See the jazz giants blowing up a storm in Glasgow

june 26-]uly 5.

SARAH VAUGHAN SINGS GERSHWIN. ROBERT FARNON CONDUCTS THE BBC SCOTTISH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Sponsored by Harp Lager ) - ‘The first real jazz singer with a vocal range equal to that of an opera singer’ THE MODERN jAZZ QUARTET Re-united, and playing better than ever. As Milt jackson says, ‘The sound just mellows with age . . . like fine wine’ -

CHICK COREA/GARY BURTON On piano and vibes,a partnership with almost

telepathic interplay - DlZZY GILLESPIE’S BIG BAND WITH jON FADDlS

(Sponsored by Guinness Brewing). The undisputed trumpet master, father

of bebop - BENNY CARTER ‘The King’. A master multi-instrumentalist for

over 6 decades, and one of the definitive alto sax voices - OREGON One of

the most eclectic and original groups performing today. A fusion of American tradition, European classical music and African and Indian musical forms - TA] MAHAL AND THE BLUES BAND Taj feels that some of his music is ‘more modernised blues with roots in the Mississippi Delta’. But there’s a lot more besides - TOMMY SMITH AND FORWARD MOTION At nineteen, Tommy Smith is the most exciting Scottish jazz musician for years. ‘Forward Motion’ won an Outstanding Performance Award from Downbeat Magazine - CAROL KIDD, Glasgow born, one of Britain’s best jazz singers. Plus Martin Taylor,

\‘ Strathclyde Youth jazz Orchestra and other leading groups. Tickets on sale at The Ticket Centre (04I-552 596I); - W‘Theatre Royal (04l-33l I234); Citizen’s

Theatre (O4l-429 0022); The Mitchell Theatre (04l-552 596l).