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0 Island 25: Boy Lollipop to the Joshua Tree (C4) 9.3(i—l()pm Twenty five years ofcreative signings is celebrated with this series of three programmes (see Wed 1 July) starting with this gallop through the archives from Jethro Tu” and Mott the Hoople to Kid Creole and U2.

0 Hammer—The Studio that Dripped Blood! (BBCZ) Heralding a season of Hammer horrors and celebrating the thirtieth anniversary ofthe film that really launched the company to its gory heights of success. The Curse of Frankenstein. this programme looks at the history of Britain‘s most successful film production company. Peter Cushing and Vincent Price are amongst the Hammer hams interviewed and both can be seen in action on Saturday night.


o Dracula, Prince ol Darkness and Evil or Frankenstein (BBCZ) 9.4(lpm—12.4(lam Christopher Lee counting himself lucky and Peter Cushing finding a cushy number as the Hammer production team gets into the swing ofthings.


0 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (BBCl) 3-4.4(lpm A new musical low low notes that is and a season of Howard (Clayton Farlow) Keel films.

0 Porterhouse Blue ((‘4)

9. 15—10. 15pm Repeat ofthe last episode of the excellent adaptation ofTom Sharpe’s college capers.

0 Theatre Night: The Barretts oi Wimpole Street ( B BCZ) 7.35—1l).2(lpm Enjoyable production of Rudolph Besier‘s classic with Jane Lapotaire. Joss Ackland and Jeremy

Brett. telling the emotional story


o The Rock ‘N’ Roll Years(BBCl) . 8—8.3(lpm New series commemorating the events in recent history by recalling all those rock music associations. This is the third series and we have reached the Seventies which means. after we have brushed aside Don McLean. T Rex. Ted Ileath and Nixon. Punk. 0 Arena: Dennis Potter (BBCl)

l 1. lllpm—l2.1()am Repeat showing of the Alan Yentob's wordy interview with the author of The Singing Detective whom the BBC have just commissioned to produce more controversial dramas. but immediately preceeding a season of Potter reruns starting tomorrow with Where A clam Stood.


0 BBC Design Awards (BBCZ) 9.25—1l).25pm Black mark to tts for not drawing attention to these awards in time for you to vote . . . Amongst the finalists viewers were asked to choose the winner from was Blueprint. The Leading Magazine of Architecture and Design and its art editor. Simon Esterson. Since Simon also designed The List you can imagine who we‘ll be rooting for!

o The Far Country (C4) 9—10.5(lpm Part one of a two part mini-series from Australia starring Michael York. Based on Nevil (On the Beach) Shute‘s novel it tells the tale of an angst-ridden Czech doctor on the run from his past following the Second World War and seeking rufugc in Australia. Desperate to conceal his medical past and hopelessly in love with Sigrid Thornton. events conspire to challenge his safety.

0 Island 25: Still Touching the Soul (C4) 1().5()pm—12.2()am Continuing



Aspread lrom

Design Award too? See Wed 1 July.

ward winning Blueprint magazine - but will it pick up the BBC

the story of Island Records with Paul Gambaccini examining the label‘s influence on rock music over the last quarter ofa century.


0 Ellis Island (Scottish) 9—l()pm Ellis Island was the processing centre where US immigrants in the early years of the century were vetted. This was the first taste of America for many of the world's poor and huddled masses— and not a very pleasant one at that. But all good stuff for a mini-series. The white man‘s Roots it stars the late Richard Burton as well as Faye Dunaway.

o The RKD Story ( BBCZ) 9.3(l—1().35pm ‘I was promised the tallest. darkest leading man in Hollywood. I assumed they meant Clark Gable.‘ Fay Wray’s screen lover turned out to be King Kong— one ofthe classic RKO films featured in this first episode ofa six part history ofthe film company (which will include an interview with the late Fred Astaire). narrated by Ed Asner.

o The Corries and Other Folk (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.(l5am New series of International folk music lead by the Scottish band.


