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Traverse, Edinburgh

In the sickening sticky heat at a drought, the crops are about to tail again. The situation at the start of Amie Hardie‘s new play is a prolongued disaster (in the middle ol war-torn Sudan) ot the sort that eventually gets picked up on the news and becomes an immediate tamine. It is a famine ol Biblical proportions too—we‘re in Mesopotamia in a time which is a mixture at Old Testament and present day.

Hardie much otthe time in this play is pointing out the poles apart nature at our understanding ol things we take lor granted. Symbolised in the twin time settings, and demostrated by the jarring normality ol the drought (the soldierstill wants batteries Ior his radio, the prostitute is still selling her wares and people still worry about their house plants) the flood story itself is also given a radically dillerent

ticket prices see .s-(‘liUU/fill' .S't'tttttlttl. Revival of Liz Lochhead’s wonderfully funny Scots adaptation of Moliere‘s classic comedy about hypocrisy. Andrew Dallmeycr. as the conrnan. oozes round the stage with the repellent fascination of something nasty creeping from the fridge.

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Box office Mon—Sat ‘).30am—5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)][E]. No theatre performances this issue. 0 TRAVERSE THEATRE 1 12 West Bow. 226 2633. Box office Tue—Sat 10am-8pm: Sun 6—10pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. 22 Market Street. Seats from £2. Sundays ALI. SEATS £2 (non-members £2.50).

Noah’s Wile L'ntil Sun 26 July. 7.30pm. [)ay members £4.50: Econ. : members £4: Full members £3.50: Student members £2. All seats £2 on Sundays. The premiere of a new play by Amy Hardie who wrote the award-winning l’reeurious Living. a moving tale about a fisherwoman from North East Scotland. Amy Hardie has recently returned from filming in The Sudan. and her play. an alternative telling of the Flood story. is set in a drought-wracked town in the desert. See Review.

The Flat Sharps Fri 24 at Sat 25 July.


Noah‘s wile ‘traditionally‘ didn’t want to go aboard the ark but The Bible says nothing about this. Hardie takes this inconsistancy between the theology and the story that has stuck and uses it to undermine the concept ot Noah that we take tor granted.

In part a teminist stance, in part science against superstition and in part a contlict ol philosophies, the great failing of the play is that the drama isn’t strong enough. In both halves ot the play (the second hall is aboard the magnificently constructed ark) the ideas are tully propounded which leaves the characters little room Ior growth.

Nevertheless, the strong black cast prevent the debate becoming tedious and Jenny Killick’s direction brings enough surprises of action to enliven the dialogue.(Nigel Billen)

‘).30pm. £3(£1 .50) plus 50p membership. See Cabaret. Donna and Kebab FRi 31 July & Sat 1 Aug. ‘).30pm. £3 (£1.50) plus50p membership. See Cabaret.

0 WILKIE HOUSE Cowgate. 225 207‘). Ceilidh Sat 25 July. ‘)prn-2am. £1 .50 (£1 ). Ceilidh to coincide with the Students‘ Chartiy Appeal Flag Day. This marks the re-opening of the Edinburgh University Settlement Studio in Wilkie llouse. (iroups wishing to book use of the

theatre studio should call 031 225 207‘).


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0 HOSPITALITY INN 36 Cambridge Street. 332 3311.

ATribute Dinner and Dance to Jimmy Tarbuck Fri 31 July. 6.45pm for 7.30pm. Dress Formal. Carriages 2am. £25. Hosted by the Variety Club ofGreat Britain. a tribute to the wacker stand-up comedian. Jimmy Tarbuck. voted Showbiz Personality ofthe Year 1986. £25

may sound a bit steep. but it does include a four course meal involving smoked salmon and crab and (later on) passion fruit salad. We await with interest the possibility ofother cabaret listings on this page

teamed up with Jungr and Parker. an up-and-coming cabaret jazz duo. And why not'.’


following suit . . . 0 TRAVERSE O THIRD EYE CENTRE Sauchiehall The Flat Sharps Fri 24 and Sat 25 July. Street 9.30pm. £3 ( £1 .50) plus 50p

Boy Hutchins Fri 24 July. ‘).30pm. £3.50 (£3). Very funny and very evocative. Roy Hutchins‘ confessional comedy about the traumas ofchildhood and romance earned him a Perrier Award nomination at last year's Edinburgh Festival.

Brown Blues ch 5 Aug. 9.30pm. £3.50(£3). See Panel on Jazz Page. An enticing combination

membership. '1‘lu"1‘raverse's cabaret slot takes a turn towards the musical this week. with new (ilasgow five-piece a capella group. The Flat Sharps.

Donna and Kebab Fri 31 .luly and Sat 1 Aug. ‘).30pm. £3 (£1.50) plus 50p membership. 1 luger acclaimed by (ity Limits. Donna and Kebab are a new. very funny ( ireek female double act based in London. (’ateh wonderful laid-back (ilaswcgian them now before Ill“.V "CWT" 1“” Ill“ Jewish comedian. Arnold Brown. l‘irinélc £10050“ 0111.




The best studio theatre in Scotland The best atmosphere on the Fringe

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RESTAURANT: Tue—Sat (evenings only) Table 1)'1-lote and a la carte menus BRASSERIE: Seven days: lunchtirnes and evenings Wide range of meals available

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12.1une-6 1 u rust Sherid‘aiiz’s



Tickets from £2.70 Booking now—031229 96‘)" (no perfs Suns)



26 June-8 August Moliere’s


translated by 1.iz l.oeliliead

} THE TRAVERSE THEATRE ‘The star of the Edinburgh -- Fringe’ The (1' (NIH/tall INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF NEW WRITING August 1987 i I 11 World and British U 3‘ Premieres New work from Britain, France, Germany and South Africa.

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