0 Music is listed as diary: by day, then by city, then by event.


SUNDAY 26 Edinburgh

0 St Giles' at Six St (iiles' Cathedral. High Street. (ipin. Free at door. Music for flute. oboe and piano in the splendid surroundings of Edinburgh‘s most well known church.

TUESDAY 28 ' Edinburgh

0 Organ Recital Church of St Andrew and St (ieorge. (ieorge Street. 12.30pm. Free at door. I lalf an hour of music from Thomas Laing-Reilly. who normally presides at the organ of the Christian Science Second Church. Lunch available in the lindercroft.

FRIDAY 31 Glasgow 0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra


The thin sprinkling ol classical music listings in July is not indicative of the classical music editor being on holiday. It‘s just that symphonies, songs and sonatas seem to stop in Edinburgh and Glasgow tor a large chunk ol the summer. One exception is St Giles‘ at Six, the summer series at Sunday evening recitals which goes on in Scotland’s most lamous church on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Out tourists and locals alike visiting St Gile‘ this year are likely to be conlronted with a changed interior every time they go, lor right now St Giles‘ is in the midst at a most extensive programme ol renewal, the current estimated total costs being three and a hall million pounds

Presiding over raising this mammoth ligure is Appeal Director, Jo Penney, who says, ‘Already a lot has been spent -one and a hall million pounds— and the remaining two million pounds is divided between completing major repairs to the rooves and exteriorwalls and major cleaning and restoration inside, including windows, heating and seanngf

Not, as you may think, inviting theological discussion, he goes on to say. ‘Then there’s the creation.’ But in this case it‘s the creation ol rooms for the choir and assistant ministers, the restoration of the south transept aisle

SS() Centre. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: send s.a.e. to Room 209. BBC Queen Margaret drive. (il2 SIX}. Free. 7.30pm. (ieorge llurst conducts Bartok's Dance Suite and Dvorak's Cello Concerto with Mischa Maisky as soloist. Children under 12 cannot be admitted. Audience to be seated by 7.25pm.


0 Northwest Houston Youth Chorale St (iiles Cathedral. High Street. 12 noon (service); 12.15pm (performance). Free at door. Youth choir from ’l‘exas visiting Edinburgh as part of a CK tour in a lunchtime programme of mainly Renaissance music. both sacred and secular.

SUNDAY 2 Glasgow

0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. SS() Centre. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: send s.a.e. to Room 209. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. (3 l2 SDCx. Free. -.3()pm. In the last concert ofthe BBC SS()'s summer series ofsix. all for future radio transmission. musical director .lerzy :‘N‘Iaksymuik goes for a popular

and the unbricking ol the huge south window. ‘Nobody remembers what it is, but we have a pretty good idea it's plain leaded glass. And a new organ has been promised, lunded by an anonymous Scottish trust.‘

One ol the livelierlund-raising events is next month’s St Giles Fair on Sat 15 August, sandwiched in between a lortnight ol Festival activities ranging from Bach’s D minor Mass to the SNO‘s Youth and Junior Choruses in Britten’s Noye’s Fludde. The normally staid Parliament Square is taken over lorthe day by stalls of flowers, books, plants,

programme of Rossini‘s Barber of Seville ()verture. Mozart‘s Piano Concerto No 22 in E flat K482 (soloist Christian Zacharias) and the Symphony No 5 by Schubert. Children under 12 cannot be admitted. Audience to be seated by



0 St Giles' at Six.St (iiles' Cathedral. High Street. (ipm. Free at Door. Master of the Music. llerrick Bunney and his assistant organist. Morley Whitehead. get together for a programme of duets for organ.

TUESDAY 4 Edinburgh

0 Organ Recital. Church ofSt Andrew and St (ieorge. (ieorge Street. 12.30pm. Free at door. ()rganist Leon Coates plays the new Wells Kennedy ()rgan in a short lunchtim recital. leaving those on tight lunchhours with time for refreshment in the L'ndercroft.



0 Whistlebinkies'l'ron Theatre Bar. l’arnie St. Spm. See 25th.

0 Nailan 'l‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgow Cross. Evening. Session with fiddle and accordion. Mainly Irish.

0 Steam Jenny Scotts ( 'orner. Derby St. 33-1 4S9]. Resident trio.

and quality second hand clothing. There will be competitions, Fringe street entertainers and the rare chance to go up St Giles’ Crown Tower. And this one day‘s contribution to the Renewal is not inconsiderable, as Penney says: ‘The Fair has been going lor 8 years and has raised on average £5 or £6,000 each year.‘

It starts at 9.30am and goes on until around 4.30pm. llyou can’t go, but would like to make a contribution to St Giles’ Renewal Appeal, contact the Secretary on 031 225 4363 lor lurther inlormation. (Carol Main).

0 Scottish Dance Night Louis' Nite Spot. 1073 Argyle Street. lllpm -2am.

0 Deal Heights Cajun Aces Bar Luxembourg. Pitt St. 9pm. Free. Cajun Seottish rock band. unsubtle and essentially for dancing.


0 Chilean Pena Cornerstone. Lothian Road. 7.30pm. Latin American dance music. poetry and song. Chilean food. BYOB. Learn how to dance Salsa and Cumbias.

0 North Sea Gas Platform 1. Rutland St. Resident crowd pleasers.

0 Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Late night sessions.

Songs guitars.

SATURDAY 25 Glasgow

0 Whistlebinkies Tron Theatre Bar. Spm. Second night for one of Scotland's top groups. l’ipes. flute. side drum. l‘iddles. harp. concertinas and Mick Broderick as himself.

0 Furious Fiddles l lalt Bar. Woodlands Road. Afternoon. Big session.

0 Nailan Blackfriars. Bell St. Merchant City. Fiddle and accordion duo in the middle of a session.

0 Sleep The Feel Tolbooth Bar. (ilasgow Cross. Evening. Resident singers.

0 Kells Scotts Corner. Derby St. 33-1 4891. Evening. Resident electric folk band.


0 Royal Oaklnfirmary Street. 557 297(1. (iuitars. songs and a session. late bar.

SUNDAY 26 Glasgow

0 Sciehallion Scotts Corner. Derby St. Evening. Duo with guitars and the Wild Rover.

0 The Buddies Wintersgills. (ireat Wester Road. Evening. ()ld-time American fiddling and songs.


0 Youngs Hotel Leamington Terrace. 9.30pm. Free. Weekly Acoustic Music Scene. This week. Donal McIilligutt and Christine Kydd. Two singers. from Ireland and the North East of England.

0 Royal Oak Infirmary St. Late night bar sessions.

MONDAY 27 Glasgow

0 Irish Session Stage Door Bar. (iorbals St . . beside Citizens Theatre. Evening. Authentic Irish fiddle etc.


0 Scottish Music Session Fiddlers Arms. (irassmarket. Evening.

0 Miro The Green Tree. Cowgate. Evening. Manic celtic music.

0 Nobody‘s Business Bannermans Bar. Cowgate. Evening. Parlour folk/blues.

O Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary St. Evening. Singer and banjo player. Bar till 2am.

0 Le Rue The Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. Doors open 9pm. Music

24 The List 24 July (i August