Raising Arizona (15) (Joel Coen, US, 1987) Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, Trey Wilson. 94 mins. Joel and Nathan Coen’s debut feature Blood Simple was a serpentine, sweatoinducing film noir with a performance of reliable seediness from M. Emmet Walsh as a private detective. Refusing to either replicate or imitate their previous success the brothers are back with something completely different that confirms their unique and offbeat talents.

Nicolas Cage plays H.I. ‘Hi' McDonnough, a habitual criminal who is smitten by the policewoman who persistently books him. Deciding that the time has come to settle down, follow the straight and narrow and enjoy the rewards of wedded bliss he proposes to Edwina and they are married. Their happiness however is short-lived as Edwina discovers that she cannot have the child for whom she desperately pines. When unfinished furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona becomes the father of quintuplets, Edwina is further depressed by the inequity of life. In an attempt to redress the balance, H.l. resorts to a little kid-napping and soon the chase is on involving the authorities, two soft-hearted cons from Hi's former residence and a monolithic bike-riding bounty hunter hired by Arizona.

Raising Arizona is an exhilerating package of undiluted moviegoing fun that is hard to do justice to on paper. Let’s call it a supersonic, live-action cartoon; an octane-fuelled cocktail that blends measures of Down By Law, True


0 Something Wild ( 18) (Jonathan Demme. US. 1987) JeffDaniels. Melanie Griffiths. Ray Liotta. 113 mins. Mildly rebellious Wall St superyuppie Daniels is ‘kidnapped' by wild and crazy chick Griffiths and handcuffed to a motel bed for an afternoon of bracing knoberoonies, the prelude to an exhilarating jaunt around the Eastern seaboard and a dangerously heavy climactic conflict with the lady's wilder and crazier ex-con ex-hubbie.

Another yuppie in peril laff-fest to top After H ours and Desperately Seeking Susan with its deft blend of kooky komedy and emotional resonance all floating around in the bestest most eclectically non-stoppingest soundtrack in years. A movie with style and savvy that treats its audience on equal terms. Don‘t miss. Edinburgh: Odeon.

0 Subway ( I5) (Luc Besson. France. 1985) Christopher Lambert. Isabelle Adjani. 102 mins. A smooth. stylish thriller likened to Diva but with a drive. energy and exuberance ofits own. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (PG) ‘52 (SidneyJ. Furie. UK. 1987) Christopher Reeve. Gene Hackman. Mark Pillow. Mariel Hemingway. After bidding a less than fond farewell to his most successful role. Reeve dons the cape and red knickers one more time. The


NA \ i

.2» 4'! l.


Stories, Repo Man and Mad Max and still retains a distinctive flavour and potency of its own.

According to Joel Coen, the film has ‘all the basic elements of popular contemporary moviemaking babies, Harley Davidsons and high explosives’. the Coens appear to have gone back to the basics of silent scren comedy where action, speed and timing speak far more eloquently thatn a sophisticated quip or a smart-alec putdown. One almost expects the Keystone Kops to appear over the horizon, cavorting along the highway in pursuit of desperado HI. and his stolen son.

The script is an overflowing Aladdin’s Cave of deadpan humour, outrageous dementia, wild situations, gags and stunts. The hand-picked players are perfectly cast with Nicolas Cage giving

incentives on this occasion are a hand in the screenplay and hopefully ‘to go out on a winner. One from the heart so to speak .‘

Superman. as we all know. is never allowed to intercede in the destiny of the world but when a young schoolboy writes to him expressin his fear ofthe nuclear age and asking him to stand up and be counted what's a caring superhero to do‘.’ Superman appears before the United Nations proclaiming that he will rid the world of all nuclear weapons. A laudable intent that plays straight into the hands of his arch enemy Lex Luthor whose latest plan for world domination rests on the potent. invincible charms of Nuclear Man.

Suspicioust unseen at the time of going to press. this film. more than most. may decide the fate of the beleagured Cannon group. The subject matter and trailer. at least. do look promising. To Be Reviewed. Cannon Sauchiehall st. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon Greenock. Cannon Kilmarnock. Kelburne. La Scala. Rialto.

0 Sweet Dreams( 15) (Karel Reisz. US. 1985) Jessica Lange. Ed Harris. Ann Wedgeworth. 115 mins. The story ofcountry and western star Patsy Cline. concentrating on the see-saw of tensions between her career aspirations and a turbulent marriage to the beer guzzling Charlie

his most sympathetic performance to date; relaxed, charming, engaging and even noble. The main strength of the film however is its complete unpredictability; setting up an inconceivable scenario it immediately confounds the complacent viewerwith another manic spurt of energy that propels it in a different direction. It even manages to eschew the inherent cutsiness present in a screen overrun by scene-stealing toddlers.

The pace may occasionally flag but Raising Arizona is a ferociously funny, extremely worthy crowd pleaser. If the notion of a Road Runner cartoon brought to life is irresistible then prepare to be exhaustively entertained. Raising Arizona is a genuine, 24-carat, off-the-wall comic original. (Allan Hunter)

Dick. Ilighly praiseworthy ()scar-nominated unsentimental biopic. Edinburgh: Cameo.

O T Dan Smith (PG) (Amber Films Collective. UK. 1987) '1' Dan Smith, Dave Ilill. Art Davies. 86 mins. Mixture of newsreel. interview and dramatic reconstruction by a Newcastle-based film-making collective which attempts to investigate the career ofone ofthe city's most controversial political figures. T Dan Smith was a working class lad who eased his way tip the ladder to become the town's mayor and a major force in the massive redevelopment schemes of the ‘60s before receiving a six year sentence on corruption charges in 197-1 for his part in managing the highly fraudulent affairs ofcrooked architect John Poulson. Socialist visionary. self-seeking shyster or Establishement scapegoat? Mr Smith will be present to discuss the film after the 8pm screening on Wed 29th. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 That Sinking Feeling (PG) (Bill Forsyth. UK. 1979) Robert Buchanan. John Hughes. John Gordon Sinclair. 92 mins. Bored and frustrated by life on the dole in rain sodden Glasgow a group of teenagers hit upon the wheeze of ransacking a warehouse full of kitchen sinks. Forsyth‘s durable first feature is a witty and perceptive ‘fairytale for the jobless‘ made on the kind ofbudget that makes shoestring

seem extravagant. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 True Stories (PG) (David Byrne. US. 198(1) David Byrne. Spalding Gray. John Goodman. 88 mins. Writer/Director/Star and Talking Heads frontman Byrne is our guide 7 to the mythical smalltown of Virgil in Texas where we are introduced to the variously charming and idiosyncratic inhabitants. A lightly humorous. endearing mosaic of non-narrative fiction that some may find too ‘precious‘ for its own good. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

0 Weird Science ( 15) (John Hughes. US. 1985) Kelly Le Brock. Anthony Michael Hall. 94 mins. Two higth undesirable nerds programme their home computer to produce the perfect woman to solve their intimate personal problems. Miss Lebrock is the answer in this infantile farce that overstays its already grudging welcome. Glasgow: GET

0 When Father Was Away on Business ( 18) (Emir Kusturica. Yugoslavia. 1985) Moreno de Bartoli. 136 mins. Yugoslavia during the turbulent 195(ls is the setting for this affectionate portrait of family life. the surprise recipient ofthe Grand prize at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. ()verlong and unassuming. this ambles along entrancing the patient viewer with good humour and perceptive observations. Not an earth-shattering experience but its warm and tender approach leaves a pleasant after glow. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

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