Saxophonist Tony German in the suit designed tor him by Dominic Snyder. Photo by Sean Hudson.

Glasgow artist Dominic Snyder is establishing an increasing reputation tor his boldly striking jazz ligures, exemplitied bythe huge backdrop tor Plattorm Jazz promotions at Edinburgh's Queen's Hall. and more recently by a similar commission lorthe Newcastle Jazz Festival (see picture). Dominic's love torjazz goes backa long way. and crucially informs his work; it may not be entirely unrelated that the artist is keen on the idea at collaborations with other artists-jazzthrives on creative interaction. His latest such venture.

tollowing a successlul



exhibition at Newcastle wit photographer Sean Hudson. lies in a line otT-shirts carrying images by himselt and lellow-Glaswegian Jim Hamilton; as Dominic explains. their association istied up with-okay. you

I guessed. “I've beentriends

with Jim tor years in tact.

we lormed a jam club at


Glasgow College of Art. and we have both been involved

with the music ever since.

Jim isaverytalented draughtsman who works in

a caricaturist vein. and we

have worked on posters

: together in the past. The

T-shirts should presenta striking contrast. This is an unashamedly commercial venture. but I leel nowthatl wantto produce these images. which I have developed over the years in a line art context. in more accessible lorms.

‘There is always a danger tor any artist in getting into a particular groove when you seen to be churning something out all thetime. That can get very stale. and itbecomes very ditticultto get outside at the work, to remain objective. There are a couple at things I have maybe produced undertoo much pressure to meet deadlines or whatever. This is giving me a chanceto plan my nextmove.‘

That move may well be into new areas. but Dominic is unlikely to abandon his jazz associations. The immediate luture lies in promoting his T-shirts atthe Bracknall and Edinburgh Jazz Festivals. and honing his saxophone playingto presentable standards (his tatherisa classically trained oboe player): thereafter. time will tell. (Kenny Nlathieson)

A change is as good as a rest they say. so one looks lorward to a reinvigoration ol the James Bond series when Timothy Dalton assumesthe role olthe world's mostconspicuous secret agent in the silver jubilee production The Living Daylights. Thistime 007 assists some Atghan rebels in the continuing East-West struggle. The mixture at daring stunts. toreign intrigue and alluring temmestatales should be very much as betore but perhaps enacted with a tad more vigourthan recent Roger Moore eltorts. A-Ha sing the title song and the tilm opens at Odeonsin Glasgow and Edinburgh on 3July.

Not torthis lotthe dreary round ot album-tour-album etc. No siree bob. thethree design pranksters called Sudden Sway have created an easy-dispose. wash ‘n' wear. shake ‘n' bake parody on 805‘ consumerism and New Town litestyles in a pertormance exhibition entitled ‘Home is Heavenly Springs“. which you can visit in Edinburgh's Floss Theatre. Princes Street Gardens. on Fri 26 June at 6pm and on thelollowing day at 1pm and 6pm (50p). Sudden Sway's previous exploits have included an album ‘spacemate' housed in a cereal box which turned into a personal development exercise (?!). butthis istheirmost ambitious venture to date. Patrons will be able to view the band‘s booth through




datty sideways look at how

torgettopickupyour ‘specialsouvenirgitt onthe

peepholesandinteractwith .

them by placing requests, whilst the remainder otlhe complex otters a simulated tourist excursion. a video kiosk promoting the latest imaginary products. and an advisory service uttering counsel on modern problems like 'snack

indigestion' and “new


Cabaret continues to llourish in Glasgow and Edinburghthistortnight. While in Glasgow the Stella Alternative Week runs at the Third Eye Centre and Ding and Ben (that‘s Hitler and Elton) are on at the Tron. in Edinburgh Scottish Television‘s new Terry llleason Show is being recorded and the Traverse ‘rheatre continues its

r vibrantnew weekend cabaret slot in the the theatre downstairs.

Latest in the series. a healthy mix otestablished and up-and-coming acts. are The Dross Bros. a young and very successlul double act. Hailed as ‘unmissable' by The Independent. recommended as one otthe best revues on the Fringe by Time Out (who?) and nominated tora Perrier Award. their wild combination otvisual and verbal parody sold outat last year's Edinburgh Fringe. They'll be backthis year. but so will thousands at Fringe-goers. so get in quick and catch them atthe Traverse on 3 & 4 July.

colour-scheme orientation'. Well. the whole shebang is open lorthree hours and promises an engagineg

we live today. Oh. and don't

way out!