0 Island 25: Alright Now (C4) lllam—lpm. Three-hour birthday party with live musical contributions from U2 and Courtney Pine amongst others. to wind up Channel 4‘s coverage of the Island record label.


0 First Sight: Who's our Little Jenny Lind?(C4) 9. 15—10. 15pm Six different ITV companies have contributed to this new series of made on video one off plays by writers new to television. The first. made by Yorkshire. and written by Christine Parr stars Dennis Waterman as a top club comedian whose wife decides she wants to be in showbusines too . . .


o Milingo (C4) 1050—] 1.50pm Emanueal Milingo was stripped of his priesthood by the Catholic church authorities for leading his flock to black magic and witchcraft. Now he is developing an international following in Rome. This film tells his story from mud huts in Zambia to the steps of the Vatican.


o P’tang Yang Kipperbang (C4) 9—1().3()pm Proofthat whatever the summer you can‘t rain off a good repeat. This is one ofChannel Four‘s earliest successess. the charming tale of clumsy. always in trouble boy of fourteen. set in the summer of 1948. Literally providing a commentary on the boy‘s dreams. John Arlott‘s voice dominates a powerfully nostalgic device which makes the film.

0 Point ol Order (C4)

1(J.3()pm—12. 15am The Army- McCarthy hearings caught on this documentary as a vivid and remarkable drama.


An eyei yoay story ofcountry soap. sorry. folk. can only mean one thing the Archers. now in its 37th year and the worlds most successful soap. Barry Norman looks into the Ambridge phenomenon on Sat 27 June.R4. 10.15pm.

Pirandello survived the ‘taciturn apathy. suspicious mistrust and jealousy' found in the souls and customs of the people of southern Italy where he was born and went on to found his own theatre company. Teatro d‘Arte di Roma. win the Nobel Prize for Literature. be acclaimed as the world‘s greatest contemporary dramatist and now to be the subject of a short season on Radio 3. He is discussed (Which or us Two. Sat 27. R3. ll). lllpm). performed (No one knows Why Fri 26. R3. 7.30pm. with David Suchet and A Woman in Search at Herself. Tues 30. R3. 7.30pm. with Gemma Jones. Jon Strickland and Robert Lang) . and assessed in Crisis in the Mirror. Sun 28. R3. 5.30pm. Producers of the calibre of Piers Plowright (Which at us Two) anti John Theocharis (A Woman in Search of Herself) suggest it will be illuminating radio.

Radio 3 also goes into the thorny subject ofmusical politics. specifically those of the Third Reich in its continuing season Opera in the Third Reich. On Wed 1 July. 8. 10pm. Strauss‘ one act tragedy Daphne is broadcast while 0n the Tightrope. Wed 1. R3. 7.30pm and Inner Migration. Thurs 2. 4.20pm illustrates the conflict between the opposing strictures of the regime and the composers' own inclinations.

In vogue again Muriel Gray fills in forJanice Long. June 29 to July 2. R2. 7.30pm. while the latter is on holiday and the country and western singer. Hank Wangford presents a new six part series Looking lor a Lonesome Yodel. Wed 8. 8.30pm. Now sadly only halfofone of the best-loved comedy duos. Ernie Wise also begins a new show. Wise on the Wireless. beginning Thursday 9. 10pm. The plays wot he wrote have obviously paid off for in the serial he plays the filthy rich owner of. amongst other companies. the Ernie Wise Blockbuster Motion Pictures Inc. plc. in which every release gets to star Ernie.

The tale Charles Dodgson told on a river to amuse his young niece is re-worked once again - this time by choreographer Glen 'I'etley for the National Ballet ofCanada. The production opens at the London Coliseum on Tuesday 30 and Glen Tetley discusses his work the same night on Kaleidoscope. R4. 9.45pm. Notching up the classics. there is a new production ofThe Merchant at Venice with David Suchet as Shylock and Hannah Gordon as Portia. Fri 3 July. R4. 7.30pm. Martin Jenkins produces.

Images or Liverpool includes pies and cakes. docks and high rises and the Tate of the North. The first of three programmes begins on Thurs 9. R4. 8.30pm.

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