garbage collector boyfriend leave a trail of murder across the American mid-West. Literate. beautifully judged and impressively performed study ofsmall town torpor and youthful rebellion. Edinburgh; Cameo

0 Betty Blue ( l8) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1986) Beatrice Dalle.Jean-HughesAnglade. 120 mins. Tempestuous tale ofamour fou delivered with all the style (and none of the substance) one expects from the auteur of Diva Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Blood Red Roses ( 15) (John McGrath. UK. 1986) Elizabeth MacLennan. James Grant. Gregor Fisher. l4()mins. Rousing celluloid version of the 7:84 success charting the vicissitudes in the life ofan industrial militant UlingOWZ UH 0 Blue Velvet ( 18) (David Lynch. US. 1986) Kyle McLachlan. Isabella Rosselini. Dennis Hopper. Laura Dem. 120 mins. Lumberton. middle America. would-be boy detective Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle McLachlan) finds a severed car on some waste ground. and when the police shoo him away he decides to do some investigating of his own.

A singular fusion of the cosy and the terrifying which blends kitsch and nightmare. B—movic detection and brutal sexual perversion to deconstruct our cosy vision of what passes for normal society. this is film-making ofremarkable imagination and skill that places its director in the front rank of the contemporary American cinema.

Edinburgh: Cameo

0 Body Heat ( 18) (Lawrence Kasdan. US. 1981) William Hurt. Kathleen Turner. Richard Crenna. Ted Danson. 116 mins. Hurt has the bots for Turner (and why not‘.’). so her hubby Crenna is set for an early grave and the insurance company for a big pay-off. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o The Bostonians (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1984) Vanessa Redgrave. Madeleine Potter. Christopher Reeve. Jessica Tandy. 122 mins. Another exquisitely honed and literate entertainment from the Merchant-lvory-Jhabvala partnership Glasgow;GFT

0 Come and See ( 15) (Elem Klimov. USSR. 1985) Alexei Kravchenko. Olga Mironova. Luibomiras Laucevicius. 142 mins. Byelorussia. near the Polish border. 1943. A village is systematically razed to the ground and its inhabitants exterminath by the Nazi invaders

An appalling indictment of Nazi

atrocities often filmed with a darkly expressionistic brio that becomes cumulatively fascinating and horrifying. Glasgow; GET

0 Crocodile Dundee (15) (Peter Faiman. Australia. 1986) Paul Hogan. Linda Koslowski. 98 mins. Slight but disarming comedy romance starring Hoges as a legendary croc hunter at large among the sophisticates in the jungle ofdowntown Manhattan.

Glasgow; Odeon. Edinburgh; Dominion. Strathclyde; Odeon Ayr 0 Dance With A Stranger ( 15) (Mike

Newell. UK. 1985) Miranda

Richardson. Rupert Everett. Ian

Holm. 102 mins. The true story of Ruth Ellis. the last woman in Britain to be hanged for murder.

A brilliantly-acted. atmospheric production that captures a snapshot of 1955 and a society wrought by social and sexual hypocrisies. Glasgow: GFT o Dodes'Kaden (PG) (Akira Kurosawa.Japan. 1970) 14(lmins. In a shanty town on the outskirts of Tokyo. a little boy escapes from the squalor around him by pretending to be a tram. This opened-out Kurosawa version of Maxim Gorky‘s social-realist masterpiece The Lower Depths takes its title from the sound ofa train running along the tracks Here. the stylised sets and use of colour soon outweigh the interest of a well-meaning but interminable narrative in the manner of Kurosawa‘s often massively worthy Sixties' output. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Eroica (PG) (Andrzej Munk. Poland. 1957) Barbara Polomska. L. Niemszyk. 83 mins. Two ironic episodes. one set in the Warsaw ghetto of 1944 and the other in a Polish POW camp in Germany. reflect on the uselessness ofheroism. Wryly-handled short stories with a lWiSl Edinburgthilmhouse 0 Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)(18) (Woody Allen. US. 1972) Woody Allen. Gene Wilder. Lynn Redgrave. Burt Reynolds. 87 mins. A starry cast for Woody's uneven series ofskctches on the most essential human activity ofall. The mission control episode within the human penis marks the height of comic invention. Edinburgh; Cameo 0 Evil Dead 11: Dead Before Dawn ( 18) (Sam Raimi. US. 1987) Bruce Campbell. Sarah Berry. Dan Hicks. Bruce ‘fastest axe in the West‘ Campbell and another selection of hardy citizens gird their loins and set their Chainsaws running for another ding-dong battle with the pesky evil forces in the woods.

Less gruellingly relentless than the original. this is the smart trash hip hit ofthe year.

Glasgow; ()deon. Edinburgh: Odeon. Strathclydc; ()deon Hamilton

0 Ferris Bueller's Day Dit( 15) (John Hughes. US. 1986) Matthew Broderick. Mia Sara. Charlie Sheen. 103 mins. A sunny spring day in Chicago is far too good to spend locked in a classroom so the irrepressible Ferris Bueller feigns a malady. cuts classes and promises his two best friends a day to remember.

