o Omnibus: George Gershwin Remembered (BBCI) limit-12.30am Fifty years after his death Omnibus presents this documentary account ofonc of the century‘s greatest song writers.

0 After Dark ((4) Midnight—very late. Last in the series of informal open-ended late night chat that has sometimes led to amazing revelations. The show will be back next year.


0 Fred 'N' Ginger: Shall we Dance (BBCZ) S.4tl—l(l.25pm Timely edition ofthe tribute to the RKO film studio run of films. Includes ‘Shall We l)ance‘."l‘hey all Laughed. and ‘They (‘an‘t Take That Away From Me’.


o The Jimmy Young Television Programme (Scottish)

l().3()—l 1.15pm A curious specticle is JY on TV. His old fashioned popular touch which works so well on his radio programme just appears patronising on television. Anyway. he's back tonight fora new run of topical discussions. kicking off with AIDS.

0 The Gershwin Years (BBCZ) 7.45—9.25pm Following Friday‘s ()mni'hus. a two part musical compilation of the American composer's work including performances of songs from the recently discovered original manuscript scores.

0 Funny Face ((4) 2.30—4.25pm The 1956 Fred Astaire Audrey Hepburn romance - another tribute to the late great dancer.

0 Hemingway(BB(‘l ) 9.25—1t).25pm Start of a four part documentary biography of the American novelist beginning with his idyllic puritan childhood in Michigan and taking us. in this first part. to the the First World War and the rejection of him by his first love Agnes von Kurowsky who nursed him back to health when he had been left for dead.


0 Space (Scottish) 9— lllpm ‘()nce they are up who cares where they come down. that's not my department’. cries Vernon Von Brown: this new mini series. which stars James Garner and Michael York. begins in the early post war days of the space race and the poaching ofGerman V2 rocket experts. More tomorrow.

0 SUE-A Secret Army ( BBQ) 7.30—8.3Upm Following the Barbie

32 The List ll) 7— 23 July

e "s‘

Atribute to the late Fred Astaire: Channeld presents Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn. Sunday 12 July.

Trial a documentary account of his role in dealing a devastating blow to the French Resistance in Lyons. and how they regrouped to effect their revenge.


0 Brass Tacks ( BBQ) 8.30—me The topical and controversial subject of tonight‘s programme is child abuse. 0 No Limits ( BB('2) (v—7.3()pm The non-stop rock show is back complete with an elaborate set of regional presenters and the first programme. incestuoust gives us the auditioning process for would-be Muriel (irays. 0 Follow the Yellow Brick Road (BBCI ) (‘ontinuing the Dennis Potter season this play was first shown in 1972 and stars Denholm Elliott as an actor on a downward spiral. More unmissable work from television‘s finest dramatist.


o Briel Lives: Catherine (Scottish) lll.3l)pm— l 2. 15am This moving series draws to a close with the story of(‘atherine. a girl who fought anorexia for seven years and lost. 0 Screenplay: The Trial 0l Klaus Barbie (BB(‘2) 6—7.3llpm Instant dramatic recreation of the former (iestapo chief‘s trial for crimes against humanity with Maurice I)enham with the presumably small title role since Barbie declined to be on hand for the trial. (‘olin Welland plays Klarsfield. the man who tracked Barbie down.


0 First Love: Secrets ((4) t)— 10.30pm Another of the excellent series of('~l film dramas. it stars Anna Campbell-Jones as a thirteen year-old girl who discovers that the secrets of her late father's Masonic case includes a packet of condoms. As she becomes increasingly interested in investigating the strange world of Masonic ritual. her mother (Helen Lindsay) concludes from the condoms that her daughter has been inaugurated into the sercrets ofsex by their young house guest.


0 UK LATE ((11) l 1.30pm—lam Yet another twist on the chat show format and attempt to fill the wee small hours ofthe morning. John Lloyd. editor of the New Statesman and Mary Harron. rock writer and drama critic. are the catalysts for what is described as ‘the best in after-dinner discussion or bar-room debate‘.


