Terence finally. 'Listen. I don‘t want to disappoint you. but Prince is not the only person who's had an eclectic background and is doing what he wants to do. Now just because the media decides. or the record company decides. they will let one black artist come through and actually do what the fuck they want does not mean that he's the only one who‘s got the ideas to do what he‘s doing. That doesn‘t mean Prince isn‘t a genius he is but there‘ye been many people who have had the aspiration to do the exact same thing. He's the one who‘s broken through and done it. More power to him. but just because I am exercising my artistic licence as much as I possibly can does not mean that automatically 1 have to get lumped in the same category as Prince.‘

That's me told. I guess. How about the soul/R&B scene in general? Is it losing the honesty it once had?

‘A lot of music's lost the honesty it once had. Every time the industry grabs hold of it. But something always comes through. at least

momentarily. that has some honesty aboutu.

‘I think that people are quite lazy. We say that music exists only inside record companies. But real music exists. Go up to Scotland

or somewhere. and. . . I

don‘t know where you hang

out. but somewhere

where people just

grab a bloody



acoustic guitar. Or somewhere in the South. where people do still sit on their porches and sing— Ifyou want honesty. If you wnat manufactured crap. usually. go into the record store and buy a record. We really have a problem about thinking of music existing outside the realms of HMV.‘

Well. Terence‘s debut LP can be found in HMV. and a lot ofother places besides. but finally. he‘s been launched on this massive tidal wave of publicity. to which the public have responded with open wallets. Is he worried at all about their fickle taste?

‘No. First ofall I think I have something different that people will be interested in. But even ifthey aren’t. what am I going to do?

Jump offa building? I mean.

I‘ll go and find a real job.

no problem.‘ That’s Terence Trent D'arby: reckless.

Terence Trent D 'arby plays Glasgow Barrow/and

on Sun 19 July. See Rock Listings.





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