o This section aims to provide a review of every film to be seen in central Scotland overthe next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)—Universal, suitable for all ages. (PG) Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable for younger children.

(15) - No one under the age of 15 admitted.

(18) - No one underthe age of 18 admitted.

ate-New Release.

0 After Hours ( 15) (Martin Scorsese. L'S. 1985) Griffin Dunne. Rosanna Arquette. 'I’cri Garr. ()7 mins. Mild-mannered word processor Dunne spends an unforgettably nightmarish night on the town in this fast. furious and extremely funny exploration of urban paranoia. Brilliantly breathless black comedy. Glasgow: GFl‘.

O Alien(18) (Ridley Scott. UK. l979) Sigourncy Weaver. Ian Holm. John Hurt. 98 mins. A space-freighter lands on a mysterious planet and picks up on board a nasty alien thingy which proceeds to ungratefully chomp its way through most of the cast. Dead scary it is too. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

O Amadeus ( PG) (Milos Forman. US. 1984) Tom llulce. F. Murray Abraham. Simon (allow. 160 mins. A risible title fight fora place in posterity between a God-fearing but mediocre talent and a musical genius with bad manners. A major Oscar winner where at least the music is heavenly. Edinburgh: ('ameo.

0 An American Tail (1;) (Don Bluth. US. 1986) With the voices of Dom De Luise. Madeline Kahn. (‘hristopher Plummcr. 81 mins. 1885. A familyof Russian mice flee hordes of marauding (‘ossack cats and set sail for the cat-free. promised land of America where the streets are paved with cheese. En route son Fleivel is swept overboard and presumed drowned. l lowcver. he is washed ashore at Ellis Island and with a little help from a coterie of

new-lound It tends. including a chummy vegetrian cat called 'l'iger. he sets out to find his family. (‘harmingly crafted sentimental children‘s cartoon with the emphasis on traditional storytelling and richly detailed fine animation. A l)isney classic by any other name. Glasgow: (‘annon ('larkston Rd. (‘annon Sauchiehall St. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon. Lothian: Cannon. Strathclyde: (‘annon Greenock. (‘annon Kilmarnock. Kelburne. La Scala. Rialto. o The Aristocats (U) (Wolfgang Reitherman. US. 1970) With the voices of Maurice ('hevalicr. Eva Gabor. 78 mins. Superior latterday animated Disney charmer in which a mean-spirited butler fears for his inheritance and so deliberately mislays two beloved cats who stand between him and the loot. But. with a little help from their furry friends and some hep cats justice is done and they are restored to a rightful position ofgrace and favour at their mistress's side. Glasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh: ()deon

o Backto the Future (PU) (Robert Xemeckis. LS. 1985) MichaelJ Fox.

Dona Herlinda and Her Son (15) (Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, Mexico, 1986) Arturo Meza, Marco Antonio Trevio, Guadalupe del Tom. 91 mins. Dona Herlinda is a strong-willed matriarch who has proudly supervised the career of her son Rodolfo as he has toiled to become a proficient paediatric neurosurgeon. Surrounded by comfort and a life of idle pleasure herthoughts turn to the future and the conventional wish that Rodolfo settle into a happy marriage thatwill result in her longed-for grandchildren. The mere fact that Rodolfo is gay and passionatley involved in a discreet affair with young music student Rambn is unlikely to hinder her plans.

Jaime Humberto Hermosillo is an openly homosexual Latin-American filmmaker and Dona Herlinda and Her Son has been his most commercially successful feature in a career that stretches back some sixteen years. It is a pleasing, likeable satire on issues of gender, conventional mores and matriarchal dominance that are germane to all societies and not just the culture of the very macho-dominated Latin-American countries.


Moderate in tone and mild in content, the film is still a thoughtful, sexy piece of subversion displaying a generous spirit towards all its characters. Dona Herlinda is, indeed, a formidable woman, determined to have herway and conform with the expectations of her equals, but her ingenious solutions do not preclude everyone else’s satisfaction. Encouraging the friendship between Rodolfo and RamOn, whilst never openly acknowledging the physical side of their relationship, she invites Ramdn to come live with them and consider himself part of the family. At the same time she introduces Rodolfo to Olga and arranges a marriage partly of love and partly of mutual convenience; Olga seeks a respite from the pressures of her family and longs for a degree of independence. In due course, a child is born; domestic bliss ensues as Olga has a promise of some liberation, Rodolfo shares his love with her and Rambn, and the sly engineer of all this cosiness, doting grandmother Dona Herlinda plans an extension to the home that now accomodates her large extended family. Mama, apparently. always knows best.

Whilst overtly maintaining the status quo, Dona Herlinda covertly sanctions its upheaval; another irony in a film that provides some interesting, contradictory food forthought. One may have wished for more bite to the storv and a lighter touch at the

sometimes ponderous helm but Data Herlinda and Her Son rewards the viewer's interest. And how many decent gay Mexican satires do you have the opportunity to see anyway? (Allan Hunter)

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