA SWIVCWCIC grave. and the insurance company for CffCCliVC portrayal 0t 1110 Ordiniif)‘ that would be totally undistingmshed a big pay-off. Splendid update of lOOlSOldle With PriliClPlCS‘ caught “1mm” Murphy‘s Chan-“mil” Double Indemnity with a UP 1" SGmCthmg h“ d‘wsnit

presence. The mega-hit. carbon

. . drenchineg sweaty atmosphere (the understand. though a less fussy copy sequel is due in the autumn.

sex has a lot to do with it) and a script ICChnique might have been more

- - - - i ‘- StrathCl-‘idci Rial“) that leaves teethmarks. Edinburgh; potent. Edinburgh: Filmhouse . ""8 88.6mm alms to Now“ a rewew O The Big Chill ( 15) (Lawrence (‘ameo 0 Cactus ( PG) 2': (Paul ('ox. olevewlllmlobesee""109W?" Kasdan‘ Us. 1933)(;lcn (105C. 0 Born in Flames(15)(l.izzie Borden. Australia. 1986) Isabelle IIuppert. scouand mime nexliorinlgm' For Kevin Kline. JeffGoldblum. 105 US. 1983) Iloney. Adele Bertei. 8() Robert Menzies. Norman Kaye. Uh Frog'amfng "mes see 'ndmdua' mins. A group ()fcollcgc friends mins. The Future. 'I'en years after mins. Static. slow-moving sensitive Cinema llsungs- . {mm thc‘Sixtics are lln‘cxpccmdh. the peaceful 5mm dcmncmnc romance as Iluppert visits friends in (Ul'umversal’ sui‘ame mm” 8988' reunited at the funeral ofone ofiheir revolution in the US. little has Australia i" CSCUPC {mm 1‘ {311111121 (PG) - Parental Guldance §uggesmd as number who has committed suicide. Changed. The women's armv seeks marriage and loses the sight in her be unsunable tor During the weekend of friendship. to expose 'I‘he I’arty's repression of left eye following a car crash. Iler (15)-No one under the age of 15 admitted. (18)-Nooneundertheageof18 HOME OF THE BRAVE admitted.

Home of the Brave (U) (Laurie Anderson, US, 1986) Laurie Anderson and musicians, William S. Burroughs. 90 mins. Laurie Anderson‘s Home Of The Brave is like no other concert film you will ever have seen, just as her concerts are not simply concerts, but expanded, multi-media events. Anderson is the most enigmatic of performers, and the film captures the diversity and crafted unpredictability of her stage work, a carefully integrated, occasionally disruptive combination of song and dance, music and electronics, projected films and slogans, sound and light.

The music featured is from the 1984

fi—New Release.

0 Agnes of God ( 15) (Norman Jewison. US. 1985) Jane Fonda. Anne Bancroft. Meg 'I‘illy. ()8 mins. When a new-born infant is found strangled in the room ofa novice nun. court-appointed psychiatrist Fonda is dispatched to uncover the truth behind the grisly events.

Based on a Broadway hit. this is both a teasing detective story and a clearly defined theological tussle. Intelligently crafted middlebrow fare in which Tilly triumphantly nabs the acting honours. Glasgow; (iFl‘ 0 April Fool‘s Day( 18) (Fred Walton.

US- 198“) [)Clmmh “WWW Mister Heartbreaktour, funkierthan Griffin ()‘Neal. (‘layton Rohner. 88 the minimalist strategies of Big

mins. A practical joker invites her science, use" an ohshoo' of her college Chums to spend a weekend in previous mum-media creation, united

her family‘s mansion on a remote States. The musicians include guitarist island. Once there they are

. Adrian Belew, ex-Philip Glass The focus, however, remains on in a face-mask, her voice electronically systematically.“"0211st11mlkillCd- saxophonist Richard Landry, Anderson‘s slight, angular, compelling distorted, playing an electric violin Iiumorous Artifact/1e [31/1 clone is Newcastlehnm keyboard ntayer Joy figure Essentially a story-teller, her apparently made from Old industrial JUSt am“th WW “I "1151} Shlm‘k- Askew, and percussion wizard David insistence on non-musical elements shelving. "'8 a" “8'83 “Wing Shirts. Glasgow; (.annon Sauchiehall Street Van Tiegham' with backing vocals "om |ends the film the kind at inherent rubber guitars, radar, Japanese 0 Beverly‘Hills Cop ( 15.) (Martin nolene McDonald and Janice visual values generally denied to ideograms that turn to fish or dancing Brest. L 198-1) Eddie Murphy. pendarvis‘ but their role within the concert movies, with a succession of men, dislocation, alienation. And it JuggeRcthId~ 510W“ BOW)” songs extends far beyond simply weird, strikingly memorable images YOU'VE never 588" a 90"?" played With 105 mins. A downtown. _ playing; they, (on, are onnged to flicking across the screen. right from a knife and fork, now’s your big chance downmarket. ( hiCitgt) cop Is 0th 0f become performance artists. the opening frames when she appears . . . Don’t miss it. (Kenny Malhieson)

his element but never out of his depth investigating the murder of a

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