What’s on Channel Ten, Hen? The story of how a shrewd. eccentric Canadian millionaire set up Scotland‘s first commercial television station back in 1957.

Sir Alexander Gibson: As Scottish ()pera celebrates its Silver Jubilee. we profile the man who has been. for a generation. the principle force in our nation's music.

Masterclass in trumpet playing in five episodes taken by John Wallace from Fife. now principal trumpet player with the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Dreams and Recollections of Glasgow's great designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh in this feature length re-enactment starring Kara Wilson and Tom Conti.

Scotland Today by the day along with our regular news bulletins are the best way to find out what is happening in Edinburgh in August and in Scotland any other month.

War Crimes -— our investigators went deep inside Russia and tracked back in time for new evidence to document the atrocities of Nazi war criminals who found refuge in Britain.

Festival Live previews the best in arts. music and drama during those three weeks of August when Edinburgh stages the world‘s greatest arts festival.

Festival Cinema in two editions previews the Edinburgh International Film Festival. the oldest in the world. which this year focusses on new British films and Soviet cinema.

Odyssey is the movineg told story of how a troupe of handicapped actors brought the great epic to life on stage in Edinburgh at Festival time.

Acropolis Now is an anarchic guide to all that‘s best and worst on the Festival Fringe this year. Weekly and. of necessity. late night.

Gateway Cabaret brings together the untried. the talented. and the quite unusual in a wild series of forty minute shows this autumn where anything goes.

Aly Rain and Friends at the (Clyde) Riverside Club features the pick of contemporary Scottish talent playing across a range from traditional to rock.

Extras by Alex Norton is a play for a new Channel Four drama series. First Sight. Set in a Glasgow massage parlour. the patter is funny but the business is serious

Shadow of the Stone is a six part film series about a girl possessed by an obsession to sail. But is she also possessed by a woman burned centuries back for daring to go to sea‘.’

'l‘aggart is Scotland's Number One Detective. And he is in the UK Top Ten as well. Mark McManus stars again in the next three part serial Funeral Rites coming soon.

As a nation. our output and events outrank those of any [TV English region: tennis with McEnroe and Lendl from Edinburgh; a world netball tournament and international ice hockey from Glasgow; golf from Glenbervie; shinty from Fort William; and an international Curling Skins Game. All that before our soccer season even gets serious.

Take the High Road is our twice weekly networked serial. now in its seventh year. of life in the Lomondside village of Glendarroch.

The Campbell’s is the story of a Scottish family in 19th century Canada. Made in co-operation with North American partners. this long running series starring Malcolm Stoddard was shortlisted for an international Emmy this year.


An historic live broadcast: The first ever simultaneous transmission to the Soviet l'nion. Eastern Europe

by Sit/wrt'liunnv/ satellite to Western Europe and across Scotland. On Sunday. ()th August. at 7.45pm. Scottish Television will broadcast the opening concert of this year‘s Edinburgh Festival. 011 the 701i] Aiiniversar)’ of the Russian Revolution the 1987 Festival takes as its theme Soytet Art. Hundreds of Soviet mtisicians. dancers. painters and poets will be seen by Scots ~—— in Edinburgh. In turn. Scottish Television will mark its 30th birthday with this frontier-breaking

broadcast projecting Scotland to the rest of Europe by satellite.