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Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat 9.30am—1pm Admission Free

Hunterian Art Gallery

Crawford Centre for the Arts UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS

Until ‘28 June Ruth Saxon: Baroque relleetions Robin “(‘88: photographs of Life From 3 July Non-residents welcome: group show of twelve young artists Maisie comes to St Andrews: original artwork by Aileen Paterson

Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Cooncn

93 North Street. St Andrews (0334) 7616-1 extension 591

I'L' I

i1! 27 June 26 July

DAN GRAHAM: Video/Cinema JOHN CHAMBERLAIN: Recent Sculpture

The Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh EH1 lDF Telephone 031 225 2383 Admission Free Open Tues—Sat 10—5.30 Sun 1.30—5.30

29 Market Street Cafe Bookstall

Subsltflsea by the SCOIIlSh A'ts C0uncil


478 WEST REGENT ST: GLASGOW (32 4 751.041.2221 6:37;?)L


NEW GENERATION ARTISTS from the four Scottish Art Schools

Subsidised by me SCOIIISh Arts COUnC£i

O COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon—Sat lOam—5.30pm.

Max Sbllner (Niirnberg exhibition) Until Sat 27 June. Exquisiter composed etchings and paintings by this Niirnberg artist. now in his fifties. Small bronze sculptures balance weight with scale ~ illustrated in the catalogue. a chair looks at least full size. In the gallery it is a surprise to find you could hold it in your hand. The most satisfying ofthe Niirnberg exhibitions.

O FILMWORLO De Courcy's Arcade. 5 Cresswell Lane. 339 8555.

The 007 File 3 July—end Aug. A 25th anniversary exhibition ofJames Bond film posters and stills.

O FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm.

0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. Mon—Fri 10am—9pm. Sat l0—5pm. Summer Exhibition Fri 26 June-Wed 26 Aug. An exhibition ofclasswork from various visual arts activities at the Arts Centre Drawings and painting. weaving. knitwear and photography.

0 GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 128 Ingram Street. 552 0704. Mon—Sat 10am—5 . 30pm.

Side by Side —J. Durr and Botond (Niirnberg exhibition) Until Wed 1 July. Two Nilrnberg artists. Landmarks by Altons Bytautas Sat 11 July—Sat 1 Aug. Etchings. paintings and drawings made after spending six months in Orkney where the standing stones exerted great influence. Bytautas has been working as artist/technician at the Studio since 1979.

Scottish Print Open Show Entries for this show must be submitted by 15 Aug. Contact Print Studio for details and entry forms.

0 GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Hillhead. Mon—Fri9.15am—9.15pm; Sat 9. 15am—12. 15pm.

William Hunter— Book Collection Until 26 June. Display of the collection donated to the University Library by surgeon William Hunter.

0 HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Glasgow‘s museum for children.

A Box at Surprises Until Mon 24 Aug. See Kids page.

0 HALT OAR 160 Woodlands Road (open during bar hours).

Jazz Caricatures Until Sat 1 1 July. Carol Kidd. Herbie Hancock and Bobby Wishart at the hands of Morton.

0 HILLHEAO LIBRARY 348 Bytes Road. 339 7223. Mon—Fri 9.30am—1pm. 2—8pm: Sat 9.30am-lpm and 2-5pm. (‘losed Wed Bliittner, Lassen and Biihler (Niirnberg exhibition) Until Sat 4 July. Three Niirnberg artists who work within the abstract tradition ofGerman painting. The first two combine collage with paint while Biihler puts his energy into an expressionistic style.

a HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University ofGlasgow. iiillhcad Street. 330 5431 . Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm. Sat 9.30— 1 pm.

The Northern Renaissance Print

(Niirnberg exhibition) Until Tue 16 July. From their fathomless collection of prints. the Hunterian‘s latest theme looks at the etchings. engravings and woodcuts of northern artists from Germany, Holland and Flanders during the fertile period between the late 15th and 16th centuries. Diireris highlighted to coincide with the Niirnberg Festival. Others include Lucas van Leyden. Altdorfer. Cranach and Bruegel.

The Mackintosh House Gallery:

Open as above but closed for lunch 12.30—1.30pm. 50p admission on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. A reconstruction of the architect‘s home fitted with original furniture. Graphics at the Art Nouveau Era Until summer. A style of line par excellence. the art nouveau movement is represented by the work of E. A. Taylor. Aubrey Beardsley. Jan Toorop and others. 0 HUNTERIAN MUSEUM The University of Glasgow. 339 8855. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm. Sat 9.30am-1pm. Twice named Museum ofthe Year. the Hunterian Collection includes objects ranging from (‘aptain Cook‘s Pacific treasures to the Bearsden Shark. Museums at Work Sat 27 June—29 Sept. Find out what museums do for their collections and their visitors. New Painting ‘The Interior ofthe First Hunterian Musuem with Statue ofJames Watt' by William Stewart

( 1823—1906). Two artisans inspect Watt‘s model engine in the Hunterian of Victorian times. while glancing with reverence at the statue of its inventor. Recently bought at a Glasgow sale. this painting is now on permanent exhibition in a section which deals with the achievements of Glasgow University.

0 IMAGES GALLERY 74 Hyndland Road. 334 5311. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm. Nineteenth and twentieth century watercolours and etchings.

O LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. 956 2351. Tue—Fri 11am-5pm and 7—9pm: Sat and Sun 2—5 m.

Milngavie Art Club Annual Exhibition Until Sat 27June.

Between the Lines Fri 21 July—Sun 9 Aug. A retrospective ofwork by Willie Rodger.

Paintings by Arthur Miller Fri 21 July—Sun 9 Aug.

0 McLELLAN GALLERIES 230 Sauchiehall Street (enter by Rose Street entrance). 332 1132. Mon—Sat 10am—6.30pm.

Contemporary Graphic Art lrom Niirnberg (Niirnberg exhibition) Until Sat 1 1 July. Three upstairs rooms have been used to display art by 73 N'Lirnberg artists. Not much ofa punch is packed in the large echoing rooms and only a few artists manage to make any impression. Siegemund‘s tiny heads on chairs and tables have a crazy attraction and Anette Blocher uses sand and paint in subtle collage.

0 MAIN FINE ART The Studio Gallery. 16 Gibson Street. 334 8858. Tue—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Natasha Mann (Niirnberg exhibition) L'ntil Sat 4 July. The colourful work ofa Niirnberg artist. See panel.

42 The List 26 June 9 July