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Beatle Girl 1964/65 (main picture) and Horse And Cart 1964/65 (above) are both lrom McKenzie's 'Glasgow Gorbals Children' series. lie laterwent back to the area to photograph the uniriendly high rise llats which were put up in theirplace. Deiiant Protestant Enclave 1967/69 (lett) comments on the Bellastcommunity atthe beginning ol the troubles. The Hibernian Images were considered controversial and provocative at the time but now make prophetic reading.

In Iaycatch And Biaira 1970 (tar Ieit) McKenzie dramatically tells the story oi the loaves and iishes against a backdrop oi iamine. This. like all his photographs. is a natural juxtaposition. None are set-ups. a iact which underlines their relevance. A Window in The Hawkhill 1964/66 (below). one oi the most poignant oi these. shows a shop window in ‘old‘ Dundee. now. like the Gorbals. unrecognisable.

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