l scripts. amateur or ‘Swing‘. Te1031 556 3968 l

5 professional. Glasgow cvcs and weekends. ' o Marchmont or Central flat West End. Call me. Don. C Fringe Venue The required for 3-4 female ()41 339 2042. newly-formed Fringe Fringe students (final year). 0 Adaptable female student Society has a large central Lease starting September seeks employment. venue and/or independent October. Phone ()31 556 preferably in Glasgow area. publicity for shows/ 9951. First-rate dishwasher. N0 exhibitions/cabaret still 0 Wanted large room to objection to unsociable wishing to appear on the double as artist‘s studio or hours. Phone 04] 887 7993. Fringe, but who missed the combination ofliving and o Outgoing, adaptable female May is: deadline, phone

Instruction available 1

without charge. Tel: ()31 662

4407 or03l 343 1730. o Are You Self Employed? Accountants' Fees too much? Have your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitive fee by Mark Noonan. Tel 03] 225 4128.

working space. e.g. garage 19 seeks summer Brian or Alex to View A

or attic. employment (Glasgow Venuc‘ or any further W Edinburgh/Glasgow. Phone area): anything considered. information, on ()31 557

0506 845935. the more unusual the better. 5229 or ()31 556 4674, soundtrack/31398

musicals Current. rare. deleted LPs/cassettes. Personal search service. Catalogue 50p from ‘Curtain Up‘. Century

Phone Morag. 041 884 2459.


0 Focus Theatre Company (Scotland) requires

0 Central single room required by young working female. Phone Sharon on (131 245 6361 (day) or 031553 5797 (eve).

0 Women in Fringe Scotland's new women‘s arts magazine. is looking for a staffincrease for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

0 Large double room . ACTORS for festival: A“ women interested are House. 4 Pierrepont Street. 'dVilllalTlC for Summcr In L welcome to attend a Bath. AVOn 1 Cl

' ' ' (0725 336873 central flat. £80 per month CV and photo to Jules mcctmgon Wednesdayjuly .1 ). . -. as single.£l44 per monthas Cranficld‘Ammc Director. 15that6pm‘in Thc O FtatUno 55S,CReg One double. Tel: 031 667 0865. 13 East Burnsidc‘ Dollar. Southsidcr‘ west Richmond owner. SCI’VlCC‘hlSIOTy’ 0 Three ladies. self-catering. (slacks FK H 7EA_ ; Street Edinburgh. 26.000 miles. C ompany car

and bank manager force bargain at £2895. Phone 041 884 2628.

0 Nexus Imaginative Media Journal Looncy Tunes. Qualermass, Cronenberg, Evil Dead 11. Star Trek IV, Brand. videos.

comics. £1.45. Nexus publications. 38 Well Court. Dean Village. Edinburgh EH4 3BR.


0 Young male Single. 29. tall. adventurous. friendly. seeks female interested in theatre. cinema. social outings. Possible lasting relationship. All replies treated in confidence and answered. Edinburgh/ Glasgow. Box 443.

8—31 August. Near Netherbow Arts if possible. Mrs M. Cavalier. 37 Barrow Street. Much Wenlock. Shropshire IF I 3 6E'I'.


0 Female 21 seeks seasonal employment. Will consider hotel work. Willing to live in. Child minding work also. Considered hard working. Tel Ann on 041 639 7344.

0 Artist available For designing posters and tickets for bands. parties etc. Phone Pauline on 041 88] 0705 (eve) or04I 331 1179 (day).

0 ActorPlaywrightdncs ghostwriting. Male and female monologues for talent contests. Video film

0 Actors (mx‘f). Equity/non-Equity. Director. Administrator required for new theatre company. Call Andrew on 041 339 4865. NOW.


0 Speech and drama private tuition. grade examinations. - auditions. Drama School entrance. Andrea


o Frustrated BIues/Swing/ Jazz players please call Clare l on 041 552 5924. We have

the place if you have the music!

0 Lite Class 'I'hursdays

7—9pm at Wilkie House Community Centre.

Cow gate (entrance is from Guthrie Street. off Chambers Street). £1. MCDOWCH RSAMD'

Material supplied but you ; Icm41357 1707'

may bring your own. i Continues throughout ,

summer and offers an ' Dharma SludY 670"” opportunity for those 207 The Pleasancc- interested in mc drawing Buddhist meditation centrezi using professional models. Classes CVCIY wednCSda)’

0 Wanted band/musicians to 7.311Pm.£2(£1-50 accompany three female COOCCSSIOOSI MCdllaliOfl vocalists who want to sing Sunday mornings-

- FREE! Name

ACCOMMODATION/JOBS WANTED Address ' .Ztiwords max .


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Messa e - note: tel nos count as 1 word

(day) (eve)


25 words max


SERVICES/ TRAVEL 25 words max


PERSONAL 30 words max: Box Nos must be used.

Payment encl.

SEMI-DISPLAY , No of issues

Boxed ads £2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 558 1192 for details)

Classified deadline for Issue 46 is Friday 17 July 1987.

o Manic graduate, 44 happily divorced. Enjoys cinema. curries. cask beer. cuddles. Solvent. employed. own flat. car. Seeks lasting laughter-based relationship. Suit cheerful. unpretentious lady. 30-plus. Glasgow area‘.’ Contact Box No 444. 0 Tall, shy reasonably witty male. romantic (36). seeks lady in twenties or thirties for lighthearted inexpensive nights out to films. pubs. concerts etc. Could send photo. Please reply to

Box 451.

0 Independent Edinburgh woman, 36 interests include art. crafts. films. gardens. reading. travel. seeks independent male with compatible interests and sense of humour. Box 452.

o Fledgeling writer 1%! vintage. full bodied and pretentious. wants weaning from purple teddy bear. Artistic. humorous. Interesting ladies who might do this. contact Box No 453. 0 Professional male 26. single. having difficulty due to all-male profession. seeks well-spoken non smoking. friendly single female (19—24). Must have had at least one successful relationship before. Reply to Box No 454.


o Don'tTravel Alone Share your fun costs. Contact Odyssey. the Introduction Service for 'I'ravellcrs. 21 Cambridge Road. Waterbeach. Cambridge C135 9NJ. (13.23 861079.


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