Glasgow Folk Festival continues to lean distinctively, among Scottish Folk Festivals towards tolkdance, and includes large groups, including musicians, irom Greece, Norway and Bangladesh; and smaller teams representing India, lreland and Lithuania. 0n the Saturday the pubs and Merchant City precincts will echo to the clogs, sticks and belts of various ‘Morris' dancers and each weekend night ends with a ceilidh and dance. There is a relreshing absence oi the circuit iolk band big names, a iact due in part to the Festival Society‘s determination not to get into the debt problems oi a previous administration. Even so, Scottish song is well represented by Stramash and Clutha; Gaelic by Christine Primrose - all as good as you can get. Groups playing music with more instrumental input include Glasgow's Setanta and Eclipse First; Mabsant irom Wales and the guitar electronics, drums and squeeze boxes at the Zydeco Ceilidh Band and the Newcastle Electric Ceilidh Band. There will be a cosmopolitan buzz in Steel Street, where the YMCA Halls operate as a Festival Centre tor the week, a base tor the ioreign groups and open house each day irom 10am till 6pm. Cale and toad available, and iniormation and ticket sales (tickets also available irom the Ticket Centre, Candleriggs, 041 552 5961). A

o Larissa Folk Dancers (Greece) People’s Palace Wintergarden. Noon. Free. Glasgow‘s festival swings into action in the glasshouse on the green. Scores ofGreeks. bouzoukis et al.

0 Grand Opening Concert National Savings Bank Theatre, Cowglen. 8pm. £2 (£1). Evening ofcolour and contrasts with the dancers and musicians of Norway and Greece

o Bul Bergen P

Wintergarden, Noon. Free. Cafe. Fiddles. more fiddles. fairytale costumes and beautiful dances.

o Larissa Folk Dancers The Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. Noon. Free. How are fifty Greeks to fit inside the old Scotia Bar? The Wooden Horse Bar.

0 Zydeco Ceilidh Band and Scotland Yard The Riverside Club. Fox Street, 8pm. Bar. A rock band that swings. jigs and squeezes the accordion blues from Louisiana and Lewis. and in the Yard. an arresting approach to the contemporary music of the folk scene.

0 Scottish German Concert People‘s Palace. Wintergarden. 8pm. £2. Bar.

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wondertul sound that was heard all over industrial Central Scotland in the earlier part oi this century, and had since all but died out, is that ol the hammered dulcimer. A Glasgow Study Group, set up a iew years ago to research old playing styles, renovate old instruments and root out old recordings has now a periorming group oi enthusiasts, including old players who in some cases hadn't touched their dulcimer torthirty years, and have a great repertoire oi Scottish music hall

Three generation folk dance group bringing their own accordion band: and the Clutha. the original Scottish traditional music group, who carried the torch when Glasgow was miles worse. 0 Larissa Folk Dancers People‘s Palace Wintergarden. Noon. Free. Cafe. Halfa hundred Greeks bearing down on you. 0 Larissa Folk Dancers in Concert The Riverside Club. Fox Street. 8pm. £2. Bar. Another Hellenic hooley. 0 Alien Arts Company People‘s Palace Wintergarden. 8pm. £2 (£1). Bar. Glasgow‘s own Asian theatre and dance group.

o Trachtengruppe Gronegau People‘s Palace Wintergarden. Noon. Free. Cafe. German folk dance and song group. includes accordion band.

0 Bul Bergen Heilan Jessie‘s. 374 Gallowgate. Noon. Free. Norway in the Gallagate. A return visit to the city by the young men and women. fiddles. accordions and dancers.

0 Star Folk Club: Stramash in Concert Glasgow Society of Musicians Club. 73 Berkeley Street. 8pm. £1. Bar. An authentic and humorous description of Lowland Scotland and Northern Ireland in ballad. song. story and music by a group of accomplished soloists in whole and in parts.

0 Dulcimer Concert People‘s Palace Wintergarden. 8pm. £2 (£1). Bar. From India comes a master Santoor player. The local equivalent. the

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and dance tunes. They are hosting a

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concert in the Wintergarden glasshouse oi the People’s Palace on the Thursday evening and will have as one oi their guests Shiv Kumar Sharma, a virtuoso dulcimer player irom Kashmir.

