0 COULO IT BE that John ‘Hipsway’ McElhone’s new band, Texas, are heading to America to work with Bernard Edwards oi Chic tame?

0 THE RELATIVELY UNKNOWN Slave Trade have recently signed a major management deal with the company that are currently responsible tor Curiosity Killed The Cat. It will be interesting to see the effect this has on the major labels.

0 THE SILENCERS an all-Scottish group based in London, release their second single Ior RCA next week. Called ‘I Can’t Cry’ it is taken from their debut album ‘Letter to Saint Paul.’

0 OF SOME INTEREST IS the EMI recording at the ill-lated Rock Week at the ICA. Called ‘On The Dotted Line (Here)’ the album ieatures tracks by both the Crows and We Free Kings, although neither iully does themselves justice. Others included are Voice OI The Beehive, The Favourites and Crazyhead.

o STILL ON COMPILATION ALBUMS another one tor your collection is ‘The Island Story', a retrospective on the label’s 25 years. Included are tracks by U2, Bob Marley, Steve Winwood and Bryan Ferry. The bad news is that one olthe 31 tracks, Millie’s ‘My Boy Lollipop’ (Island’s first ever hit) is being released again as a single.


0 Peter Gabriel at SECC, Glasgow Genesis at Hampden Park, Glasgow The dilierence between Peter Gabriel and Genesis may at first seem superiiclal. The Iact that Gabriel was once associated with the other three, surely tars him with the same brush as Collins, Banks and Rutherford.

Not so. In 1987, all that Gabriel and Genesis have in common is huge success. Gabriel shows that he is in 1987 - contemporary sounds (particularly Atrican) have penetrated his eclectic and sometimes excellent music. Contemporary issues like unemployment have Iiltered into his songs, evident on ‘Oon’t Give Up’.

He still appreciates the ettectiveness ot good musicianship, when tempered with brevity, and has a back catalogue 01 songs that includes ‘Games Without Frontiers’, ‘Sledgehammer', ‘No Seli-Control’ and the stunning climax

to this show, ‘Biko’. On the negative side, the show made occasional glances to the chest-beating stadium rock clapalongs, although this was otten redeemed by the tongue-in-cheekness ot the act, notably on ‘Big Time’.

At the end oi the show, Gabriel looked live years older than at the start. He gave an honest night’s work, and was worthy oi the several thousand £135 tendered.

While Gabriel appears to have a respect tor his audience, Genesis have none. The blatant sexism ol the Benny Hill introductory video, and Phil’s attempts to levitate the stadium were Irankly insulting to anyone with a mature sense at humour.

The music is still firmly entrenched in 1972. The musicianship was iaultless, and Iew songs lasted less than ten minutes. We had it all guitar solos, drums solos, drum duets, everything except memorable songs.

At the start I thought Genesis would

never compete with the boredom level

at the Scottish Cup Final and Scotland v

England matches at Hampden earlier this year. They in tact surpassed them, and when I woke up, lIound it wasn't a nightmare— Genesis were in tact playing to 25,000 people at Hampden Park. lthink I was one oi them . . .


0 ONE OF THE MORE INTRIGUING releases 01 the month is the single ‘Tell Me Why' by This Way Up. Who? you may ask. Well, This Way Up are actually the combined talents 01 Culture Club’s guitarist Roy Hay, and a Glaswegian vocalist called Robinson Reid. The single, which is highly ettective in its George Michael-ish way, is a lot more promising than anything ottered recently by Boy George orJohn Moss. The Listen dodgy pasts deparment seems to remember Robinson when he went under a more common christian name, and played in a number at ‘obscure’ Glaswegian pub bands. Who said ‘John’? And what was that about Faux pas and Good Oueshon?

Their album, which should be well worth looking Ior, will be released in August.



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