0 Arthur and Phil Go Oil. . . ((4)

11—] 1 .45pm One might have thought that Arthur Smith. who presented the ‘lively" 'I'I'rne ()u! ('lrar Show at last year's Edinburgh Festival. would have had enough of Scotland. Perhaps he's trying to get his own back. for in this first of a new series ofepic jaunts with fellow comedian Phil Smith. he reports from Loch Ness.

0 Points in Space (BBQ) 7.35—8.25pm A specially commissioned video dance work by Merce (‘unningham with music by John (‘adge.


0 Leaving Home ((4) t). tS—tt). 15pm (‘ontinuing the First Sight new to T\' one off drama series. with Rosemary Leach playing a woman in her late forties facing tip to the break up of her marriage when her husband simply ‘goes missing'.


0 Same Dillerence((4) (>—(i.3(lpttt Radio has for many years had a magazine programme for the disabled. Does He 'I'ake Sugar? which in the past has been at its most interesting discussing what form such programmes should take. Now television has a go with Peter White (from Radio‘s programme for the blind. In 'l'oue/i. who is himself a visually handicapped journalist) presenting.


0 Sounds of Surprise ((4)

1050-1 1.55pm Six greats of modern jazz are profiled in this series. starting with Miles Davis who. for the first time on film. talks about his life and work.


0 War Crimes: Beyond Justice ((4)

l lpm— 13am Scottish Television were still playing their cards close to their chests at time of going to press. but this documentary that has gathered evidence from inside Russia to document the atrocities committed by Nazi war criminals who have now found refuge in Britain looks likely to controversial.


0 First Love: Winter Flight ((4)

9-1 [pm War time romance set in a RAF base between shy recruit (Reece Dinsdale) and a NAAFI barmaid.

O Equinox ((‘4)The high rated science documentary programme returns with a film about the prospects for colonising Mars.


The BBC must remember more anniversaries than most husbands forget and Radios 3 and 4 remember more than most. Currently getting the champagne and flowers treatment (in this case a two hour tribute) is the master ofthe musical and son of a Russian emigrc'. George Gershwin. On 1 1 June it is the 50th anniversary of his death and the classics have been trawled to yield I'd Rather Charleston with Gershwin on piano accompanying Fred Astaire and his first partner. sister Adele. Add a touch of Billie Holiday. singing The Man [love and excerpts from the jazz-influenced opera Porgy and Hess and it makes for effortless. unashamedly nostalgic listening: R3, 11 June, 3pm.

With the eyes of the world rivetted on Russia there seems to be the sort ofthirst for all things Soviet normally reserved for inside information on the lives ofthe Royal family. The chink of information available is gradually widening to a crack and Moscow Radio have done their bit by suggesting a ‘live‘ radio link-up. A group of young Russians will talk glasnosr-style to their Bristol ' opposite numbers. linked by satellite during the Janice Long programme Thurs 16. R1. 7.30pm. Janice also gives her impressions of Russia, David Byrne. he of True Stories. his recent film set in an imaginary town in Texas because it has ‘exaggeratcd qualities like the fact that union regulations make it cheaper to shoot in Texas. is featured along with the other members of Talking Heads on Radio Clyde. Sunday 12. 7.05pm. The programme also benefits from the newly-installed extra-powerful transmitter broadcasting now on 1()2.5fm.

Bats are not all that their night-loving Hallowe'en-type image has them cracked up to be. Many find them quite loveable. John Speakman. who is currently engaged on bat( ty) research champions their cause in In the Country. R Scotland. Monday 13. Later in the programme David and Judy Steel talk about his recently rc-issued book. Border ( 'ounlry.

Hitler during a rally. in total command of the crowd was like ‘a boa constrictor eyeing his audience'. according to Harry Robertson who was an exchange student in Germany in the 30s and went along to the rally disguised as a newspaper reporter. He later became a lecturer in German at St Andrews University. but in Studying Hitler‘s Germany R Scotlan. Wed 15. he describes how easy it was for Hitler to find purchase in a dispirited and feverish nation.

The prize for the most unusual billing this fortnight must go to Porch Songs R3. 21 July. 9.50pm. described as ‘an a cappella comedy in six part harmony. with parrot. featuring the voices of l Tarvey and the Wallbangers. ' The cast includes Nigel Anthony. (irahm ('rowden.

Pauline Letts and Mary Wimbush.