On a serious note, the StarClub are holding a Workers Song Concert on the Friday; and on a completely irivolous note, there is an anarchic Chorus Cup competition on the Saturday (see Glasgow Folk Festival Diary). (Norman Chalmers)

hammered dulcimer. is played by some ofthe younger exponents of the successful revival and the old players who have found a new lease oflife in the rediscovered public enthusiasm for the instrument.

0 Udichee (Bangladesh) People‘s Palace. Wintergarden. Noon. Free. Cafe. Both Hindu and Muslim. young and old, Udichee are a new wave Bangladeshi Folk ensemble. with superb musicians. Eighteen strong.

0 Worker’s Song (ilasgow Society of Musicians Club. 73 Berkeley Street. 8pm—2am. £3. Bar. Ireland‘s brothers in social protest song; Pete Castle is a radio folk presenter and songwriter; Patti ()‘Doors are a group based in England but playing Irish and Scots based music. and the concert includes the songs and melodeon of Nancy Nicholson.

0 The Festival Ceilidh People‘s Palace Wintergarden. Spin—2am. £3 (£1.50). Bar. Top folk‘rock band from the North East of England. their equal to The Desperate Danz Band; and one ofWales‘ best singing folk bands. Rapper dancing involves knotting pliable short sword/sticks at high speed while whirling in a jig step and attempting to get in and out ofit with the same number of limbs and organs.

0 The Festival Morris Tour Merchant City Pubs and Precincts. Noon—5pm. Male fertility ritual undergoes slow brewer's droop over the afternoon.

o Larissa Folk Dancers Babbity Bowsters. Blackfriars Street. Noon. Free. Fifty Greek musicians. dancers . and singers. 0 Traditional Singers Competition Festival Centre. YMCA Steel Street. Noon. £1 (entries). For traditional Scots Song. Run on TMSA lines. 0 Music and Family Fun People‘s Palace Wintergarden. Noon. Free. Cafe. The superb Bangladeshi group in an eastern extravaganza. Stalls. food. cafe. bar. 0 Chorus Cup Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 2.30pm. £1 (entries). Sing anything with a chorus. Judged on your ability to get the audience to join in. Bribingofjudges encouraged. One girl in Australia stripped off and won. Ofcourse it's a different climate. 0 Mental Musicians The Tolbooth, Glasgow Cross. 2.30pm. Free. Play anything. preferably preposterous. 0 Festival Concert People‘s Palace Wintergarden. 8pm. £2. Bar. See Fri. Eclipse First are Glasgow’s latest folk band with Maggie Mclnnes singing in English and Gaelic and playing the harp. and accordion. pipes. flutes. guitar and synth. 0 Club Concert and Ceilidh The Festival Centre. YMCA Steel Street. 8pm—2am. £2. Bar. Get your tickets early or you will not get in. Dancing and music for six hours. 0 St Enochs Folk Club St Enochs Folk Club. Howard Street. 8pm—2am. £2. Bar. Songs with guitar and surprise guests. 0 Late Night Ceilidh with the Hot Punch Band The Riverside Club. Fox Street. 1(lpm—2am. £2. Bar. The musicians from Kirkburton rapper. with a wealth oftalent from the floor. Festival Concert Ticket Holders only.

o Singaround Victoria Bar, Bridgegate. Noon. Free. Broadsheet Editor at prayer.

0 The Hot Punch Band Heilan Jessie’s, 374 Gallowgate. Noon. Free. Yorkshire musicians in a great wee pub.

o Larissa Folk Dancers The Briggait. Noon. Free. The Greeks and the Vikings take apart the famous old folk music bar.

0 But Bergen The Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. Noon. Free. From Bergen. two-score top class folk dancers and fiddlers.

0 Free International Folkdance Festival People's Palace Wintergarden. 2pm. Free. Cafe. The perfect family event. Stalls. food, bar. cafe.

0 Farewell Concert and Ceilidh People‘s Palace Wintergarden. 8pm-lam. £3 (£1.50). Bar. Major event of the week with superb Gaelic singer Christine Primrose. folk groups Setanta from Glasgow and Patti ()‘Doors from Leeds. a master dulcimer player from Kashmir and the bouncy ceilidh band the Gallivanters.

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