Characteristically uneven Hughes teen comedy that scores with fresh dialogue and appealing characterisations but has the drawback ofsome laboured farce and the need to make meaningful statements. Strathclyde; ()deon Hamilton

0 Flight ol the Navigator (U) (Randal Kleiser. US. 1986) 9(lmins. Inferior holiday fare in which a plucky youngestcr is snatched by desperate aliens and winds up piloting their craft on a merry chase around the globe. More big screen space invaders for the kiddies but not

without its moments. Glasgow; Grosvenor. Edinburgh; Dominion. Strathclyde: Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto 0 The Fly ( 18) (David Cronenberg. US. 1986) Jeff Goldblum. Geena Davis. John Getz. 96 mins. Brilliant reconceptualization ofthe 1958 camp classic. with Goldblum highly effective as the scientist whose experiments with teleportation go disastroust wrong and Geena Davis impressive as the love of his life. Special effects superlatively revolting. Tension sustained throughout. Glasgow; Grosvenor o The Fourth Protocol ( 15) (John Mackenzie. UK. 1986) Michael Caine. Pierce Brosnan. Joanna Cassidy. 119 mins. Old-fashioned and long-winded. lukewarm Cold War thriller with anti-authoritarian agent Caine out to stop Soviet superspy Brosnan assembling and detonating a nuclear device in dear old Blighty. Edinburgh; Dominion 0 Haunted Honeymoon (PG) (Gene Wilder. US. 1986) Gene Wilder. Gilda Radner. 84 mins. Wilder is a 3(1s‘ radio star with a tendency towards chronic hysteria in this scrappy squib which shamelessly plunders gags and routines from genuine comedy thrillers ofthe period. Tier and flat. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street 0 Heartbreak Ridge ( 15) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1986) Clint Eastwood. Marsha Mason. Everett McGill. 130 mins. Rough. tough marines sergeant Clint whips new recruits into shape. tries to get back on terms with his ex-wife. then invades Grenada. Strictly a potboiler from the occasionally erratic. often impressive director. but another monolithic performance from the megastar. Glasgow: Grosvenor 0 Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (PG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1984) Harrison Ford. Kate Capshaw. Dan Aykroyd. 117 mins. ()nly the tiniest bit inferior to its forbearer. this outing finds Indy in 1935 sorting out a rascally Thugee cult. Glasgow; GET 0 Jailhouse Rock (PG) (Richard Thorpe. US. 1957) Elvis Presley. Dean Jones. Judy Tyler. 96 mins. The King made some pretty dumb films in his time but fortunately this isn‘t one ofthem. A lively musical it features Elvis as a jailbird who learns to strum the guitar and play the likes ofTreat Me Nice. Don‘t Leave Me Now and the title track. Edinburgh; Cameo o The Last Picture Show ( 18) (Peter Bogdanovich. US. 1971)Timothy Bottoms. Jeff Bridges. Cybill Shepherd. Ben Johnson. Cloris Leachman. 118 mins. This brilliant study ofsmalltown America in the 1950s rarely puts a foot wrong. lmmaculately photographed in black and white by Robert Surtecs and performed with aching sensitivity (particularly by Johnson and Leachman) this was one of the key Oscar-winning films ofits era and confirmed wunderkind Bogdanovich as a major directorial talent. Edinburgh; Cameo 0 Last Tango in Paris ( 18) (Bernardo

Bertolucci. Italy-France. 1972) Marlon Brando. Maria Schneider. 130 mins. A young Parisienne meets a middle-aged man with whom she develops an increasingly violent and purely sexual relationship. ()ne of the key films of its decade. Bertolucci’s powerful drama is a meditation on the expression and communication of personal identity through intense sexual contact. Brando excels. Edinburgh; Cameo o The Living Daylights ( PG) (John Glen. UK. 1987) Timothy Dalton. Maryam D‘Abo. Jeroen Krabbe. 130 mins. Sec panel. Glasgow; ()deon. [Edinburgh Odeon. Lothian; Cannon. Strathclydc; Cannon Greenock. Cannon Kilmarnock. ()deon Avr 0 Local HeroU’G) (Bill Forsyth. UK. 1983) Burt Lancaster. Denis Lawson. Fulton Mackay. 111 mins. A high-flying American businessman is dispatched to Scotland on an oil—related deal. Removed from the high-pressure atmosphere of his work place he learns a little of life‘s simple pleasures.

A lyrical. melancholy examination of the foibles and eccentricities of mankind with some delightful moments. An ambling. discursive treat and a lasting reminder of the sorely missed skills of Fulton Mackay in the pivotal role as Ben the beachcomber. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Love Letters ( 18) (Amy Jones. L's. 1983) Jamie Lee Curtis. James Keach. 89mins. An up-and-coming DJ discov ers a cache of letters written by her late mother revealing a hitherto unsuspected affair and awakening her own romantic desires. She becomes embroiled in a messy and abortive affair with a married man who refuses to leave his wife and kids. Familiar material treated with the sort of respect and honesty it deservesGlasgow; (il’l‘

0 Mad Man 18) (George Miller. Australia. 1979) Mel Gibson. Joanne Samuel. Tim Burns. 93mins. Atmospheric. futuristic high drama with death-defying stunt work. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Mad Max ll ( 18) (George Miller. Australia. 1982) Mel Gibson. Bruce Spence. 9-1 mins. lixhilarating post-Apocalypse adventure. l’urc cinema and the highpoint of the series. Glasgow; (irosvcnor o Manhattam15)(\\'oody.-\llen.1's. 1979) Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. Mariel Hemingway. 96 mins. Woody wanders through the female jungle of New York in search ofa perfect soulmate after the demise of his marriage. Sublime. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Mannequin (PG) (Michael Gottlieb. L'S. 1987) Andrew McCarthy. Kim ('attrall. listellc Getty. 91) mins. lnane screwball comedy with the cute McCarthy as a window dresser who falls in love with a beautiful mannequin who comes alive for his eyes only and proves to be a time-travelling renegade from ancient Egypt. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon Kilmarnock. Cinema Grosvenor. Edinburgh; Cannon.

The List 111— 23 July 11